January 21, 2021

Custom Netting in Tapered Shapes and Angled Nets for Sports, Protection, and Bird Barrier

Custom Netting in Tapered Shapes and Angled Nets for Sports, Protection, and Bird Barrier

Netting is a really great solution for a variety of different safety, barrier, and protective needs, and Gourock.com supplies custom nets that are prepared according to most any size you require.  A lot of the netting productions that we supply are needed for barrier purposes involving bird control, property protection, and athletic sport uses.  Over the last couple decades we have provided netting and custom nets that are fabricated per-order, allowing for complete customization of the dimensions.  Featuring DuPont® Type 66-728 Twisted-Knotted Nylon Netting, we offer a great variety of mesh sizes and twine thicknesses so that you can get the best possible netting match for your installation.  100% Made in the USA, the custom nylon nets from Gourock.com are built for long-term durability and dependability, and the customized fabrication process allows for the most optimized netting product for the installation area.

Along with offering personalized dimensions, Gourock.com also has the ability to supply you with nets that are built according to custom angles and tapered shapes.  There are many different situations in which the area that the netting is meant to cover would be best facilitated with a finished shape that incorporates angles, such as needing to line-up with a framing structure, within a slanted roofline, between posts/poles on a sloping grade, or within canopy areas.  Depending on the intended usage of the netting, Gourock can have the custom net produced from a variety of different mesh sizes - which are generally determined by considering the smallest object that needs to be blocked.  And there is also a selection of twine thicknesses as well, which are chosen based on preferences for a thinner/lighter or thicker/heavier overall netting installation.

For instance, in the images below there are drawings of 4 different custom netting productions that all feature customized angled shapes or tapers.  Nets like these are specifically fabricated to match our customer's exact space of coverage need, allowing for the netting to most effectively function as expected.  These types of nets are designed and built according to the dimensions that we receive on our end through correspondence (email or phone), and then we get the actual netting product squared-away from the recommended mesh/twine/material selection and to the custom shape.  As you can see from these 4 recent examples, there is a lot of flexibility into your available options to consider!

These 4 recent nets we all facilitated in the last few weeks, and generally take within 5-7 working days to be ready to ship out (on average).  These nets are specifically being used for 4 different types of uses:

  • soccer goal side-panel reinforcement nets (#36 X 1-3/4" knotted nylon)
  • indoor golf containment side-wall nets (#15 X 3/4" knotted nylon)
  • driving range hitting bay protection net (#21 X 3/4" knotted nylon)
  • outdoor pavilion large bird exclusion nets (#36 X 1-3/4" knotted nylon)
For situations in which a custom net may be your best solution, we invite you to get in touch with us at Gourock.com and we can always take a look at your project and quote some available options!  Custom netting is our specialty - so feel free to take a look at Gourock's Online Custom Netting Calculator or some of the different Netting Types we offer, and we can supply you with the best netting for the job.  
Many thanks to our custom netting customers, your business is very appreciated!

-Josh Grzyb @ www.gourock.com

January 12, 2021

Indoor Containment Netting and Nylon Protective Nets, Custom Archery Tag Netting

Indoor Containment Netting and Nylon Protective Nets, Custom Extreme Archery Netting

At Gourock.com we specialize in the supply of nets and custom netting productions for many different types of purposes, including for object-containment applications at indoor locations and protective netting installations.  One of the great features of nylon netting as a dependable safety product is that it is a user-friendly barrier material that offers a high tensile strength in a lightweight construction.  The DuPont® twisted-knotted nylon netting that we supply at Gourock.com is a very preferred solution for a huge variety of safety and containment net needs, for customers and clients of all industries and sizes.

Safety containment netting from Gourock.com is 100% Made in USA, prepared per-invoice to your own preferred custom sizing, and ships directly to your delivery location with fast turnaround timing.  As a pioneer in the e-commerce availability of netting for nearly 20 years, our customers have immediate pricing and ordering access to the highest-quality netting directly through our Online Custom Netting Calculator.  The nets from Gourock are built for many different types of customer needs, function purposes, and intended applications - including for sports and athletics, heavy industry, logistic and industrial locations, infrastructure, municipal and scholastic, and private organizational businesses.  For instance, netting for unique activities with a lot of popularity momentum such as Extreme Archery.

Extreme Archery is a very active and engaging archery sport and league developed by Archery Tag®, and is played in both outdoor and indoor locations.  At the Archery Tag® headquarters in Indiana there is a really great indoor extreme archery training and development facility, and part of the design incorporates barrier netting for safety and function purposes.  The netting used for this containment installation is the #18 X 1" DuPont® type 66-728 twisted-knotted nylon netting.  In this case, the netting was produced in a square mesh pattern, with a 5/16" Dacron® rope bordered edge sewn-in around the perimeter.  The nets in this case were produced to sizes of 12'-6" X 30' and 12'-6" X 26', and they are installed within our customer's design of tensioned wires, snap-hook clips, and weighted bar bottoms.

These nets are very strong, making them an ideal and dependable selection for durable containment and blocking of the large-tip padded Archery Tag® arrows.  They also have great visual appeal, and allow for the indoor area to remain and bright and lit as possible.  The #18 twine thickness nylon twine has a tensile strength rating of 191 lbs., and nylon material has a very high resistance to abrasion and friction - providing absolutely excellent safety dependability and long term durability.  As you can see from the photos below, the nylon barrier nets look fantastic and are a perfect solution for high-traffic safety needs for this indoor activity space.

About Archery Tag®:  
Archery Tag® is the innovator and leading brand of extreme archery sport! Our motto is “We Make Archery Fun” and “Connecting The World Through Archery”...Shoot Your Friends!  Archery Tag® ... As simple as black and white since its creation here in Indiana, USA in 2011. Archery Tag® Combat Archery is like dodgeball with bows and arrows. Played by all ages, genders, races, and nationalities, it is fun for the whole family!  Visit http://archerytag.com to find a place to play or to join the team and play for a living.

At Gourock.com we strive to be your supplier of custom nets and netting products that are prepared per-order according to any particular sizing needed for your safety net, barrier net, and containment netting projects.  Absolutely feel free to get in touch with Gourock if you prefer to correspond with us or get quotations, and we look forward to hearing from you!

Many thanks again to Mr. Jackson and everyone at Archery Tag®, along with all of our custom netting customers and clients!  Your business is very appreciated!

-Joshua Grzyb @ www.gourock.com

December 28, 2020

Pond Debris Cover Netting, Koi Pond Nets, and Custom Outdoor Leaf Barrier Netting Productions

Pond Debris Cover Netting, Koi Pond Nets, and Custom Outdoor Leaf Barrier Netting Productions

There are many instances for property owners in-which protecting or covering a particular area from leaves, debris, animals, birds, or other objects of concern is a primary need.  For instance, there are many people with Koi ponds that contain very special fish that need to be protected from predatory birds or animals.  In addition, many specialized decorative ponds also have several times per year in-which blocking leaves or property debris from getting into the water is a very important consideration.  And within all types of porch, stairwell, gazebo, and general building areas there are needs to exclude birds, leaves, and miscellaneous debris from falling into or entering into a particular space.

Luckily at Gourock.com you have many really functional and applicable netting types for each and every one of these uses and situations.  At Gourock.com we have always specialized in the supply of custom nets and netting productions that are constructed per-order, according to your own preferred dimensions and sizes.  The custom netting products from Gourock.com are Made in the USA, and prepared to nearly any set of dimensions that you need or want to be working with.  Available directly online through our Online Custom Netting Calculator, we have a wide range of netting materials, mesh sizes, and twine thicknesses that are installed for many outdoor needs, including:

  • pond cover netting
  • koi pond protective nets
  • leaf barrier netting
  • debris containment nets
  • bird exclusion nets and bird barrier netting
  • garden cover nets
  • pool debris cover netting
  • waterfall pond cover netting
  • fountain debris nets
  • miscellaneous property protection nets
In addition to being able to source custom dimensions of netting from us here at Gourock.com, we also facilitate very customized shape needs as well.  Over the years we have supplied dozens of protective netting designs for ponds, koi ponds, pools, and other outdoor structural spaces that have specific shape requirements.  For any customers that may have requirements for barrier and protective nets that would be best suited in a specialized shape or sizing, we invite you to contact Gourock.com directly and we can begin to assist you with your project.  We allow for easy uploading of any diagrams or sketches that you have available, and can get a professional correspondence underway - including different netting quotes and mesh options summarized for you.

Custom nets and customized netting designs are consistently facilitated and supplied by Gourock.com every single week, and many of the weekly netting orders are built with specialized shapes that we have quoted and produced based on each need that our customers have for their projects.  Here are 4 recent examples from the last few weeks that truly demonstrate some of the highly customized netting productions that you have access to for your outdoor netting needs.  Each one of these orders started off as a contact/request and a helpful correspondence regarding the netting function and purpose, and then followed by a series of quotes, drawings, and revisions - ultimately leading to the final production of the netting product and shipment out to each customer's location.

Netting Type:  #15 X 3/4" DuPont Twisted-Knotted Nylon
Bordering Type:  5/16" Braided Dacron Rope
Product Features:  Custom Dimensions, Tapered/Angled Shape
Netting Purpose:  Koi Pond Protective Net, Outdoor Pond Bird Barrier Netting

Netting Type:  #21 X 3/4" DuPont Twisted-Knotted Nylon
Bordering Type:  5/16" Braided Dacron Rope
Product Features:  Custom Dimensions, Circular Portal/Opening, Radial Edge
Netting Purpose:  Koi Pond Protective Net, Fountain Debris Net

Netting Type:  1/4" Hex-Mesh Polyester Fabric
Bordering Type:  1-1/2" Webbing + Grommets
Product Features:  Custom Dimensions, Notch Areas, "L"-Shape
Netting Purpose:  Stairwell Debris Net, Leaf Barrier Netting

Netting Type:  #21 X 3/4" DuPont Twisted-Knotted Nylon
Bordering Type:  5/16" Braided Dacron Rope
Product Features:  Custom Dimensions, Octagon-Shape
Netting Purpose:  Koi Pond Protective Net, Pond Debris Netting

-Joshua Grzyb @ www.gourock.com

December 18, 2020

New Custom Commercial Batting Cage Nets and Baseball/Softball Netting

New Custom Commercial Batting Cage Nets and Baseball/Softball Netting

At Goruock.com we have been specializing in the supply of very custom baseball and softball batting cage nets and tunnel nets for the past 20 years, and many of these sports nets that we provide are manufactured for commercial usages and installations.  Various organizational customers such as hitting facilities, colleges and universities, professional training establishments, field-house locations, and municipal clients have all utilized the custom netting capabilities offered by Gourock for their batting cage nets and pitching tunnel nets.

Throughout the Gourock.com site and also in many posts within this blog, there are dozens of examples of different custom batting cage nets and enclosure nets that we have facilitated and supplied over the years.  To add to the ongoing examples of customized baseball and softball nets provided by Gourock.com, here are a couple more custom nets that have been done over the most recent business days.  Commercial and high-abrasion batting cage nets supplied by Gourock.com are most typically constructed from the #36 X 1-3/4" DuPont® Type 66-728 Twisted-Knotted Nylon Netting.  This is a very high tensile strength and dependable netting selection that is 100% Made in USA, features excellent friction resistance, and great ease-of-use for installation.  The completed baseball and softball hitting tunnels are manufactured and prepared per order with expert hand-craftsmanship, with quick turnaround times, and direct delivery to your location.

Gourock.com offers the ability for you to have batting cage nets constructed according to most any dimensions required, allowing you to get the proper fit and functionality required for each particular installation area.  Also available for custom production options are features such as additional rope-lines, doors/entrance areas, openings and open-ends, tapered and angled shapes, divider panels, and other unique design aspects requested by our customers.  Additionally, as a longtime leader in e-commerce netting supply we also have immediate pricing and ordering options directly through our Custom Batting Cage Netting Calculator.  We invite you to either place orders directly through our online store, or to contact Gourock directly to request formal quotations for more customized design features you are interested in.

These two recent batting cage nets both incorporate the #36 X 1-3/4" knotted nylon netting, along with 5/16" Dacron rope bordering on all edges.  They also are both designed to fit in shorter-length areas, as they were to be hung within indoor locations with limited space availability.  As you can see from the production diagrams, one of the tunnels incorporates an "open end" request, while the other net is built to an extra-wide configuration to allow for multiple partitioning into different individual tunnel areas by using divider panel nets.  Both nets were designed for specific and unique sizing needs for two very different locations, and with Gourock.com as your netting source you can get the proper net fit to best match your available training space.

Many thanks again to our very appreciated batting cage netting customers!  Your business is very valued, and it is our pleasure to serve and supply you!


-Joshua Grzyb @ www.gourock.com

December 11, 2020

Outdoor Sport Court Netting, Custom Nylon Sports Netting and Court Barrier Nets

Outdoor Sport Court Netting, Custom Nylon Sports Netting and Court Barrier Nets

At Gourock.com we specialize in the supply of custom nets and netting productions that are utilized for a wide variety of different applications and industries.  One of the very popular uses for the nets that we provide is for outdoor sport courts and court barrier needs.  Typical examples of outdoor courts that require barrier nets are for basketball, tennis, volleyball, hockey, lacrosse, field hockey, dodgeball, futsol, pickleball, baseball and softball, and other multipurpose sports training and playing needs.  Outdoor sport courts are generally surrounded by barrier nets in order to contain balls within the practice space and to avoid the inconveniences of the balls and objects from leaving the area, flying into streets and roads, impacting nearby property structures, breaking windows, or any other instance in which errant balls cause issues.

Gourock.com has many different netting selections to consider using for your outdoor sport court barrier needs, with a wide variety of mesh sizes and twine thicknesses to choose from.  Different sports and activities have different typical mesh sizes that are used, all based on the diameter of the objects that are to be blocked and contained.  For instance, for court owners that are strictly concerned with containing larger objects like basketballs, soccer balls, and volleyballs then a larger 4" mesh size netting selection is a great option to go with.  However, to contain those larger objects as well as smaller ones such as tennis balls, baseballs, softballs, and pickleballs - sizing down a mesh to 1-3/4" sizing is the way to go.

There are many sport court locations that are multisport and have the intention of basically wanting to be prepared to contain all types of different objects ranging from hockey pucks and lacrosse balls all the way up to larger basketballs and soccer balls.  For outdoor multisport court installations, we offer a really popular and recommended netting selection which is the #18 X 1" DuPont Type 66-728 Twisted-Knotted Nylon Netting.  This is a netting choice that has a robust 191 lb./twine tensile rating, a high abrasion resistance, and also features an extra heavy-duty weather coating known as a "tar-coating" for maximum durability to UV and the outdoor elements.  The 1" mesh size is fantastic for multisport uses, as it is small enough to properly contain smaller objects like hockey pucks and lacrosse balls, but also functions very well for everything larger as well.

Generally speaking, outdoor court nets that are built from the #18 X 1" knotted nylon are often constructed in a square mesh pattern with a 5/16" Dacron rope bordering sewn-in around the perimeter edges.  The rope bordering adds a very strong and durable finishing edge around the perimeter of the netting, and the square mesh pattern results in a straight and even appearance throughout the length of the netting area.  Overall, this netting selection from Gourock.com is a really great selection to consider for most all outdoor sports court barrier applications that you may be needing to facilitate.  We offer immediate online pricing and ordering of custom nets directly through the Gourock Online Custom Netting Calculator, and feature quick turnaround times for netting orders with 100% Made in USA materials and craftsmanship.

Here are some photos of a recently installed sports court barrier job that utilizes the #18 X 1" square mesh knotted nylon netting.  Our client uses fencing post materials for the supports, and custom-built lengths of 1" knotted nylon netting from Gourock to complete the sports court jobs for their customers.  As you can see, the the #18 X 1" DuPont nylon netting has a really great appearance with minimal visual obstructions, and will serve as a highly effective containment net for multisport uses within the space.

Many thanks again to our greatly appreciated nylon netting customers!  Seeing photos of finished work is always invited, and we also invite anyone who is interested in nylon netting solutions to contact Gourock.com directly and we can assist!

-Joshua Grzyb @ www.gourock.com

December 3, 2020

Some More Recent Custom Batting Cage Netting and Commercial Baseball Nets

Some More Recent Custom Batting Cage Netting and Commercial Baseball Nets

Custom batting cage nets and commercial baseball and softball netting enclosures have always been a very popular product offering from Gourock.com for nearly 20 years, and we specialize in supplying the highest quality custom nets - built to most any particular dimensions needed.  Over the last few weeks we have facilitated a good number of custom batting cage nets for a wide variety of different customers, each with a unique set of sizes and features needed for their particular projects.  With the winter training season hitting stride, a lot of these baseball and softball nets are going into indoor sports facilities, gymnasiums, private establishments, and residential batting practice areas.

For commercial and organizational clients that Gourock supplies sports netting to, the most popular netting selection for custom batting cage nets is the #36 X 1-3/4" DuPont type 66-728 Twisted-Knotted Nylon.  This is a great baseball and softball netting option for high abrasion installations that expect quite a bit of player traffic throughout daily usage.  The #36 DuPont nylon from Gourock.com features a 2.5mm twine thickness, 381 lb./tensile rating, and is 100% Made in USA.  When used for custom batting cage nets this material is prepared in a diamond mesh pattern, is black in coloring, and is a netting material that incorporates great ease-of-use which allows for efficient installation at the training location.

At Gourock.com we have always specialized in direct-to-customer e-commerce access of custom netting and custom batting cage nets.  Right through our Online Custom Batting Cage Calculator you can order batting cage netting enclosures according to any dimensions that you need.  In addition, we also offer many different customized product construction features such as:

  • tapers and angles
  • entrance doors and openings
  • additional rope-lines and bordering needs
  • steel rings
  • divider panels nets and baffle nets
  • notches, open-ends, and shape features
For nets thats require more customized design characteristics, simply contact Gourock directly with your particular requests and we can get working on a specialized and personalized quotation for your project.  Our contact page allows for the uploading of diagrams or other files that you wish to forward us, along with space to type a description and context of what you're aiming for in a custom net.  Gourock.com specializes in these types of projects, and can facilitate your quote quickly right back to your preferred email address.

Here are 3 custom batting cage nets that have been quoted, produced, and shipped within the last couple of weeks or so.  Each is for a commercial training application, such as a batting cage facility, sports field house location, or baseball/softball organizational installation.  Each one of these nets features the #36 X 1-3/4" knotted nylon netting, along with specific sets of dimensions to properly fit within the existing installation area on-site.  Each of these nets also has a 3' overlapping entrance door installed for easy pass-through into the enclosure area.  In addition, they each have different features in the corners and ends of the center-ceiling line.  One of these nets includes 6' long rope tails, while the other 2 nets include 2" steel rings lashed to the rope bordering of the net.  The overall dimensions of each of these 3 latest batting cage nets were: 10' high X 10' wide X 57' long, 15' high X 15' wide X 62' long, and 10' high X 10' wide X 100' long.

Each one of these custom commercial batting cage nets was produced and shipped out within 7 business days of our customer's order, after we had gone through the quoting and design process with them.  These are 100% Made in USA nets, built with expert hand-craftsmanship and using the highest-end DuPont nylon netting.

Many thanks to our very appreciated custom batting cage netting customers!  Your continued business is very appreciated and it is our pleasure at Gourock.com to be your dependable netting source!

-Josh Grzyb @ www.gourock.com

November 18, 2020

Custom Garden Netting and Outdoor Nets from Gourock.com

Custom Garden Netting and Outdoor Nets from Gourock.com


Garden Netting, Custom Garden Nets, Planter Box Netting, Trellis Nets, Orchard Netting

Custom Nets for Garden Protection, Plant and Flower Nets, Vegetable Garden Barrier Netting, Deer Protection Nets, Fruit Orchard Netting

Garden netting is available from Gourock.com to be prepared to your own preferred custom dimensions, which can be entered into Gourock's online custom netting calculator. Nets for vegetable and flower garden barrier and protection uses are supplied for commercial, industrial, municipal, and residential applications - and are popular for deer barrier, debris and leaf barrier, bird control and exclusion, predatory animal barrier, rodent barrier, trellis netting, fruit orchard nets, and other multipurpose garden netting applications . There are several recommended netting types and sizes used for garden barrier purposes, all of which are available according to your own custom sizing, and various netting twine thicknesses in most mesh sizes.

1-3/4” mesh works well as general garden barrier netting for larger birds and objects, deer protection nets, predatory bird and animal barrier for gardens and planter boxes, garden trellis nets, fruit orchard nets, and multipurpose garden protection uses.

1” mesh and 3/4” mesh all function well for garden protection installations that also need to block smaller objects (as well as larger-sized). These netting selections are very typical for leaf and general debris barrier, small birds and animal protection, squirrel and chipmunk protection, and raccoon barrier.  The 1/4” polyester debris fabric and HDPE shade cloth material is used for the smallest of garden debris barrier and exclusion uses including very small leaves, birds, rodents, and general objects.

4” mesh and 2” mesh works well as general garden barrier netting for larger animal and deer protection nets, trellis netting uses, dog barrier for gardens and planter boxes, plant box trellis nets, fruit orchard nets, and multipurpose garden protection uses.

For customized shape requests, sizing and supply questions, garden and orchard netting quotations, or other particular garden barrier netting inquiries please feel free to Contact Gourock and we can assist.

Outdoor Netting

Outdoor netting and nets for various agricultural, garden, bird, trellis, and pond requirements are built to custom sizes and dimensions, allowing you to get the outdoor usage nets you need to fit your own particular coverage area. Garden netting, pond netting, agricultural hops nets, trellis nets for hemp and cannabis production, deer barrier netting, bird exclusion netting, aviary nets, fruit orchard nets, and netting for retention pond bird deterrent uses are available. Nylon and polyester net materials are dependable and durable for outdoor netting purposes and installations, and we offer a range of netting twine and mesh sizes to best suit your particular residential, commercial, industrial, or municipal applications.

Outdoor netting from Gourock.com is used for gardens, planter boxes, pavilions, retention ponds, landfills, koi ponds, aviaries, raptor centers and zoos, hemp and cannabis production, hop trellis, shopping centers and public areas, fish hatcheries, barns and farms, mining and oil operations, marine and boat applications, along with many more unique outdoor netting uses. See our various online product categories below to view, price, and order custom outdoor netting online.

-Josh Grzyb @ www.gourock.com

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