March 19, 2021

Custom Netting and Net Productions for Bird Barrier, Gymnasium Lighting Protection, and Baseball Containment

Custom Netting and Net Productions for Bird Barrier, Gymnasium Lighting Protection, and Baseball Containment specializes in custom netting supply, and nets that are built to custom sizes and dimensions.  The use of netting is a perfect solution for a huge variety of different safety, protection, exclusion, and containment situations and applications.  Gourock is a longtime market leader in e-commerce availability for custom nets, netting products, and barrier nets that are constructed to customer-specified sizes.  Featuring the highest-quality netting materials including: DuPont® 66-728 Twisted-Knotted Nylon, Type 6 Braided-Knotless Nylon, DuPont® Twisted-Knotted Kevlar, and Twisted-Knotted HMWPE - we are your direct source for 100% Made in USA netting panels and net designs that are prepared according to nearly any sizing needs you have.

The custom netting that we provide is used by our customers for many different needs that they have, usually for various situations in which objects need to be blocked or contained within a particular space or area for safety, protective, or preferential reasons.  For broad context, for athletic installations the nets that we ship out are often installed to protect spectators, property, or surrounding areas from errant balls, pucks, or other sports equipment.  In another example, within industrial sites and warehouses the nets that we supply are often used for bird exclusion, pallet racking containment, railing barrier, or conveyor belt safety netting requirements.  And for many indoor locations the nets that we ship out are often intended to protect lighting, windows, or ducts - and also to dependably contain objects within specified spaces.

At you can get nets and netting prepared according to your own preferred sizes directly through our Online Custom Netting Calculator.  We offer a plentiful selection of mesh sizes and twine thicknesses, allowing you convenient access to the best-fitting and performing nets for your intended uses and needs.  In addition to nets that are rectangular or square-shaped, at Gourock we can also accommodate many different tapered or angled custom shapes for most netting options as well.  Should a more customized shape design for your netting be preferred, we invite you to contact us directly at with your inquiry and we can assist and quote you!

Examples of different custom netting productions are always helpful - and here are 3 recent examples from the last couple weeks for some unique nets and netting productions that we have facilitated.  Each of these following examples were quoted and prepared according to customer-specific sizing needs - and a common thread for each is that they incorporate tapers and custom shapes within their design.

Example #1:
This netting production is a very custom shape that has a series of tapered edges along one side that are meant to closely line-up with the roofline of an outdoor industrial storage pavilion in Maine.  Our client has a series of storage pavilions at their industrial location, and they need to block birds from getting inside.  Bird netting and bird exclusion nets are a specialty of ours, and the best netting selection for this particular barrier application was the #18 X 1" tarred twisted-knotted nylon netting with a perimeter 5/16" polyester rope bordering installed.  This new net from a couple weeks ago is actually a re-order and duplication of a series of the same netting design that we have previously done a couple times over the years - and the material performs perfectly in the Maine climate.  1" mesh size knotted nylon netting is a fantastic selection for bird exclusion nets, and the extra tarring treatment to the #18 twisted-twine enhances the netting netting durability and longterm dependability.  A net like this is generally completed and ready to ship out within 7-10 working days from the order date.

Example #2:
This is a great example of a custom netting enclosure that features a couple different tapered shape requirements that our customer required in order for the net to fit correctly within the installation space.  The production image shows the Top View of a baseball batting cage net that demonstrates that one of the netting walls and one of the netting ends both required an angled-shape design.  A batting cage net is a 3-dimensional enclosure of netting that has 2 sides, 2 ends, and top/ceiling netting all seamed together with rope bordered edges.  From within the enclosed net area you can then do all sorts of baseball and softball batting, pitching, and training while containing the balls within the space.  This custom batting cage net was 11' high X 12'-6" wide X 35'-10" long and was built from the #36 X 1-3/4" twisted-knotted nylon netting.  All edges were 5/16" Dacron® rope-bordered, and there was also a custom entrance door feature installed on one side net as well.  A net like this is generally completed and ready to ship out within 7-10 working days from the order date.

Example #3:
We supply a lot of netting that is built to protect lighting, ceilings, duct-work, and sprinklers within indoor training establishments such as gymnasiums, field houses, and arenas.  A very popular type of location that benefits from barrier and containment netting are soccer field houses and indoor soccer field training gyms.  Soccer is a type of sport that generally always has some some of ball containment considerations needed to be accounted for, whether the playing location is indoor or outdoor.  For the indoor soccer training spaces, often supplies ceiling cover nets and netting panels designed to cover lighting, windows, or other structural aspects that need to be protected from soccer ball impacts.  This custom netting panel example shows a net that is 43' X 54', with a tapered side that is incorporated into the shape of the finished product.  This panel was constructed from the most recommended soccer barrier netting selection we supply, which is the #30 X 4" twisted-knotted nylon netting.  The tapered side of the custom netting shape is to account for an angle in the walls that our customer has at his indoor soccer facility.  This netting is covering the ceiling area and is a soccer ball exclusion net to protect the facility lights and vents.  A net like this is generally completed and ready to ship out within 7-10 working days from the order date.

Many thanks again to all of our great customers and custom netting clients!  We appreciate your business very much!

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March 9, 2021

Custom Batting Cage Nets and Batting Cage Netting Designs

Custom Batting Cage Nets and Batting Cage Netting Designs is a high-quality supplier of custom netting products, including customized batting cage nets and netting enclosure designs.  Batting cage nets for baseball and softball hitting and training have always been a very popular netting product that we supply, and they are constructed according to any particular dimensions needed for your batting area.  With, our custom batting cage nets are built with DuPont® Type 66-728 Twisted-Knotted Nylon Netting, are hand-prepared per-order, and are 100% Made in the USA.  Our netting supply options include different twine thicknesses of the 1-3/4" mesh size baseball netting, so we have great availability for all batting cage installations - from private residential spaces to high-traffic professional and commercial establishments.  

Directly through Gourock's Online Custom Batting Cage Calculator you have immediate access to batting cage nets, pitching tunnel nets, and a variety of dependable netting construction options.  We offer you the opportunity to easily order custom batting cage nets online, with fast turnaround timing for production, shipped directly to your location.  Because you can specify the netting height, width, and length - with you get batting cage nets made for the best fit within your installation framing, structure, or suspension area.  The DuPont® knotted nylon netting is a very durable and dependable baseball net and softball net material to use for long-term strength and abrasion resistance.  Fantastic for both outdoor and indoor netting installations, Gourock's custom nylon nets deliver premium performance and ease-of-use.  If you have any particular questions or quote requests for your softball or baseball batting cage netting project, always feel free to contact directly and we can assist!

In addition to nets that are built to custom dimensions, we also provide batting cage nets and enclosure netting designs that incorporate other unique features that our customers prefer as well.  For instance, there are batting cage net designs that have open ends, entrance doors, tapered shapes, extra rope lines, and a variety of other custom construction requests.  Throughout the Gourock website and on our company blog we list many previous examples of really great custom netting designs that have been shipped out over the years - and here are 3 more custom net jobs from the last couple weeks that also help outline some of the convenient custom netting options available for your consideration.

Many thanks again to all of our great customers and custom netting clients!  We appreciate your business very much!

Custom Batting Cage Net #1:

This batting cage net features an extra-wide sizing, along with some additional ceiling rope lines for hanging and installing underneath cables/wires.  Every other edge has a rope bordering installed, and the netting used was the #36 X 1-3/4" twisted-knotted nylon.  This net was produced for a school district in Texas and is being used for scholastic, organizational, and team batting practice and training.  Production leadtime was 7 working days and the net was shipped out to location.

Custom Batting Cage Net #2:

This batting cage net was built from the #21 X 1-3/4" twisted-knotted DuPont® nylon netting, and features a very traditional set of dimensions for full-size batting cage practice.  All edges with the exception of the bottom have a 5/16" rope bordering installed, and there is a ceiling line down the top netting as well.  Our customer requested an entrance door in a particular corner, which was built into the net as a 3' double-overlap of netting.  This batting cage tunnel net also shipped with a cable suspension kit, and is installed at a residential location for private-use batting and pitching.  Production leadtime was 6 working days and the net was shipped out to location.

Custom Batting Cage Net #3:

The batting cage netting in this order was very customized with many different unique features.  The sizing is extra wide, with a height difference between the back end-panel netting compared with the front and sides.  Our customer's preference for this feature was to account for some bottom edge cabling/wiring considerations they needed to work with.  Also, this net has an open-end on it, with a secondary netting panel included on the side.  The secondary netting panel is being used as a curtain to close-and-open the overall enclosure as preferred.  The netting in this job was the #36 X 1-3/4" twisted-knotted nylon, and the batting cage net design also includes rope bordered edges, weighted-rope bottom perimeter, and additional rope ceiling-lines for installation needs.  This commercial-style net is installed at a private training installation in Texas.  Production leadtime was 7 working days and the net was shipped out to location.

-Josh Grzyb @

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