June 26, 2020

Custom Netting for Garden Protection Against Deer and Animals

Custom Netting for Garden Protection Against Deer and Animals

At Gourock.com we specialize in supplying netting for lots of different unique and specific needs that our customers have, including nets that are needed for garden protection applications.  A lot of gardens and outdoor planting locations end up having nuisance issues with deer, birds, and other animals that end up getting into the area and eating or destroying plants, flowers, and vegetables.  Gardners are always coming up with effective solutions for a variety of different situations that they encounter within their garden area, and are consistently adapting to the outside world in order to achieve the best possible results from their work.  One of these particular situations that we hear about often here at Gourock is the need to protect garden areas from deer, and here is a recent example of a great garden protection solution that utilizes nylon netting.

This Gourock.com customer had a scenario in-which his planter boxes needed to be reinforced against the local deer that were coming onto his property and eating his plants.  Some of the main considerations for his project were that the protection method needed to be effective, convenient, durable, minimally visually obstructive, and with a professional appearance.  His approach was constructing a series of plant box fences, with all four sides of each box featuring an independent square fence section.  He used metal tubing and corner fittings to construct the frames of each fencing section, incorporating bottom ground-spikes in order to sink the framing section into the planter box soil.  This allowed for dependable support for the framing, as well as convenient removal/access as needed.

Within each framing section, there is nylon netting installed - which adds the protective barrier defense and deterrence from roaming deer.  The netting is affixed to the tubing with black plastic zip-ties, and he used 20 ties per net - with each framing section being right around 3'-5" X 3'-5" in sizing.

For this garden application, the best netting selection to use was the #12 X 1-3/4" DuPont® Type 66-728 Twisted-Knotted Nylon, prepared in a square mesh pattern.  This #12 nylon netting has a very minimal visual appearance, making it an optimal choice for the "most invisible" effect.  The DuPont nylon is a very strong material, and the tensile rating for the #12 twine is a robust 116 lbs., which means that the netting has a very high strength characteristic while remaining a thin twine.  It is a UV stable material, and the netting features a latex/urethane bonding against moisture.  The mesh size of 1-3/4" square is really effective in blocking deer from getting their mouths through the barrier.

The way that this netting was ordered through the Gourock.com Custom Netting Online Calculator was as a longer overall bulk length of material that he could then cut-from on his own for each individual framing section.  This #12 X 1-3/4" nylon was prepared as a 3'-5" X 83' length, and the square mesh pattern made it a convenient choice to cut each smaller section from it as needed.  You can order this netting, or any of our available twine and mesh sizes, directly online through our Gourock.com site and store.  100% Made in USA, and prepared per-order according to any dimensions you need.

Your project turned out really great Brett, awesome job!  Many thanks again for your business, and it was really nice working with you!

-Josh Grzyb @ www.gourock.com

June 12, 2020

Golf Driving and Hitting Nets at Home, Golf Netting in Residential Practice Areas

Golf Driving and Hitting Nets at Home, Golf Netting in Residential Practice Areas

Gourock.com specializes in the supply of high-quality nets, netting products, and netting materials that are used for a very wide variety of applications.  Sports netting is a very robust product category for us, and particularly nets that are intended for golf driving, golf shots, and golf ball containment.  Over the last 20 years, golf netting for use at home and residential locations has always been a popular usage for the materials that we supply - allowing people to practice their golf swing and golf shots at their own leisure at home.

At Gourock.com we offer premium golf impact netting built from DuPont® Type 66-728 Twisted-Knotted Nylon, and you can order it according to any customized and personalized sizing/dimensions that you prefer for your own particular project.  We recommend the #21 X 3/4" knotted nylon netting for direct golf driving, close range shot impacts, and high abrasion golf ball containment.  We offer this netting to be prepared in a few different popular approaches to golf situations, including being prepared as golf cage enclosure nets, golf impact panel nets, and general purpose netting sections and rope bordered net panels.  This is a 100% Made in USA nylon netting, created from the highest quality DuPont® material - and all completely prepared per-order with professional hand-craftsmanship in Washington, USA.  With Gourock.com you can get customized netting productions that best match your particular project needs, with fast fabrication turnaround and shipments to any location.  And we offer direct online secure ordering right through our convenient Online Custom Netting Calculator - or you can always correspond with us directly if preferred, no problem at all!

At home and private residence applications, most golf netting projects are for golf hitting nets and containment or cage netting.  Our customers want to hit full-velocity golf shots within the confines of their own property, and get good golf swing training and practice done on their own time at home.  There are many different ways to utilize Gourock's netting for projects like these - including nets that are installed from garages, within fencing poles and posts, and within various types of frames and structures.  Regardless of whatever sizing needs required to get your golf hitting area properly functioning and contained, Gourock.com can certainly do the netting supply end of things with ease.

Here are three recent examples of different Gourock customers that sent over photos of how they have used and installed their golf netting.  They are all unique and specific nets to meet each customer's needs, which is what we specialize in at Gourock.com

Many thanks again - we greatly appreciate your photos and feedback, as well as your netting orders!

-Josh Grzyb @ www.gourock.com

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