December 27, 2018

Custom Bird Barrier Netting for Industrial Applications

Custom Bird Barrier Netting for Industrial Applications

Bird barrier netting and bird exclusion nets are very important features of many industrial sites and locations, and have the primary benefits and purposes of keeping birds out of certain working sites.  For example, sites like airports, mines, oil drilling locations, and factories will often utilize various types of retention ponds - and these ponds need to be covered with bird exclusion nets to protect wildlife from getting into the waters they contain.  In other instances there are warehouses, factory floors, and storage buildings that also utilize bird barrier nets to keep them free of errant birds and nests.  In all of these cases, along with many other unique bird netting installations, the point is always to maintain a clear separation between the natural environment of a bird population and man-made industrial zones - for both the safety of the animals as well as the assets within the areas in question (workers, machinery, materials, etc.). has many years of bird netting experience, and can supply customized bird nets for a wide variety of sizes and shapes.  Featuring a great selection of mesh sizes and twine thicknesses, has online availability for custom bird netting and pond netting that can most certainly match your sizing and function requirements.  For really helpful online information and ordering, we offer an Online Custom Netting Calculator and additional product information here:

A few years ago we did a bird netting supply for a commercial industrial site in Maine that required some very customized nets to properly cover the front end areas of their storage pavilions.  In the last few weeks there were more of these nets needed for an expansion of buildings on the same site.  The most noticeable design feature of the nets and the installation area is a semi-circle roof design, which is fairly typical for many industrial pavilion structures.  In this case, the site operator needs to be able to quickly access the interior of the structure within the course of work, so the netting would need to be built to allow a convenient pass-through for both people and vehicles/machinery.  The best approach for our customer was to have the nets prepared in 2 halves that meet in the middle, allowing access through the netting just like a curtain.  The nets were built slightly wider to incorporate an overlapping design, meaning that they were pretty well sealed-up to avoid gaps between the the 2 nets when hanging.

The material for this bird netting application is the #18 X 1" DuPont® type 66-728 twisted-knotted nylon netting.  This 1" nylon netting features an additional tar-coating for maximum outdoor weather resilience, as well as a very high tensile rating and abrasion resistance.  Paired with a fully-sewn 5/16" polyester rope bordering around the perimeter edges, this netting is ideal for longterm bird exclusion installations as it maintains high durability and ease-of-use for many, many years.  100% Made-in-USA from the raw materials to the final production, the tarred nylon netting options from are a highly recommended selection for most all industrial bird barrier installations.

As you can see from the images below, these custom nets from were built with a very unique set of dimensions and shapes - and are all constructed to match the specific sizing required by our customer for their particular structures.  Featuring a tapered shape, these nets are hung along the radii of the roofline in order to functionally cover the pavilion ends.  For any bird exclusion netting and bird net situations that you may be looking for, feel free to contact us at Gourock and we can most likely supply you with the custom netting that you need!

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December 18, 2018

Backstop Netting and Backstop Nets, Custom Nylon Baseball and Softball Nets

Backstop Netting and Backstop Nets, Custom Nylon Baseball and Softball Nets

Backstop netting for baseball and softball fields is available to be prepared to your own preferred custom dimensions, which can be entered into Gourock's online custom netting calculator. Backstop nets for baseball and softball containment are supplied for commercial, industrial, municipal, and residential applications - and are chosen for backstop netting installations in both outdoor and indoor settings. There are three recommended netting types and sizes used for baseball backstop net purposes, all of which are available according to your own custom sizing. 

1-3/4” mesh netting is recommended for baseball and softball backstop nets, and we supply that mesh in a range of twine thicknesses. All are constructed from 100% Made in USA DuPont® type 66-728 twisted-knotted nylon

#21 and #36 twine thickness nets are recommended for stadiums, foul ball protection, backstop nets, spectator protection, indoor training center nets, concession area barrier, dugouts, and most all multipurpose baseball barrier installations for residential, scholastic, municipal, commercial, and professional uses. 

#72 twine thickness is the thickest twine option for baseball backstop netting, and is primarily used for areas of very high impact and abrasion, and backstop net applications in which the thickest and heaviest netting selection is preferred. 

For customized shape requests, sizing and supply questions, baseball and softball backstop netting quotations, or other particular backstop net inquiries please feel free to Contact Us and we can assist!

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December 6, 2018

Custom Nylon Netting, Tapered Nets with Angles and Shapes

Custom Nylon Netting, Tapered Nets with Angles and Shapes supplies custom netting that can be prepared to most any dimensions that you require for your project - allowing you to source the precise sizing that will best function for your netting needs and installation requirements.  This is a very beneficial benefit since it allows for you to achieve the type of appearance, coverage, function, and ease-of-use that you should expect from working with high quality nylon netting materials.  Using Gourock's Online Custom Netting Calculator you have the ability to easily price and order custom nets right through your browser, and there are many useful netting twine thicknesses and mesh sizes to consider, so there is nearly always an exact best-match for your unique application.

But in addition to the ability to order customized nets built to any 2 dimensions that you need, also specializes in producing and supplying nets that also feature tapers, angles, and  personalized shapes as well.  For example, a situation where the area needed to be blocked or covered by the netting is triangular in shape - or, tapers from one height to another over the course of the overall length.  This is no problem at all for Gourock to manage for you, as we have shipped out hundreds of custom tapered and angled netting panels, including nets that incorporate very specialized and unique shape features as well.

Featuring the highest quality DuPont® Type 66-728 Twisted-Knotted Nylon Netting, the custom tapered nets available from are 100% Made in the USA and prepared per-order to meet your own specific sizing and shape requirements.  Over the years we have assisted customers get the best netting solution for a huge variety of applications.  Sometimes the custom tapered nets need to line up with angled rooflines, building designs, or sloping walls/floors.  In other instances the tapered nets need to line-up with very specific framing, tubing, or structural assemblies in-which the netting is being connected and installed to.  Often the reasons that netting panels need to have tapering sizing is to closely match slopes in property grade, fence-lines, stadium seating angles, railing and loft areas, or other similarly unique spaces.

If you have a situation where the best netting solution for you will incorporate nets that feature different shape features, definitely feel free to contact and let us know what you are seeking.  Our contact page allows for you to upload drawings, pictures, or sketches - which is very helpful on our end so that we can get the custom netting quoted for you.

Here are some helpful examples of some different custom netting panels that have been produced in the recent past.  Each one of these nets fulfills a need for a specialized netting solution for a particularly unique area - and for a variety of different uses.  The nets in these following examples all integrate custom dimensions, angles, tapers, and shapes.  They are used in a wide range of barrier netting uses including koi pond bird barrier, golf barrier for decks and property protection, debris and bird barrier over sailboats, and for lining up with rooflines in commercial sports training facilities.

Example 1
Netting Type: #36 X 1-3/4" Knotted Nylon Netting, Diamond Mesh, 5/16" Dacron Rope-Bordered

Example 2
Netting Type: #12 X 1" Knotted Nylon Netting, Diamond Mesh, 5/16" Dacron Rope-Bordered

Example 3
Netting Type: #12 X 1-3/4" Knotted Nylon Netting, Diamond Mesh, 5/16" Dacron Rope-Bordered

Example 4
Netting Type: #12 X 1" Knotted Nylon Netting, Diamond Mesh, 5/16" Dacron Rope-Bordered

Example 5
Netting Type: #12 X 1" Knotted Nylon Netting, Diamond Mesh, 5/16" Dacron Rope-Bordered

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