November 14, 2018

Backyard Batting Cage Net, Customer Review and Photos

Backyard Batting Cage Net, Customer Review and Photos supplies a line of Batting Cage Nets that are designed with private users in-mind, and they are really popular and functional for all types of backyard netting installations.  These nets are available in a selection of overall dimensions so that people can consider full-size nets, or nets that are more compact in sizing for smaller sizes and areas.

These nets are Gourock's Home-Style PolyPro Batting Cage Nets, and they are available to view/order directly through our online store:

Some of the features of the PolyPro Batting Cage Nets are:
  • 2.5mm X 1-3/4" (#36 HTPP 160 lb./twine)
  • Square Mesh PolyPro Cage Netting
  • Raschel Braided-Knotless Mesh Construction
  • UV Stabilized, Black Color
  • 3/8" 'Overlock-Stitched' Sewn HDPE Rope Borders (all edges + ceiling) 
  • Entrance Door in Corner
  • 6" Installation Loops on all corners and each end of top center support line
  • Sizes: 10' X 10' X 40', 10' X 10' X 60', 12' X 12' X 35', 12' X 12' X 55', 12' X 12' X 70'
These batting cage nets are great for both outdoor and indoor uses and installations, and with the selection of sizes available you can get a batting setup that works for your particular space.  The installation and hanging for the netting can be accomplished in a variety of methods, with a very popular approach being the Cable Suspension technique.  We offer some good context on this sort of batting cage netting installation method here:

Here is a recent review from a new custom of ours from the last couple weeks that used the Cable Suspension Method of installing his new 10' X 10' X 40' PolyPro Batting Cage Net in his backyard.  He utilized 4" square steel posts in all 4 corners, with his tensioned cables spanned between them.  It looks really nice, and here are his notes and photos that were sent our way.

Thank you again Jonathan - we appreciate your business very much, and especially your great feedback!

Buddy! Thank you for your guidance and counsel regarding the best batting cage/net setup for my son’s practice needs. The Gourock #36 Polypro exceeds my expectations and is all that you promised and more. Attached is a panoramic image of the system in my backyard. We will have years of positive practice success thanks to you. 
Be well

-Josh Grzyb @

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