August 16, 2018

Outdoor Barrier Netting for Backyards and Sports Courts

Outdoor Barrier Netting for Backyards and Sports Courts specializes in the supply of custom nets that are constructed to your own preferred dimensions, which works out very well for different barrier netting projects that people have at their home properties, backyards, and sport court areas.  For many of these types of projects, the best netting solution is one that contains typical sports objects and balls such as basketballs, hockey pucks, baseballs/softballs, tennis balls, soccer balls, lacrosse balls, volleyballs, etc.  Fortunately through Gourock's website you can locate the best-fit mesh size net for your particular needs, and in a variety of different twine thicknesses as well.

For instance, if you are concerned only with blocking larger objects for such sports as soccer, basketball, football, volleyball, and dodgeball - you may want to most consider a netting with a larger mesh size, such as the 4" mesh nets that we have available.

Alternatively, if you'd like to have a functional netting barrier for sports that have smaller balls/objects such as baseball, tennis, hockey, and lacrosse - then a good fit is the 1-3/4" mesh size netting that we supply.  The 1-3/4" is a great multipurpose mesh size since it functions really well for both the smaller balls, as well as the larger object sports as well.

And then if you need to consider even smaller objects, such as golf balls, you can go with the 3/4" mesh size netting, or the 1" mesh size as well.  The smaller mesh nets such as these 2 mesh sizes are also selected for situations where people would like to block/contain all of the different balls or objects that may be flying around the space - and also would like a barrier against leaves or debris as well.

The custom netting supplied by Gourock is 100% Made in the USA, and we offer very quick mfg. turnaround times for your specialized sizing preferences.  You can order right online using the convenient Online Custom Netting Calculator which allows for a variety of different supply options and shipping options.  We ship netting out to thousands of customers per year, ranging from small private home users all the way up the largest professional, industrial, and commercial entities in the country.

Here are a couple of great examples of recent backyard netting installations that two of our customers from last month finished up.  They do a really nice job of showing a couple of different installations that utilize a very similar installation approach, but with different overall function needs and sizing requirements:

Example 1:
This netting supply was for a customer's private home backyard in New York.  They have a full-size soccer goal back there to practice shooting drills with, and of course that means that there are errant shots that were passing the goal.  He has a 7' tall fence lining the property, however it was not tall enough to contain the missed shots effectively.
So his goal was to get another 7' of containment clearance above his existing fence, and at the same time protect the fence itself from the consistent impacts of soccer balls.  The best netting match in this case was the #15 X 4" knotted nylon netting, with a rope bordering around the perimeter edges.  The 4" mesh size is perfect for soccer barrier applications, and the #15 twine thickness is great to keep the overall netting installation as minimally-visible as possible.  As you can see from the following two photos, it certainly is a great looking mesh selection.  The netting in this project is 14' tall X 50' wide.
For the installation approach, he purchased Gourock's In-Ground Sleeves (for 2" poles) and set them at 12' spacing.  He then sourced 2" diameter poles from his local fencing supplier, which are then slid down into the in-ground sleeve for support.  Connecting the netting vertically down the poles was accomplished using the Bungee Ball Attachment Straps that we also have available.

Thank you again Chuck!  It was very nice working with you, and the finished project looks really great!

Example 2:
This netting and materials supply was for a customer in New York that has a backyard sports court and hockey rink that needed barrier netting around it to contain hockey pucks and basketballs.  As you'll be able to see in the photo below, it's a multipurpose rink that also incorporates two basketball hoops as well.  He already had his rink walls surrounding the play area, so was seeking to get netting made that would extend up over the existing walls, and overlap them slightly to avoid any gaps.  He did not need netting to go all the way down to the ground, as the plan was to connect the bottom of the netting to the walls themselves.
The best match for the netting in this case was the #21 X 1-3/4" knotted nylon netting, square mesh, with a rope bordering around the perimeter.  This is a great choice for general hockey puck barrier, as well as for basketball barrier and any other typically-sized object being used within the sport court area.  There were 3 netting panels needed in total:  One of them at 8' X 122', and then two of them at 8' X 35'.
For the installation approach, he purchased 22 of Gourock's In-Ground Sleeves (for 2" poles) and set them at relatively equal spacing intervals.  He then sourced 2" diameter poles from his local fencing supplier, which are then slid down into the in-ground sleeve for support.  Connecting the netting vertically down the poles was accomplished using the Bungee Ball Attachment Straps that we also have available.

The project looks really great Corey!  Thank you again, and it was nice working with you!

-Josh Grzyb @

August 13, 2018

Custom Nylon Netting for Industrial Applications

Custom Nylon Netting for Industrial Applications supplies custom nylon netting to a wide variety of customers that have unique applications and uses for the materials that we have available.  Oftentimes, the nets we ship out are used for more traditional jobs such as stadiums, gymnasiums, and sports fields.  Other very popular needs are for bird exclusion, pond barrier, and golf range/fairway barrier uses.  But aside from some of the more typical types of netting installations, there are always many industrial situations where the nylon netting we provide is meant to solve a very particular set of circumstances.

Typically we see a lot of these more specific needs within the broad range of general industrial netting applications.  Nylon netting is really well suited for many industrial locations such as warehouses, processing facilities, construction sites, municipal locations, and business/retail complexes. has a pretty wide range of twine thicknesses and mesh sizes available to consider using for your unique needs - and the netting is prepared per-order so that you have the ability to get nets made to your own preferred sizing and dimensions.  Some examples that we have experience in are:

  • pallet rack and conveyor belt nets
  • railing and loft barrier nets
  • debris barrier and containment uses
  • lighting protection nets
  • warehouse divider netting
Recently, we had a customer at a commercial business/retail location that was experiencing a series of problems with the brick facade of their building.  Due to some construction design issues they were occasionally having pieces of tiling becoming dislodged from the wall of the building and falling a couple of stories down to the sidewalk below.  The facade was going to be reinforced and fixed, but in the meantime they needed to ensure that a loose tile would be able to freely fall down and cause safety issues for the pedestrians on the ground.

Their preference was for a strong material that had a larger mesh size, and a minimally visible appearance.  The best match was the #15 X 4" DuPont® type 66-728 twisted-knotted nylon netting.  The #15 twine thickness features a 144 lb. tensile strength rating, and the 4" mesh size keeps the amount of material per square foot to a minimum.  The tiles are all about 12" square, so the mesh size of the 4" functions very well to contain them close to the wall in the event they come loose and fall down.  The netting was basically intended to be a debris cover to protect anyone down on the sidewalk and to keep the falling tiles as close to the facade wall as possible.

Here is a short series of photos demonstrating this unique usage of the nylon netting that we supply at - and you can always feel free to order online through our Online Custom Netting Calculator or contact us for a quote if you prefer!

-Josh Grzyb @

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