December 22, 2016

Drone & U.A.V. Netting for Trade Shows & Conventions

Drone & U.A.V. Netting for Trade Shows & Conventions supplies customized netting productions for many drone and UAV barrier applications, ranging from research installations at university laboratories all the way to commercial and industrial facilities.  Another very popular and unique installation use for drone and UAV barrier nets is at convention centers and trade shows.

The netting types that are most typically used for drone netting are available to order according to most any dimensions that you need on the Drone Netting page on
Mesh sizes of 1-3/4" and 4" are generally the most recommended for many drone netting uses, including those at convention center and trade show displays.  Because Gourock specializes in the supply of custom netting built to your particular sizing needs, there are many opportunities for you to incorporate nylon netting within your trade show display construction.  Protective safety barrier netting is generally a requirement for commercial drone and UAV installations - and the DuPont® type 66-728 knotted nylon netting that is supplied by is a perfect solution for customized and specialized drone displays.  Nylon is very lightweight and flexible, with a very high tensile-strength characteristic.  Relatively thin nylon twine thicknesses retain high breaking strengths, allowing you to minimize the amount of material-per-twine for the barrier netting.  This means a lower visual impedance and increased ease-of-installation.  And since you can have custom sizing provided for your show and installation, you can work with custom-built nets made to-size that save time during setup and increase the overall efficiency of your job.

In addition to the nylon netting being optimal for trade show drone netting installations because of it's physical features, also provides custom-built nets that incorporate very specific shapes and tapered designs.  For instance, there are many times that a finished netting panel that has a triangular shape or a pattern like a hexagon will be needed to accurately match the framing structure of the overall display.  And since these types of displays are usually marketing-oriented, the overall appearance of the finished look is an important consideration.  Using you can have very specific nets fabricated to unique sizes and angled shapes, enhancing the professional appearance of the drone display and enhancing the overall product demonstration and brand identity.

Here is a very recent example of a drone display designed and constructed by a professional marketing firm, for a technology vendor at the 2017 CES show.  This very high-end display required drone barrier netting to encapsulate the entire upper area of the structure - which is the drone flight zone.  10 customized netting panels and shapes were needed to complete this display job, and the netting that was selected for this project was the #21 X 1-3/4" twisted-knotted nylon netting, diamond mesh pattern, with a 5/16" polyester rope bordering sewn-in around the perimeter edges.  As you can see from the product images below, the nets were constructed with specific dimensions and tapers to match the corresponding spaces of the flight pen area.

At Gourock we can certainly assist on the netting aspects of your trade show and convention center displays - especially for drone and UAV barrier purposes.  We do not advise or design the framing and structural aspects of the display itself - that is generally done by professional marketing and display designers - however you can certainly consider for the netting component of the overall job.  Feel free to use the contact page on our site to upload and submit any sizing or quote requests that you're interested in, and we look forward to assisting!

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December 6, 2016

Custom Netting Panels, Specialized Shapes for Larger Areas

Custom Netting Panels, Specialized Shapes for Larger Areas specializes in the supply of customized netting productions, and many times the nets that are required by our customers need to have some very particular and unique sizing and shape characteristics.  A lot of custom nets do the job really well when they are constructed to square or rectangular shapes that are produced to most any particular dimensions that are preferred - such as the readily available options displayed on Gourock's Online Netting Calculator.  However, there are many instances in many industries in which the customization of final netting shape needs to be more specific and very unique.  And then in addition to more specialized shape considerations, there are many situations where the netting is meant to cover or span over a larger area as well.  For some context on this, think of netting that is meant to cover a specifically shaped warehouse optioning, stadium spectator area, or an industrial retention pond for instance.

Larger nets with custom shapes, dimensions, and fabrication features are available for Gourock to quote and supply to you, providing you the opportunity to have specifically created netting panels made-to-order that will be the best solution for your particular problem or project goal. has years and years of experience with supplying custom netting productions for a very wide spectrum of industries and customers including those in athletics, municipalities and scholastics, agricultural, warehousing and logistics, vendor and trade-show installations, government and military, mining and heavy industry, and more.  Custom netting is a very far reaching and widely applied solution for a diverse population of industries, companies, and users - and Gourock is a specialty supplier of the highest quality Made in USA custom netting products.

As we have noted many times within this company blog as well as on the website, netting productions that we ship out can be quite unique and built to all different combinations of dimensions and shapes.  For instance, see this recent article on our blog that helps demonstrate some very specifically constructed custom netting shapes intended for smaller-sized areas.  This following set of examples is pretty similar in intention and need, with the difference being that these nets below have a lot larger area involved since they are needed for large spaces.  As with those previous examples of the smaller-area nets, these following nets all square some typical characteristics as well:
  • each are larger in total size area, since they are built to block/protect an expansive overall space
  • each features a custom shape characteristic, specifically a taper or angle to correctly function for the specific area that needs to be blocked by netting
  • each features a 5/16" polyester rope bordering sewn-in around the perimeter edges, which adds strength and durability around the edges and also holds the netting into its specific shape and size
  • each are built from the DuPont® type 66-728 twisted-knotted nylon netting, using the best combination of twine thickness and mesh size for the intended purpose for the net
A good way to get started on choosing the netting that is best-suited for your purpose is to take a look at the mesh size and twine thickness options that we have available to consider on this page of the Gourock website.  And then you can also use the contact page on the Gourock site to upload a diagram/drawing and forward it over to us to take a look at - and then we can quote some available options for your consideration.  You can also use the same contact page to request some sample pieces of different netting types, we mail them out at no charge.

netting type and construction:  #18 X 1" knotted nylon, diamond mesh pattern, 5/16" braided polyester rope bordered
general area size:  25' X 35'
custom shape features:  tapered/angled shape, specific sizing/dimensions
purpose for the netting:  bird barrier netting to cover the front of a storage pavilion at a waste management location

netting type and construction:  #21 X 1-3/4" knotted nylon, diamond mesh pattern, 5/16" braided polyester rope bordered
general area size:  37'-6" X 46'
custom shape features:  tapered/angled shape, specific sizing/dimensions
purpose for the netting:  overhead protective netting at a municipal baseball/softball field

netting type and construction:  #12 X 1" knotted nylon, diamond mesh pattern, 5/16" braided polyester rope bordered
general area size:  13' X 27'-8"
custom shape features:  tapered/angled shape, specific sizing/dimensions
purpose for the netting:  bird and debris barrier netting covering a residential retention pond

netting type and construction:  #21 X 1-3/4" knotted nylon, diamond mesh pattern, 5/16" braided polyester rope bordered
general area size:  15' X 38'
custom shape features:  triangular shape, specific sizing/dimensions
purpose for the netting:  window/rafter barrier netting at an indoor soccer facility

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