October 17, 2013

Customer-Designed Frame for the Home Batting Cage Nets

The Home-Style Batting Cage Nets that we have available at Gourock.com are a really great netting product for most all private and residential customers.  They are available in 5 popular dimensions, ranging from 10' X 10' X 40' up to 12' X 14' X 70' in sizing.  Additionally, the Home-Style nets have a robust combination of features and materials:
  • #36 (2.5mm) X 1-3/4" HTPP (polypro) Netting, with 160 lb./tensile strength
  • Square Mesh Braided-Knotless netting
  • 3/8" HDPE Posi-Lock Sewn Rope Borders (all edges)
  • Center-Ceiling Line, Overlapping Entrance Door, 6" Rope Loops
  • UV Stabilized, and designed with longterm outdoor exposure in-mind
These nets are manufactured to certain sizes, with particular materials, in order to have a really dependable batting cage netting option that focuses on our many customers that are hanging and using the net for their own private/individual use.  These nets are a fantastic value - and they also have the benefit of being installed in a wide-variety of methods.

A customer from earlier this year had forwarded us their own frame design for the 10' X 10' X 40' net they had purchased.  They relayed the message that this framing construction they devised functions exceedingly well, and they wanted to pass-along and publicize the details on their approach:

click for larger image/details

-Josh Grzyb @ www.gourock.com

October 16, 2013

Around this time of year is when we begin seeing the indoor netting installations being more popular, many times for sports training that needs to continue through the winter.  Indoor netting setups are often best handled with fully-enclosed designs that incorporate all sides, ends, and ceiling areas into one 3-dimensional product.  Some typical and popular examples of this are batting cage nets and golf cage nets.  However, there are many unique applications that greatly benefit from completely-enclosed netting areas - and most of the time the primary consideration is the mesh size of the netting itself, as that will determine what sized objects you can effectively barrier within the netted area.

Gourock.com has quite a few different options to consider for your indoor netting installation.  For mesh size you can go with a small 3/4", or with a larger 1-3/4" mesh size.
And then there are twine thicknesses available that range from #15 (144 lb. tensile) to #72 (740 lb. tensile) depending on the mesh size needed.
Custom-sized enclosure nets have always been a very popular line of product offerings from Gourock.com, and there are many that are displayed in this blog as well as on the website.  The best first step is to take a look at some of the previous examples, and then consider what you think you may need for your particular usage and installation.  With just a moderate amount of context we can quote you on some options for your custom nylon netting - so feel free to contact us with your details!

Featuring the highest quality DuPont® type 66-728 twisted-knotted nylon netting, custom nets are fabricated per-order in the USA, and are usually ready to ship out within a couple of weeks.  Here are a couple of nets that were mfg. and shipped out in the last couple of weeks:

Custom Enclosure Netting Example 1:
Netting Details:  #36 X 1-3/4” (381 lb./twine) DuPont® Type 66-728 Twisted-Knotted Nylon, black, diamond mesh
Fabrication Details:  5/16” Braided Dacron® Rope Border Installed (3200 lb./test, sewn-in) Top Perimeter + Center Ceiling, Tails
Custom Features:  custom dimensions, "loose-corners" end-panel
Intended Application:  private/residential multi-sport training

Custom Enclosure Netting Example 2:
Netting Details:  #15 X 3/4” (144 lb./twine) DuPont® Type 66-728 Twisted-Knotted Nylon, black, diamond mesh
Fabrication Details:  5/16” Braided Dacron® Rope Border Installed (3200 lb./test, sewn-in) All Edges + Center Ceiling,
Custom Features:  custom dimensions, 3' overlapping entrance door, separate #21 nylon impact/reinforcement panels, divider netting section
Intended Application:  private/residential multi-sport training

-Josh Grzyb @ www.gourock.com

October 3, 2013

Customer Feedback & Photos

Here is a quick feedback message that we received this week from a recent customer, and he forwarded a couple of images as well:
"Just wanted to say how happy I am with the netting.  What a great product!  Attached are a couple of pics of my playground with the safety nets installed."

This order featured the square mesh pattern #36 X 1-3/4" (381 lb./twine) DuPont Type 66-728 Twisted-Knotted Nylon Netting.
It's great to get photos of different netting applications, and of course - thanks for the appreciated feedback! 

-Josh Grzyb @ www.gourock.com

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