December 23, 2011

Advertisment in Coaching Management ABCA Convention Issue

Continuing our trade-journal accessibility for Athletic Directors and coaches, has a recent advertisement and profile in the latest issue of Coaching Management magazine. Coaching Management is a sport-specific journal published under the Athletic Management umbrella, and this particular issue is the "ABCA Convention Issue 2012". We always strive to remain accessible both online and in print for organizations of every size. This includes universities, high schools, middle/elementary schools, municipalities, scholastic and private teams, commercial facilities, and most every type of sports association in-between!

The ABCA issue of Coaching Management discusses "The American Baseball Coaches Association heads to the West Coast for its 67th annual convention....more than 4,000 coaches are expected to attend, with committee and division meetings, as well as exhibits opening the festivities". can aid your organization and team by supplying options for:

* batting cage nets
* safety/protection screens
* impact/soft-toss panels
* barrier netting
* stadium/spectator netting protection
* customized net enclosures and designs
* dugout protective netting

With top quality materials, years of experience and distribution, and quick turnaround of orders/shipments, we look forward to assisting your organization and being your preferred supplier of netting and netting solutions! Feel free to contact us at your convenience!

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December 9, 2011

Another Round of Custom Basketball Nets

At Gourock we consistently service customized netting solutions for a huge variety of unique applications and a diverse range of customers.  Most of the time the particular netting requirements that people have are for multiple locations, and are needed to be produced on a periodical basis.  Over the last year we have posted a couple of different articles that detail a very unique netting design that we supply for one of our customers, and each one of the orders requires a good amount of customized design work and specific product parameters.  You can click here to reference all of the details for the custom netting productions on the job from last month, and then you can click here to get even more background regarding the netting from the original job in June of this year.

There has recently been yet another round of custom netting manufacturing for this same application, and you can take a look at the details of this custom netting product below.
We just want to provide you with as much context as possible as you're researching some of the potential solutions that you can achieve with customized nylon netting.

There are so many different types of clients and applications that are well-serviced through the nylon netting options at, and feel free to drop over an email with your inquiries!  It is most helpful to take a look at the twines/meshes that are readily available by examining this page of the site - so that way you have a good idea of what you're potentially aiming for.  And free netting samples are also available to mail out as well should you prefer to get a "hands-on" examination of high-quality netting options.

-Joshua Grzyb @

More Custom Nylon Safety Screens

Last month we published an article pertaining to some of the customized "pillowcase-style" safety screen nets that had recently produced, and you can refer to that particular post by clicking here.  There is some helpful information in there regarding types of designs, materials, and general features that are available when seeking out custom-sized protective netting screens for pitching and training purposes.
Since that last post there have been a variety of additional custom nylon safety-screen nets produced and shipped out to customers that were all fabricated to specifically requested dimensions and shapes/characteristics.
Here are some production drawings for these latest rounds of production, and they'll assist in providing your with some additional context on the custom nylon netting possibilities that you can source through Gourock.  All of these custom nylon safety screens were manufactured for commercial and scholastic/organizational applications.

-Josh Grzyb @

December 7, 2011

Aviary/Quail-Pen Netting Testimonial & Review

We recently had the pleasure of working with a great client in Iowa that utilizes Gourock's 1" nylon netting options for his commercial quail operation.  He submitted the following testimonial and review/background (with photos) for publication, which we are more than happy to present to you here:

After purchasing and installing netting from various manufacturers I realized that quality was certainly something not to be overlooked with protecting and housing game birds.  Due to numerous losses from insufficient netting I came across the Gourock 1” nylon netting being utilized for the sporting world.  The 1” nylon was small enough to protect quail and more than strong enough to withstand the force of larger game birds such as pheasants and chukar while protecting them all from predators above and around.
Additionally, the Gourock netting installed at IQF will withstand those heavy snows in Iowa winters!  I have been so pleased with Gourock netting that a flight pen expansion is planned for Spring 2012 more than doubling the current size to 50 ft. X100 ft.  The flight pen will be entirely enclosed with Gourock netting.

Iowa Quail Farm located at 2748 Bluebird Avenue, Janesville, IA has been in business since 2008. IQF provides hatching eggs, chicks, flight conditioned game birds, and supplies.  IQF is owned and operated by Brett Brauman, who can be contacted at (319) 404-9421 or by email at

-Josh Grzyb @

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