May 27, 2011

Recent Custom Golf Cage Net

Golf driving cage nets are frequently popular for many different types of clients that we have at  For people that require custom netting to hang within an existing framing structure, or from other functional supports (like cables, rafters, and ceilings), we can quote and supply the netting enclosures according to any dimensions that are required for the area.  Ranging from private applications, to colleges and facilities, to professional training complexes - custom nylon netting for golf driving and ball containment is a specialty.

For clients that expect their golf impact netting to absorb a high amount of abrasion and overall friction, the #21 X 3/4" DuPont® Type 66-728 Twisted-Knotted Nylon Netting is the recommended material for maximum strength and resilience.  Utilization of the same netting for the secondary impact panel net is also the most proven solution for high-end golf ball containment installations.  From the knotted nylon netting material, you can have any specific dimensions for the cage netting quoted to you and shipped promptly (custom golf enclosure nets are generally ready to ship out in about one business week or so).  Feel free to contact us and forward your drawing/diagram for the netting (with dimensions), and we can begin to summarize a quote for you on the net production and shipment.

Here is an example of a custom golf cage driving/hitting net that was quoted, produced, and shipped last week for a physical therapy facility.  The sizing is particular to their specific needs and installation framework, and as it features the highest quality DuPont® knotted nylon netting they have an expectation of several years of dependable integrity and usage:

Custom Golf Impact Netting Enclosure + Impact Net:
twine/mesh:  #21 X 3/4" Knotted Nylon Netting
overall dimensions:  10'-6" high X 10' wide X 20' long
custom features:  fully-enclosed, #21 X 3/4" secondary impact netting, center-ceiling line installed, 1/4" steel snap-hooks in corners
application: golf containment/impact net, commercial use
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