March 25, 2011

Ad in Coaching Management Baseball Preseason Issue

Continuing our trade-journal accessibility for Athletic Directors and coaches, has a recent advertisement and profile in the latest issue of Coaching Management magazine.  Coaching Management is a sport-specific journal published under the Athletic Management umbrella, and this particular issue is the "Baseball Preseason Edition 2011".  We always strive to remain accessible both online and in print for organizations of every size.  This includes universities, high schools, middle/elementary schools, municipalities, scholastic and private teams, commercial facilities, and most every type of sports association in-between!

The latest baseball issue of Coaching Management features "shared leadership, Tommy John surgery, speeding up the game, and preparing for upcoming safety changes". can aid your organization and team by supplying options for:
With top quality materials, years of experience and distribution, and quick turnaround of orders/shipments, we look forward to assisting your organization and being your preferred supplier of netting and netting solutions!  Feel free to contact us at your convenience!

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March 24, 2011

Baseball Field Barrier Nets

Throughout the late winter and early spring we coordinate the fabrication and supply of many baseball/softball field barrier nets and backstop nets.  These are actually a fairly popular application for installation throughout the entire year, but due to the approaching spring/summer sports seasons they become more of a priority for athletic departments, municipalities, and installation contractors. has years of experience facilitating the production and shipments of stadium/field barrier netting panels and backstop nets for a diversified spectrum of customers including parks departments, universities, commercial/professional facilities, and regional booster clubs.

Every baseball and softball barrier netting installation has a unique set of dimensions and shapes that need to be accommodated in order for the overall installation to be effective and aesthetically functional. can supply almost any custom shaping feature and arrangement of dimensions required for a particular field and job.  Generally speaking, these sorts of netting panels are built from the 1-3/4" mesh size knotted nylon netting.  The recommended twine thicknesses are the #21 (241 lb./twine) and the thicker #36 (381 lb./twine), and the DuPont® Type 66-728 Nylon material ensures maximum quality and long-term durability.  Often, the 1" tarred barrier netting is also a selected choice and does a really great job as well (available in #12 and #18 twine thicknesses).  The 5/16" Dacron® rope bordering is sewn-in on the perimeter meshes.
Contractors and recreation departments typically forward us a general schematic/drawing of their sizing/shape requirements to be provided with an accurate pricing quote, so feel free to us our contact page to drop over your attachments and notes.

Below are four recent custom netting examples of baseball/softball field barrier and backstop nets that have been custom quoted/administered by, produced, and shipped within the last few weeks:
(click on images for larger view)

Example 1:
twine/mesh:  #21 X 1-3/4" Knotted Nylon Netting
overall general dimensions:  15' X 116', 30' X 38'
custom features:  square mesh pattern, custom notched-shape
application: municipal stadium/field (baseball/softball)

Example 2:
twine/mesh:  #21 X 1-3/4" Knotted Nylon Netting
overall general dimensions:  27' X 32' (2x), 27' X 34' (2x), 27' X 40', 3' X 7'
custom features:  diamond mesh pattern, custom tapered-shape
application: scholastic stadium/field (baseball/softball)

Example 3:
twine/mesh:  #12 X 1" Knotted Nylon Netting
overall general dimensions:  30' X 108'
custom features:  tarred diamond mesh pattern, custom tapered-shape, vertical rope riblines
application: commercial facility

Example 4:
twine/mesh:  #21 X 1-3/4" Knotted Nylon Netting
overall general dimensions:  21' X 41' (2x), 21' X 42' (2x), 21' X 29'
custom features:  diamond mesh pattern, custom tapered-shape
application: scholastic stadium/field (baseball/softball)

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Golf Containment Net, Custom Build

At, we generally assist a very wide variety of customers and clients with a diverse range of netting solutions.  Many people require customized nylon nets, while many people opt for netting materials and products that are more standardized.

Often, when an installation that called-for a custom netting fabrication goes quite well, a very similar production can be used for a repeat job.  This is a great situation for both our appreciated clients and also for our firm, since the materials and specifications can be efficiently coordinated and produced/shipped due to the repetitive nature of the invoice.
Fairly recently there was a blog post published that outlined a few choice examples of custom nylon netting enclosures that had been designed, facilitated, and supplied to various locations and installation jobs.  You can take a look at the entire previous post by clicking here.  One of those enclosures was just re-ordered for a repeat performance at a new location.  It was "example 5" on the previous post, and was created again for our customer (with a couple dimensional changes for the new installation area):
(click on images for larger view)

Custom Golf Impact Netting Enclosure + Impact Net:
twine/mesh:  #15 X 3/4" Knotted Nylon Netting
overall dimensions:  9' high X 10' wide X 8' long
custom features:  leadline bottom edge, #21 X 3/4" secondary impact netting
application: small area golf containment net, residential use

-Josh Grzyb @

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