December 23, 2011

Advertisment in Coaching Management ABCA Convention Issue

Continuing our trade-journal accessibility for Athletic Directors and coaches, has a recent advertisement and profile in the latest issue of Coaching Management magazine. Coaching Management is a sport-specific journal published under the Athletic Management umbrella, and this particular issue is the "ABCA Convention Issue 2012". We always strive to remain accessible both online and in print for organizations of every size. This includes universities, high schools, middle/elementary schools, municipalities, scholastic and private teams, commercial facilities, and most every type of sports association in-between!

The ABCA issue of Coaching Management discusses "The American Baseball Coaches Association heads to the West Coast for its 67th annual convention....more than 4,000 coaches are expected to attend, with committee and division meetings, as well as exhibits opening the festivities". can aid your organization and team by supplying options for:

* batting cage nets
* safety/protection screens
* impact/soft-toss panels
* barrier netting
* stadium/spectator netting protection
* customized net enclosures and designs
* dugout protective netting

With top quality materials, years of experience and distribution, and quick turnaround of orders/shipments, we look forward to assisting your organization and being your preferred supplier of netting and netting solutions! Feel free to contact us at your convenience!

-Josh Grzyb @

December 9, 2011

Another Round of Custom Basketball Nets

At Gourock we consistently service customized netting solutions for a huge variety of unique applications and a diverse range of customers.  Most of the time the particular netting requirements that people have are for multiple locations, and are needed to be produced on a periodical basis.  Over the last year we have posted a couple of different articles that detail a very unique netting design that we supply for one of our customers, and each one of the orders requires a good amount of customized design work and specific product parameters.  You can click here to reference all of the details for the custom netting productions on the job from last month, and then you can click here to get even more background regarding the netting from the original job in June of this year.

There has recently been yet another round of custom netting manufacturing for this same application, and you can take a look at the details of this custom netting product below.
We just want to provide you with as much context as possible as you're researching some of the potential solutions that you can achieve with customized nylon netting.

There are so many different types of clients and applications that are well-serviced through the nylon netting options at, and feel free to drop over an email with your inquiries!  It is most helpful to take a look at the twines/meshes that are readily available by examining this page of the site - so that way you have a good idea of what you're potentially aiming for.  And free netting samples are also available to mail out as well should you prefer to get a "hands-on" examination of high-quality netting options.

-Joshua Grzyb @

More Custom Nylon Safety Screens

Last month we published an article pertaining to some of the customized "pillowcase-style" safety screen nets that had recently produced, and you can refer to that particular post by clicking here.  There is some helpful information in there regarding types of designs, materials, and general features that are available when seeking out custom-sized protective netting screens for pitching and training purposes.
Since that last post there have been a variety of additional custom nylon safety-screen nets produced and shipped out to customers that were all fabricated to specifically requested dimensions and shapes/characteristics.
Here are some production drawings for these latest rounds of production, and they'll assist in providing your with some additional context on the custom nylon netting possibilities that you can source through Gourock.  All of these custom nylon safety screens were manufactured for commercial and scholastic/organizational applications.

-Josh Grzyb @

December 7, 2011

Aviary/Quail-Pen Netting Testimonial & Review

We recently had the pleasure of working with a great client in Iowa that utilizes Gourock's 1" nylon netting options for his commercial quail operation.  He submitted the following testimonial and review/background (with photos) for publication, which we are more than happy to present to you here:

After purchasing and installing netting from various manufacturers I realized that quality was certainly something not to be overlooked with protecting and housing game birds.  Due to numerous losses from insufficient netting I came across the Gourock 1” nylon netting being utilized for the sporting world.  The 1” nylon was small enough to protect quail and more than strong enough to withstand the force of larger game birds such as pheasants and chukar while protecting them all from predators above and around.
Additionally, the Gourock netting installed at IQF will withstand those heavy snows in Iowa winters!  I have been so pleased with Gourock netting that a flight pen expansion is planned for Spring 2012 more than doubling the current size to 50 ft. X100 ft.  The flight pen will be entirely enclosed with Gourock netting.

Iowa Quail Farm located at 2748 Bluebird Avenue, Janesville, IA has been in business since 2008. IQF provides hatching eggs, chicks, flight conditioned game birds, and supplies.  IQF is owned and operated by Brett Brauman, who can be contacted at (319) 404-9421 or by email at

-Josh Grzyb @

November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving! wishes everyone a really Happy Thanksgiving this year!  We appreciate all of the great people and customers that we speak with everyday, and most especially are very thankful for your wonderful business this year (and throughout all of the years!).

We just want you to know that our sales office will be closed on Thur. 11/24 and Fri. 11/25, and we'll be back in for regular business hours on Monday morning.  The shipping warehouses will also be closed for the holiday during the 4-day weekend as well.

However, you can always place your orders online, 24 hours a day, through our secure online shopping cart on the website and store.  Your orders will be processed and invoiced first thing on Monday morning, getting them out on the road for you ASAP.   
The online contact form for emails, as well as fax contact, will be accepting and delivering messages right to our office throughout the holiday as well.

Have a really nice holiday!

-Josh Grzyb @

November 11, 2011

Custom Nylon Safety Screen Nets

For baseball and softball applications, a very popular type of netting product is the "safety screen" net.  The typical use for this type of net is to protect pitchers during batting practice, and also in the field to aid in protection during infield drills. has a good selection of 7' X 7' safety screens available, which you can refer to by clicking over to this page of our site.  However we also supply customized safety screen nets as well.  There are many customers that have their own framing already assembled, to their own particular sizing and features, that require the netting itself.  The most common solution for this sort of installation is to go with a "pillowcase-style" net.  This sort of netting design slides over the top of the framing, just like a pillowcase slides over the top of the pillow.  The end result is a double-layer of netting that encapsulates the framing, and provides a very dependable and durable safety screen.

Gourock provides custom-built safety screens in the "pillowcase-style" design, constructed to any particular dimensions that you require.  They feature the DuPont® twisted-knotted nylon netting, and can be reinforced on the edges with Dacron® rope borders (or alternatively, can simply be laced together with nylon twine).  The most common twine thicknesses used for the safety nets are the #36 (2.5mm, 381 lb./twine) nylon, or for more commercially-oriented facilities there is the #72 (3.5mm, 740 lb./twine) for maximum abrasion resistance.  The best way to get quoted on some customized safety screen nets for your L-Screen, Softball Screen, or Fielder-Screen framing is to use our contact page to forward a basic diagram of your framing sizing and shape.

Here are a couple of examples of custom nylon safety screen nets that we have facilitated and shipped out over the last few weeks, and they can provide you with some good context of what is available for your consideration.

-Josh Grzyb @

November 2, 2011

Custom Nylon Batting Cage Nets

Customized batting cage netting enclosures have consistently been a popular product supplied by, and there are so many different combinations of dimensions and features that have been shipped out over the years.  Throughout this company blog, and also noted on the Gourock site, you can find great examples of the wide variety of construction configurations that have been facilitated for various customers and organizations.

Built from the highest-quality DuPont® type 66-728 twisted-knotted nylon netting, and featuring Dacron® rope borders for superior strength, Gourock custom batting cage nets are durable and very dependable.  100% Made in the USA, and hand-built by skilled craftsman, nylon enclosure nets can generally be fabricated according to any set of dimensions that are required.  Other available features include tapered shapes, additional riblines and entrance doors, built-in impact panel nets, and oversized dimensions.  Batting cage nets are manufactured using 1-3/4" mesh size netting, and the typical 66-728 nylon twine thicknesses include #21 (241 lb./twine), #36 (381 lb./twine), and #72 (740 lb./twine).

For many applications you can consider the standard dimensions that we have available for review in the "Scholastic-Style Nylon" netting construction - click here for details and dimensions.

Here is a production drawing for a pair of custom nylon batting cage nets that were recently designed/produced/shipped out to a high-school in Colorado.  These 2 nets feature the #36 X 1-3/4" knotted nylon netting, 5/16" rope borders, and custom entrance doors.  The overall dimensions are 10' high X 14' wide X 55' long in order to fit within their existing installation structure.  If you have some particular sizes or custom features that you'd like to be quoted on, certainly feel free to contact us with your details and we can take a look at it for you!

-Josh Grzyb @

Custom Nylon Netting For RV Cover/Structure

Nylon netting is a very functional and efficient solution for a very wide variety of multipurpose uses and applications.  Some of the more popular and well known uses for nets focus around athletics and sports, driving ranges, training facilities, and residential protective setups.  However, the different types of diverse purposes for netting certainly number in the thousands and at we have experience assisting people with nets for almost any usage that you can think of!

Recently a customer of ours required a covering of barrier netting to enclose their large RV parking structure.  They noted that there was a need to protect the RV from leaves and debris while parked seasonally, and that the best approach was to utilize a mesh netting that would be strong and reliable to accomplish their goal.  Luckily for them, Gourock specializes in supplying netting for applications and needs just like theirs, and we were able to design a great solution for them and get the netting fabricated and shipped their way within a couple of weeks.

For outdoor leaf/debris installations the recommended netting selection to most highly consider is the 1" DuPont® type 66-728 twisted-knotted nylon netting.  This particular netting construction features an extra tar-coating saturated through the twines - allowing for maximum resilience to UV exposure and moisture.  There are a couple of different twine thicknesses available, which are #12 (1.7mm, 116 lb./twine) and also a thicker #18 (1.9mm, 191 lb./twine).  Both are very popular for full-time outdoor applications and have general life expectancies of 7+ years for the #12 and 10+ years for the #18.
The 1" knotted nylon netting is fabricated in a diamond mesh pattern, typically with a 5/16" Dacron® rope bordering sewn-in to the edges, and according to any dimensions that are required for the job.  Some of the most unique custom nets that have been supplied by Gourock have been built from the 1" knotted nylon, and for installations both exceedingly large and also very small.  Certainly feel free to contact us to see if it is a good way for you to go with your specific need!

The RV cover-netting had some particular shape/sizing requirements in order to function as per customer preferences.  One large net was to cover the sides and top, while another series of nets were required for the ends.  Some of the more highly customized aspects of this job include:
  • rope riblines sewn through the netting
  • 5/16" rope bordering surrounding all perimeter edges
  • entrance areas (bordered) located at various locations
  • tapered shapes
Take a look at the production drawings below, and you can see some of the custom netting fabrication options that were done on this recent RV cover order - and you can also request similar sorts of features for your own netting job as well.  Always feel free to use our contact form to request a quotation!

-Joshua Grzyb @

September 21, 2011

Additional Basketball-Shot Nets

A couple of months ago we had posted an article about some custom nylon nets that were shipped out for a basketball-shot application, and you can reference that earlier post here.  The product and material has worked out very well for this customer, and we have facilitated the netting design and production/shipment of a new batch of these nets within the last week.  The particular purpose for the custom netting is to serve as a side-barrier for a basketball-shot setup that they install off of the side of their promotional van during different events and assemblies.  In this latest run of product, the nylon netting was created to match-up with a specific set of tapers and dimensions in order to functionally fit within their installation framing.

The most typically selected netting option for general-use sporting applications, including basketball barrier, is the #21 X 1-3/4" DuPont® type 66-728 twisted-knotted nylon netting, and usually it is bordered around the edge meshes with a 5/16" braided Dacron® rope sewn-in.  These are the materials that have been used for all of these basketball-shot nets in the past, as well with the latest run of product as well.  Our customer also has 2" steel rings sewn-in on the upper corners of each netting panel, which are used to hook/connect the netting to their installation framing.

At we supply a huge variety of custom netting solutions for a really wide spectrum of uses and sizes.  Basically, every single day is something new and unique!  If you have a situation that requires some specific netting sizes and/or shapes - certainly contact us and forward over your details and we can take a look at it for you.  There are netting and material solutions available from Gourock for nearly all inquiries - and it would be great to hear from you!

-Joshua Grzyb @

September 20, 2011

Ad in Coaching Management Baseball Postseason Issue

Continuing our trade-journal accessibility for Athletic Directors and coaches, has a recent advertisement and profile in the latest issue of Coaching Management magazine.  Coaching Management is a sport-specific journal published under the Athletic Management umbrella, and this particular issue is the "Baseball Postseason Edition 2011".  We always strive to remain accessible both online and in print for organizations of every size.  This includes universities, high schools, middle/elementary schools, municipalities, scholastic and private teams, commercial facilities, and most every type of sports association in-between!

The latest baseball issue of Coaching Management features "strength training for pitchers, defense for the 'new-bat' era, and the coaching assistant's view". can aid your organization and team by supplying options for:
With top quality materials, years of experience and distribution, and quick turnaround of orders/shipments, we look forward to assisting your organization and being your preferred supplier of netting and netting solutions!  Feel free to contact us at your convenience!
-Josh Grzyb @

August 31, 2011

Custom "Pillowcase-Style" Sock Nets

We recently facilitated the production and supply of some custom "pillowcase-style" sock screen nets for a university baseball program in Indiana.  There were 3 custom nets that were required to be built to fit over their steel framing, and each were to have a central portal with 'sock/catch' netting sewn-in to collect baseballs within.  Sock-screens are nets that are generally used for batting practice and swing-training off of tees, and also for close range impacts and collection of soft-toss balls.  Generally installed over square-shaped frames, the "pillowcase-style" design enables the netting to slide over the top of the frame, encapsulating it within 2 walls of netting.  Basically, the netting is seamed on the sides and the top edge but not on the bottom side (hence, the "pillowcase" description).

These 3 custom nets were constructed to the sizing of 78" X 78" and feature the #36 X 1-3/4" DuPont® type 66-728 twisted-knotted nylon netting.  The central portal area to hit into had a measurement of 47" X 39", which is a fairly typical dimension for products like these.  The sock/catch netting was sewn-in allowing for approximately 30" of mesh coming out the back of the screen.  All edges and sewing was reinforced with the 5/16" braided Dacron® rope bordering.
**click for larger images**
-Josh Grzyb @

August 30, 2011

Update/Followup on the Previous Post

Last week we had created a post describing a unique custom netting job for a customer's specific golf framing that they had fabricated, and you can take a look at the details of that particular write-up by clicking here.
We were forwarded over some pictures of the completed installation of the custom nets, and the great results that were reported.  You can view the following three photos for some additional context into the custom netting design and supply, and how the final product was applied to their structure.

-Josh Grzyb @

August 26, 2011

Netting for a Custom Framing

This week we had an inquiry into providing some custom-shaped nylon netting that needed to be secured within a customized framing structure that had been built.  Our customer had initially emailed over some photographs of the unique frame that they had developed for a golf impact application - and then had followed up with some details on measurements and installation methods.  After suggesting a few different netting solutions and providing a series of quotes and drawings, we were able to collaborate on the dimensions and netting features that would best suit their application.

Golf impact netting is the 3/4" mesh knotted nylon, and there are two twine thicknesses available from to select from.  The lighter weight #15 twine is great for general golf ball containment for closely hit shots/drives.  The thicker #21 twine is the optimal choice for high-abrasion applications and as primary impact netting for golf shots.  So for the following netting production and usage, our customer opted to surround the majority of the containment area with the #15 X 3/4" knotted nylon netting, and then reinforce the central area of the custom framing with a secondary layer of high-strength #21 X 3/4" knotted nylon netting.  All three netting panels were produced in the diamond mesh pattern with the 5/16" Dacron® rope bordering installed (sewn-in) around the perimeter.  For connections to their framing they opted to go with the bungee-ball attachment straps that we have available.

Some unique aspects of this particular job were:
  • custom tapered shape to fit as closely as possible to the 3-dimensional top shelf of the framing
  • rope riblines installed through the netting panels to act as attachment/connection points
  • leadline bottom (weighted line) on the primary impact panel net
The best way to get started on attaining some quotes for netting solutions for custom applications is to use our contact page and forward over your dimensions, intended usage, and details/preferences for what you are seeking to accomplish.
**click images for larger detail**

-Josh Grzyb @

Custom Nylon Netting for Sports Facility

Indoor sports training facilities are generally quite unique establishments that cater to a wide variety of athletes and activities.  Here at we have years of experience supplying a very diverse spectrum of indoor training facilities with custom barrier netting.  We have facilitated netting to be installed within very large arenas, as well as more modestly-sized practice spaces.  Regardless of the amount of area that is required to contain balls/objects, we have a really great selection of netting options to consider - and all of the knotted nylon netting choices can be produced to any dimensions, as well as a variety of custom shapes and tapers.

The main considerations to account for as you plan your installation of barrier netting for the training space are:
  • diameter/size of the objects needing to be contained (baseball, soccer, golf, etc.).
  • amount of wear/abrasion that you expect the netting to be subject to.
  • visual preferences (thinner twine netting vs. thicker).
  • areas that you may need to pass-through or gain access to other parts of the facility.
  • planning for how the netting will be hung/suspended, and if the building itself is already conducive for the netting installation (rafters, cables, walls, etc.).
There are also other general preference considerations that you may want to make based on your own personal ideas, and we can certainly assist as much as possible as far as that side of things.  All things considered, the best bet for sourcing barrier netting for the indoor sports/training facility is the DuPont® Type 66-728 Twisted-Knotted Nylon Netting that we specialize in supplying.  This material is very high-quality, extremely user-friendly, features a high tensile strength and abrasion resistance, and we have a long history of providing netting panels according to any dimensions (and many shapes) in order for your facility to be as professional and functional as possible.

You can view many examples of custom netting productions on the Gourock site, as well and throughout this company blog.  Over the last 2 weeks we have facilitated an interesting netting job for a sports facility in Ohio, and you can view the interesting dimensions and shapes that were required for the building.  The selected netting was the #21 X 1-3/4" knotted nylon, diamond mesh pattern, with all edges featuring the 5/16" Dacron® rope bordering installed.  This is probably the most commonly selected netting type and construction for most general multipurpose sports facilities, as the #21 twine is a fantastic value that functions extraordinarily well for most sports.  And due to the tapered shape requirements, the diamond mesh pattern is required - as has been written about previously in this blog (click here for reference).

The best way to get started on getting some pricing quotes for your facility or building is to contact us and forward over the list of panel sizes and quantities that you need.  Diagrams or drawings are certainly accepted, and it is also good to know the types of objects that are required to be contained within the space.
**click image for larger detail**

-Josh Grzyb @

July 29, 2011

Solar Panel Protective Barrier Netting Installation

There are all kinds of protective barrier solutions that can be achieved by installing netting panels, and the below example is a great example of some of the unique and interesting applications that we at Gourock help facilitate every week.  The following thread provides insights into this recent client's problem/issue that needed to be addressed, the proposed approach, the netting solution, and then the end-result.  Photos and descriptions were emailed over to our office from this appreciated customer - and this all took place within the last 3 weeks.  I think that you'll find this account to provide great context into some of the noteworthy solutions accomplished with nylon netting.

1:  The Problem

"This system is installed at a Golf course in NJ. The missing spaces are where golf balls have broken the PV Panels. This building is located down the fairway from the 9th Tee and is wreaking havoc on my panels. Most of the balls drop from a high angle and I believe that placing a horizontal net over the entire roof area will be my only form of real protection."

2:  The Proposed Netting Solution
  • #12 X 1" DuPont® Type 66-728 Tarred Twisted-Knotted Nylon Netting, with 5/16" Braided Dacron® Rope Bordering (sewn-in)
  • Required dimensions:  25' X 55' for the protective area
    Why this selection?
  1. 1" mesh size is the preferred configuration for golf ball barrier applications
  2. The #12 twine thickness (1.7mm) is lightweight yet very strong (116 lb./twine) so will minimize the physical weight of the overall netting panel, and allows for the maximum amount of sunlight to pass through the mesh to the panels below
  3. The 1" mesh features an additional tar-coating that significantly enhances UV resistance, and also has a 7 year prorated UV warranty included
  4. DuPont® 66-728 Twisted-Knotted Nylon is the highest quality and most dependable netting selection for barrier and protective installations, and can be manufactured to have as little 'sag' as possible
  5. Dacron® rope borders sewn-in provide extraordinary strength to attach the netting panel to the installation structure

3:  The Installation Preparation

"Below is a preliminary picture of the building with the poles pre-mounted. The front poles will get cut down once we find a good height for the netting. Every time we lose a panel from a golf ball it is an instant $600.00 loss plus replacement labor and also production of the system begins to diminish. There are actually 2 smashed panels in this photo. We are up to approx $8,000.00 in damages. This net should do the trick."

4:  The Result and Followup

"We have completed the Install and it worked even better than expected. If you are able to view the video(attached) you can see that the golf balls roll right off the netting and back in to play for the golfers and also protects our investment. I can’t say enough good things about the product and service you offered."

-Josh Grzyb @

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