May 28, 2010

Customized Netting Enclosures/Cages

Facilitating and supplying customized netting products is a specialty of, and quite often the specs required by the end-user are very unique and specific.  As has been noted over the course a various blog articles and online examples, is able to provide netting solutions according to a very wide variety of personalized requests, dimensions, and features.  Almost every custom netting project is constructed from the highest-end DuPont® Type 66-728 Twisted-Knotted Nylon Netting and extraordinarily tough Braided Dacron® Ropes.  Custom netting enclosures (most commonly referred to as "cages") are 3-dimensional netting products that have the general purpose of containing objects within a specific area.

A couple of recent examples from the last three weeks help demonstrate two completely different containment applications that required the production and supply of customized netting cages supplied by  These help demonstrate some of the different features, sizes, and designs that are available for supply for both residential and commercial applications.

First, here's an enclosure net that was produced and shipped to a private customer for a residential installation.  The intended purpose for the netting is to be a functional baseball/softball batting practice containment net for a limited space area.  In this case, the batting cage net itself was created to the dimensions of 10' high X 10' wide X 12' long.  Some of the notable custom features of this net are:

Secondly, here's a custom netting production for a commercial application located on a new country club facility.  Kind of an "opposite" situation compared to the net noted before, because this one is an extra-large golf driving cage for multiple people at once (as opposed the the small-space single person use on the first net).  So you can get a pretty good idea that no matter whether you need to take a normally large scale application an make it small (like a batting cage net), or a typically smaller scale application and make it jumbo sized (like a golf cage net), can facilitate and supply to any dimensions that you prefer!  As mentioned, the below netting enclosure was for commercially oriented golf hitting/driving use for 3-4 users at a time, in an outdoor installation.  Measuring 10' high X 40' wide X 15' deep (with one 'open' end to be hitting from), this custom net and impact panel are being installed by the customer underneath tensioned steel cables and permanently-set steel poles.  Some notable features of this custom golf net are:

-Josh Grzyb @

Updated L-Screen Frame Guideline

The 7' X 7' L-Screen available from is a very popular and dependable safety screen for pitchers and general batting practice protection.  Great background on the safety screens was posted on our company blog in an article from last winter, so for some additional product information you can get a lot of context about the nets and frames from that previous write-up.

Recently the framing design of the L-Screen was improved to utilize a more efficient and rigid structure, and the guidelines to get the unit correctly assembled had been updated to reflect the changes.  We just wanted to put up a quick reference to the new and updated framing information, and to be informed of the most current product specifications for the 7' X 7' L-Screen Frame & Net:

L-Screen Net & Complete Frame (LS77KIT)
7' tall X 7' wide

  • Pitching Area of 40" high X 32" wide 
  • #60 Twisted-Knotted HDPE "Pillowcase-Style" Net
  • Rope Bordered on all edges (except the slip-over bottom)
  • 1-5/8" "Hammer-Finish" Steel Frame (snap-lock)
  • available here

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May 6, 2010

Residential Protective Netting

Nylon netting is an excellent and dependable material for protective and containment solutions for around the home and property.  Typically, people who have a home that is located in a close proximity to a golf course fairway or driving range often have situations involving golf balls flying into their property.  This obviously has a lot of potentially dangerous consequences such as property damage, personal injury, and stress.

Utilizing a typical barrier netting installation is a very common approach for a great many people who are seeking a functional protective barrier around their area.  Most often, the material selected for general multipurpose outdoor containment netting, including golf barrier use, is the 1" tarred DuPont type 66-728 knotted nylon netting.  This material is designed for continual outdoor exposure and longevity.  However, we see all types of unique netting applications and uses - especially popular is utilizing existing structures/supports that already exist at the location as part of the netting installation. 

Since can supply knotted nylon netting according to any dimensions that are required, including most custom shapes/tapers, you can keep a pretty open-mind regarding the protective barrier setup that you may require.  Below you'll see a helpful example of a fairly recent netting panel construction for a customer's home.  The purpose of the netting for this particular invoice/production is to aid in protecting the siding and windows of the home from incoming golf balls from a nearby course course fairway.  They chose to connect the rope bordering of the netting panels directly to the overhead gutters that were already an existing structure on the house.  The gutters provided a 1.5' clearance from the sides of the home, and then the netting panels are spanned to ground level and attached to bottom connectors.  As you can see from the photo of the property, there is a sloping grade that the netting panels were to correspond to - so using the dimensions provided from the location, the custom #12 X 1" tarred nylon netting panels with 5/16" rope bordering were produced and supplied to match the particular area.  The #12 X 1" nylon netting was selected due to its great functionality as golf barrier netting, lightweight presence, longterm outdoor durability, ease-of-use, and minimal visual properties.

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