January 27, 2010

New Sports Facility Netting

Eastern Iowa Sports Facility is a new commercial training facility that has been opened in Monticello, IA that features baseball, softball, and golf conditioning.  Over the course of their facility development and construction, Gourock.com supplied and shipped the custom netting productions needed for sports barrier and containment requirements.
Commercial baseball and softball netting is most commonly supplied in the #36 X 1-3/4" (381 lb./twine) nylon netting, while the commercially-applied golf impact netting is the #21 X 3/4" (241 lb./twine) nylon netting.  Both are created from the DuPont® type 66-728 twisted-knotted nylon mesh construction, and the custom netting panels featured 5/16" Dacron® (3200 lb./test) rope borders and central-riblines.
Commercial sports facility netting is a specialty of Gourock.com, and can be supplied to custom dimensions, features, and unique designs.  Below you can see the netting panel blueprint/plans for the netting panels, followed by some photos of the netting installed within the facility itself.  As you can see, this sports netting production required:
  • tapered shapes to line-up with the sloped roofline
  • sewn-in rope riblines for wall/netting connections
  • "puzzle-piece" configurations to match ceilings, walls, and end-panels
  • large dimensions and customized mesh
Aside from these great examples of the nylon netting productions for the Eastern Iowa Sports Facility, you can also examine some of the other custom nets and netting enclosures supplied by Gourock on the website.

-Joshua Grzyb @ www.gourock.com

January 8, 2010

Golf and Multi-Purpose Netting Cage & Frame

There are lots of different customers that require a general netting enclosure/cage for multi-sport applications, including golf impact hitting and training.  Gourock.com has lots of netting options for a huge variety of sports installations, and a very popular product for golf and general sports use is the 10' X 10' X 10' Complete Golf & Multi-Purpose Cage.

To add to a previous article noting the assembly guidelines for various Gourock products, we would like to make notice that the general assembly and installation guideline for this golf/sport cage (GCKL10KIT) are now also available to view online by clicking here.

Most popular for residential and general golf impact purposes, this product is also very popular for:
  • Golf Driving Practice
  • General Multi-Sport Impact Use
  • Golf Containment & Barrier Applications
  • Rope Bordered + Corner Attachment Hooks
  • Spacious, Free-Standing Frame With All Components (if that option is selected)
  • Outdoor & Indoor Usage/Installation
  • Convenient "Snap-Lock" Framing Assembly (1" Steel - if that option is selected)
  • Heavy-Duty Impact Panel "Doubles-Up" The Hitting Zone
  • 100% PolyPro Nets Feature 4 Units of UV Stabilizer & Appearance/Texture Similarities to Nylon
  • High-Tenacity PolyPro Netting Will NOT Fade, Shrink, or Mildew!
  • Baseball/Softball Soft-toss & Tee Work
  • Trade  Show Product Demonstration Booths
  • Hockey/Lacrosse Shooting Practice
  • Indoor & Outdoor Installations
The full/complete package that includes all of the components and framing is a really great value at only $259 (click here for details).

Some people opt to source the netting enclosure on its own, for installation within a framing or support structure that they already have (including off of a ceiling), and that option is only $169 (click here for details).

So for anyone performing research on sourcing a really durable and functional multi-purpose sports and golf hitting net and frame, definitely take this product into account.  It features really nice materials with a functional framing design, and is available at a great value price right through the Gourock.com site!

-Josh Grzyb @ www.gourock.com

January 7, 2010

Some More Unique Custom Nets

Customized netting productions for all types of unique applications are consistently supplied by Gourock.com for many different types of customers.  Generally constructed with the highest-end sports netting, DuPont® Type 66-728 Twisted-Knotted Nylon, there are seemingly endless possibilities for most netting applications.  We have a couple of pages on the Gourock.com website that help demonstrate some interesting examples of custom netting enclosures and netting panels, and over the last couple of weeks there have been some additional jobs that may help you out with your netting research.

Each of these productions utilizes the DuPont® nylon, and each has a different mesh/twine build and end-user purpose.  Should you have some interest in sourcing customized designs or dimensions for unique netting builds, feel free to contact us for a quotation (and submitting a general diagram is always great too).

ABOVE:  This is an interesting netting build that was provided for a customer based on some general requirements that he had.  The usage is as a football throwing target and impact net, incorporating a target portal that has a "sock-net" catch pocket coming off the back side.  The overall area of the netting is large enough to act as a barrier and impact net for all different types of football impacts and training, while the target and pocket zone allows for specific aiming and the benefit of being able to collect the footballs in the "sock" netting for efficiency.  This was constructed from #15 X 3/4" knotted nylon netting, strong enough for football impact use - and also with a smaller mesh size because they were also going to use smaller golf-training wiffleballs for some other seasonal training.  A top rope (Dacron®) with tie-off tails makes it easy to hang up.  Basically, a multi-sport practice net with a customer-specific design!

ABOVE:  This pair of customized netting panels were requested with a variety of custom characteristics for a nice sports facility in Randolph, NJ.  Over the last several years they have had a lot of great use from Gourock netting products, and this specialty netting job was for a barrier net requirement spanning over a couple of small entrance-doors.  Also, it was built in a custom white coloring as well, from a specialty netting bale construction of #21 X 1-1/2" mesh DuPont® knotted nylon netting.  Generally, all netting options are provided black in color.  There is an article in the blog detailing the benefits of black colored netting, should you be seeking some background on net coloring.  However, customized netting to a very wide variety of colors is possible to produce from scratch, as long a a minimum physical weight requirement is met (generally around 300+ lbs.).  Because a specific bale of nylon netting needs to be created for a customized color, or customized mesh/twine combination, panels or projects featuring these sorts of arrangements have a minimum threshold of production overhead.  But often it works out really well, as with these two netting panels shown above.  Not only do they feature the unique materials, but were also produced to take into account their specifically noted entrance doors as well.

ABOVE:  Indoor sports facilities and domes are a very popular destination for barrier and impact netting panels that are supplied through Gourock.com on a regular basis.  And since every facility has a different shape, design, and sizing requirement - the need for specifically constructed netting panels is to be expected.  For the four netting panels that are featured above, they were sent off to NY for installation within a sports dome.  The tapered netting panels are actually the end-panels to the facility, while the rectangular netting panels with the riblines are the side nets.  The way that they were installed together is with 11' vertical side walls, and a tapering 35' sloped containment wall that leads up to the ceiling.  So basically, the 11' and 35' edges of the different netting panels line-up together like puzzle pieces to create a 3-dimensional enclosure. The 5/16" Dacron® rope bordering and riblines were clipped to steel cabling that was tensioned with turnbuckles.  5/16" snap-hooks were clipped every 5' or so, in order to achieve a nice and even installation.  These nets were also provided in a custom white coloring, from the #21 X 1-3/4" DuPont® type 66-728 twisted-knotted nylon.  All hardware for the installation was also provided through Gourock as well.

-Josh Grzyb @ www.gourock.com

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