December 31, 2009

Safety Screen Assembly Guidelines

The baseball and softball safety and training screens supplied by are a strong, dependable, and easily transportable option for pitching protection and fielding/hitting practice.  They are quite spacious in sizing, measuring 7' tall and 7' wide.  The nets themselves are built from thick 3.0mm (#60) twisted-knotted HDPE netting, and constructed "pillowcase-style" - allowing them to slide over the top of the framing and resulting in a double-wall of protective netting.  There are options for L-Screens, Softball-Screens, Fielder Safety-Screens, and Sock Net-Screens.  For each selection you have the option of sourcing a complete package with framing, or the replacement nets individually.

Now, a very unique and attractive feature of these particular screens is the design of the framing.  The frames are produced in a high-quality "Hammer-Coat Finish" from 1-5/8" diameter 18G steel.  They also feature a sectional assembly with snap-lock pins, meaning that you can easily disassemble the frame for easy transportation to different practice locations, or for compact storage if needed.  The estimated time to assemble the steel framing and fitting the netting is only 10 minutes!  And each screen design has a weight about around 37 lbs. or so, making them durable and dependable, yet manageable to transport.  Popular for many applications including team-use, residential practice, scholastic applications, and general protection - these screens are a really nice option for traveling to different locations with and for both indoor and outdoor use.

The framing assembly guidelines for the L-Screen Frame are available to view online right here, and the similar guideline for the Square-Screen Frame are viewable online here.  On the main product page in the site you can also detail some great images of the different features and prices.

To help assist you with the dimensional specifics of each safety screen, here is a rundown of the sizes and locations for each different protection screen option:

L-Screen Net (LS77NET)
7' tall X 7' wide
  • Pitching Area of 40" high X 32" wide  
Softball Screen Net (SPS77NET)
7' tall X 7' wide
  • Portal Size of 30" high X 24" wide
Portal Location:
  • 20" up from the bottom, and 25" down from the top
  • 16" in from one edge, and 45" in from the opposite edge
Sock Screen Net (SN77NET)
7' tall X 7' wide
  • Sock Size of 47" high X 39" wide
Sock Portal Location:
  • 22" up from the bottom, and 21" down from the top
  • 19" in from both edges
Square Screen Net (SS77NET)
7' tall X 7' wide

-Josh Grzyb @

December 17, 2009

Hockey/Lacrosse Goals: Back In-Stock!

For everyone who had been waiting for the Pro-Style Hockey Goal (HG643) and the Lacrosse Goal with 5.0mm Net (LGOAL5.0) to be back in-stock, we'd just like to let you know that as of tomorrow morning they are all set to go!  These are two very, very popular products that are really great for home practice, fun, and training!
We had about a 2 week "backorder" on these two items, due to a combination of high-popularity and holiday shopping.  Apologies for any inconvenience that the availability-status may have caused - and we're happy to promptly ship them out to you beginning tomorrow morning.

The Pro-Style Hockey Goal has the following features:
  • For Ice Hockey, Street Hockey, Floor Hockey, and General fun!
  • Pro-Style Hockey Goal, great for ice/street/gymnasium applications!
  • Rugged 1-5/8” 18G steel frame with red/orange powder-coat finish. 43 lbs.
  • 3mm HTPE Professional Grade Net is durable and UV stabilized.
  • Goals measure 72" wide X 48" high X 36" deep, with pro-style rounded back.
  • Quick Assembly with Welded Lacing Connections Installed
You can order it at anytime convenient for you, right through our encrypted online shopping cart - right from this page (click).

The Lacrosse Goal is another really great package, with the following features:
  • 6' high x 6' wide x 7' deep regulation goal net.
  • 5mm White HTPE Net (webbing- edged back ribs)
  • UV Treated
  • Includes 1-1/2" Heavy Duty Frame
  • "Moderate-Duty" Residential Applications
  • Quick and Easy Assembly
You can order it at anytime convenient for you, right through our encrypted online shopping cart - right from this page (click).

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December 10, 2009

Recent Custom Netting Productions

Customized netting projects are facilitated and supplied by every business day, all year long.  Netting is a very functional and dependable solution for a huge variety of applications and uses.  Ranging in scope from athletics to industrial needs, and from animal control to home-projects, there is a seemingly unlimited array of purposes and situations that can greatly benefit from nets and netting products.  We certainly see it all!  And of course, years and years of customized netting supply and design means that can provide you with what you need to be up-and-running.

Although we deal with a wide range of netting materials and constructions throughout our product line, with rare exceptions tje customized netting projects are produced from the highest-end nylon netting available - DuPont® Type 66-728 Twisted/Knotted Nylon.  Hand-built and built to most any spec that you require, you can have netting panels, enclosures, and specialty applications supplied to you from a variety of netting twine thicknesses and mesh sizes.

There are some really great examples of custom netting enclosures and netting panels noted on their respective pages on the website, and to further assist you with your netting research we'd like to share some recent products supplied and shipped out within the last month:

ABOVE:  This is a customized netting formation that was basically a 60' X 100' "box" created from some Dacron® rope-bordered netting panels, and then topped-off with a custom top-net that was to be installed within a peaked-roof.  This was supplied and drawn-up/produced for a customer that was installing a baseball training facility at their own property - and they had a pretty specific request on how they preferred the netting to overhang on the end-panels when installed.  Using the 1-3/4" diamond mesh knotted nylon netting works out very well for baseball netting applications like this one.

ABOVE:  This is a 77' circumference circular tent-style netting production that was shipped over to Hawaii, and was designed off of the customer's specs regarding their yurt.  This #21 X 3/4" knotted nylon netting project has the purpose of being installed over the top of their yurt in order to protect the structure's walls and canopy from the effects of wild storms and winds prevalent in the their Hawaiian location.  Utilizing the 3200 lb./test Dacron® ropes, and the 241 lb./twine DuPont® nylon small mesh netting, results in a very strong and dependable reinforcement barrier against the elements.  All while being very user-friendly and very manageable to work with.

ABOVE:  Customized golf netting enclosures are consistently supplied and produced for commercial training facilities, universities, pro-shops, and residential installations.  Often, the overall area to be enclosed is to act as a multipurpose sport training area, and needs to have the capacity to block direct golf ball impacts as well as have the overall area available for larger-scale hitting purposes like baseball and softball.  This 14' X 20' X 50' netting enclosure (with impact panel net) is a great example of a multipurpose net enclosure that was produced to accomplish just that.  Featuring the thickest available knotted nylon golf impact netting, and additional ceiling lines for maximum support on the top netting, this customized netting enclosure gets the job done for a huge variety of sports and uses.

ABOVE:  Maximizing the space available within a building is a concern of most every netting customer.  Often, the side walls of a building have different heights than the central-ceiling sections of the building - making a custom shaped netting production inevitable in order to get a great fit and a functional installation.  This professional-style custom batting cage net was drawn-up from the customer's building specs, and then built to shape.  Featuring a tapered ceiling/end-panel design which was necessary to match the slope of the building's roof, this batting cage net was provided to make sure their training facility was able to provide athletes with the best possible space to practice.  Not to mention that the #36 DuPont® knotted nylon was all Diamond-Shield Dipped, and that the enclosure has the built-in impact panel (double-wall end + entrance), 3/8" Dacron® ropes, and a heavy leadline bottom.  This is a good example a high-end professional batting cage net that also utilizes a customized tapered build based on a customer's specific available area.

-Josh Grzyb @

December 4, 2009

New #36 Batting Cage Net - Limited Inventory!

All of the batting cage options that are offered by have really unique characteristics and features, and everyone can find an excellent design for their particular requirements.  Typical netting options for batting cage nets through include DuPont® Type 66-728 Nylon netting, High-Tenacity PolyPro (HTPP) netting, and High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) netting.  Each particular material has fantastic benefits and attributes, which are generally outlined for you on our site, and also towards the end of this article.

Knotted HDPE is a very popular and durable batting cage netting option for all types of installations, especially for outdoor areas and locations with high UV exposure.  We are happy to let you know about a limited-inventory offering of some great batting cage nets that were just added to our inventory.  #36 Twisted-Knotted HDPE netting, in the full-sized dimensions of 12' high X 12' wide X 70' long.  These nets are on sale for $399 - and you can source them online, while supplies last, at this part of our store (here).

NEW! #36 HDPE Heavy-Duty Scholastic/Team-Style Batting Cage Net
Designed for moderate/high-abrasion installations; often popular for scholastic/team purposes (indoor & outdoor). These HDPE cages are full-featured and include entrance doors, 3/8" overlock-sewn rope borders, and square mesh construction. Material and design information is included in the product ad-copy.

As noted earlier, all sport netting options have unique intrinsic and extrinsic attributes.  For batting cage nets, this means that you can find the right option for you - as supplies a wide-variety of each commonly-used netting material.  Should you have some specific questions on which may be best for you - feel free to contact us at your convenience.

Here is a general informational summary of material characteristics for netting types we offer (when available).  Other information and questions can be answered by clicking here:

DuPont® type 66-728 nylon
high tensile strength
high abrasion resistance
UV stabilized
dyed black, twisted, knotted netting construction ("Diamond-Shield" dipping available)
available in diamond or square mesh
can be customized to any dimensions

PolyPro (HTTP):
moderate tensile strength
moderate abrasion resistance
4 units of UV stabilizer
extruded black, braided, knotless netting construction
available in square mesh with serged edge
available in "set" dimensions

high density polyethylene
moderate tensile strength
moderate abrasion resistance
UV stabilized
extruded black, twisted, knotted netting construction
available in square mesh with posi-lock rope edge
available in "set" dimensions

When comparing batting/golf cage/netting sources, comparisons should be made regarding:
netting material used (std. nylon, 66-728 nylon, HDPE, polypro, etc.)
netting construction (twisted knotted, braided knotless, etc.)
twine tensile strength
mesh size used
netting features (bonded, dipped, etc.)
rope material used and size/strength (Dacron, PE, PolyPro, etc.)
sewing material used (nylon, PE, etc.)
cage features (impact nets, edges, tails, etc.)
sizing/customization options
country of origin (materials & craftsmanship)
physical weight

-Josh Grzyb @

December 1, 2009

Mini Soccer Goal Holiday CLOSEOUT!

A couple of weeks ago we let you know about the Mini "Ultimate" Soccer Goals, and how they are a great holiday item and include the FREE 32-panel soccer goal.  These soccer training goals have always been a really nice training option for drills and team/scholastic use, as well as for durable and fun residential backyard practice.

And is excited to announce a special holiday CLOSEOUT promotion on them!
A single goal package (with free soccer ball) is now $39.99!
The pair of complete goals (with free soccer ball) is only $59.99!

They are in-stock and ready for shipping within one business day of your transaction - and you can order them 24 hours a day/7 days a week right here through the secure online shopping cart.

The Mini "Ultimate" Soccer Goals are a really convenient, reliable, and absolutely fun product for soccer players of all ages.  Use them for drills, general practice, youth skills, or any multipurpose soccer application.  And of course, they feature high-quality materials and a very intuitive assembly design which can be detailed online here, and here.

We look forward to shipping them out to you, especially during this great sales promo!

-Josh Grzyb @

November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving! wishes everyone a really Happy Thanksgiving this year!  We appreciate all of the great people and customers that we speak with everyday, and most especially are very thankful for your wonderful business this year (and throughout all of the years!).

We just want you to know that our sales office will be closed on Thur. 11/26 and Fri. 11/27, and we'll be back in for regular business hours on Monday morning.  The shipping warehouses will also be closed for the holiday during the 4-day weekend as well.

However, you can always place your orders online, 24 hours a day, through our secure online shopping cart on the website and store.  Your orders will be processed and invoiced first thing on Monday morning, getting them out on the road for you ASAP.   
The online contact form for emails, as well as fax contact, will be accepting and delivering messages right to our office throughout the holiday as well.

Have a really nice holiday!

-Josh Grzyb @

NEW Golf Netting Panel Sizes

The 2.0mm X 5/8" PolyPro golf netting impact nets are a very popular, and very functional golf net option for your consideration.  They are a #21 twine thickness, and constructed from braided-knotless high-tenacity polypropylene (HTTP).  Featuring 4 units of UV stabilization and extruded permanently black in coloring, these small-mesh netting panels are used for a huge variety of applications - including golf ball impact and barrier use.

Since their introduction into our netting product lineup, they've been available in three particular dimensions exclusively:  10' X 10', 10' X 20', and 10' X 30'. is pleased to announce the addition of five new dimensions in these bordered golf netting panels, to provide you with even more options and netting solutions.  You can visit use here to source these 5/8" HTPP impact nets in the newly added sizes of:
  • 12' X 12'
  • 12' X 20'
  • 12' X 30'
  • 14' X 20'
  • 14' X 30'
PolyPro netting options from combine the look/feel/aesthetics and ease-of-use characteristics of nylon netting, with the permanent coloring and UV traits of HDPE netting.  They are installed in long-term outdoor applications, and extraordinarily popular for indoor training and multipurpose netting needs.  Aside from their golfing-related uses, these 2.0mm X 5/8" mesh nets are also very functional for a huge variety of different solutions, including:
  • leaf/pond/debris containment
  • general small-object containment
  • aviary purposes
  • warehouse/rack barrier
  • spectator netting
  • multipurpose sports barrier/containment
And now, there are 5 more sizing options to best suit your netting needs and installations!  And keep in mind that the 2.0mm X 5/8" HTPP netting panels work very well in conjunction with the 2" Home Barrier Poles, providing for a really convenient, high-quality, and functional barrier netting solution for your home or property!

-Joshua Grzyb @

November 20, 2009

Assembly Guidelines for Various Products

Most of the assembly instructions and guidelines for the various netting products, goals, frames, etc. that are available from are directly-linked online for easy reference.  There is a "summary" page being developed for the site that will serve as an index to more efficiently reference the complete list of guideline and instruction sheets, but in the meantime here is a general collection that you can remit to:

Hockey Goal (HG643):  here
Lacrosse Goal (LGOAL5.0):  here
Zone Master™ (ZMASTER):  here
Barrier-Poles (NPS-8/10/12/14):  here
Mini Ultimate Soccer Goal (SG533SB):  here (1), here (2)
Pro Rebounder (RPRO):  here
Complete Home-Style Batting Cages Pole-Placements:
  • 10' X 10' X 40' (BCH40F):  here
  • 10' X 10' X 60' (BCH60F):  here
  • 12' X 12' X 55' (BCH55F):  here
  • 12' X 12' X 70' (BCH70F):  here
General "Permanent" Netting Installation Advise:  here

As products become added, and manuals/guidelines become developed, they will be made electronically available as soon as possible.  Should you have some additional questions, certainly feel free to contact Gourock for assistance.

-Joshua Grzyb @

November 17, 2009

Batting Cage Cable Suspension

Over the next few months, wintertime weather often means moving baseball and softball training indoors for many people.  Gourock ships out batting cage nets and netting panels for all sorts of indoor practice areas, for both residential and commercial applications.  All of the netting options that we have available (typically nylon, HTPP, and HDPE) work very well for indoor use.  The main sticking point for many people is the method of hanging their netting or batting cage indoors.  You may have a very large space available that you are planning on placing an external framing system in, and then hanging the batting cage netting in the same fashion as an outdoor net.  And of course, any personally preferred method of netting installation is perfectly fine - our netting products are great for a wide variety of support structures.

However, may we suggest using a cable suspension method of batting cage netting installation?  Using some horizontally installed steel cables as your attachment plane provides some really great benefits:
  • batting cages are clipped every 5' or so, maximizing the inner volume of the netting enclosure
  • the netting can slide back-and-forth like a curtain to move it out of the way when not in use
  • a tensioned cable method is very cost-effective and intuitive
  • the netting can quickly be unclipped from the cables for storage or transportation
The most recommended approach is to use 3 horizontally-installed aircraft cables that are installed from wall-to-wall or other available and stable support structures (rafters, poles, etc.).  The cables should line-up with the 2 outer edges of the batting cage net, and the center-ceiling line that runs down the middle of the ceiling net.  The cable should be at a height of no higher than what the netting is built to, however hanging it at a lower height is perfectly fine as well (for limited-space situations).  This will provide a reliable installation plane, keep the batting cage net as "sag-free" as possible, and maximizes your available training area.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the same cable suspension materials that you use for your indoor installation can easily be taken outdoors for the spring/summer/autumn seasons.  You basically re-create the cable suspension plane between either 6 poles, 4 poles, or walls/trees/etc.  The site has some helpful recommendations to take a look at here.  All of the benefits of using a cable installation for your batting cage net transfer over to the outdoor setups - especially the "curtain/sliding" attributes.  Having the ability to get your netting out of the way is extraordinarily helpful for instances of:
  • mowing and grounds-maintenance
  • using the area for alternative purposes when not training
  • wind/poor weather concerns
  • minimizing the number of poles installed into the property
There are 2 popular options for your consideration:  the Deluxe Cable Suspension Kit, and the Standard Cable Suspension Kit.  And should you have a more unique approach to a similar design, also has all of the materials available in individual quantities as well.

-Josh Grzyb @

November 13, 2009

PolyPro Netting Panels - Serged Edges

Most of the netting options that supplies are customized panels that are manufactured to specific dimensions, shapes, or specs.  These types of nets are generally built with the DuPont® nylon netting options, or the standard knotless nylon netting construction.  However, there is another option available that functions very, very well for almost any general netting barrier application - especially those those don't require customization of dimensions/design.  For instance, if you are seeking a barrier or impact netting solution that may be considered more "basic" or "general" - the 100% High-Tenacity PolyPro Nets may be exactly what you are looking for.

High-Tenacity PolyPro (HTPP) nets are prefabricated to a variety of relatively common dimensions and mesh sizes.  So for small object barrier (like golf balls, etc.), or larger objects (like baseballs, basketballs, etc.), there is an option for you to aim for.  HTPP nets feature braided/knotless square mesh design, with a 4mm serged-edging around the perimeter of the panel.  "Serging" is a process in textile production that basically fuses a thicker amount of material to the main area.  So in the case of the PolyPro netting panels, there is an edging fused to the outer perimeter to finish-off the mesh, and to aid in the hanging and installation of the netting panel.  You can consider the serged-edge to be an "in-between" option compared to getting bulk netting or a rope-bordered netting panel.

Another notable feature of the HTPP netting, is how it has the aesthetics of nylon and the UV/extrusion characteristics of HDPE (polyethylene).  Nylon is a fibrous material, making it feel and look "cloth-like" in nature; whereas HDPE is a very stiff high-density plastic-type of twine.  And while Nylon's production requires it to be dyed into it's coloring and UV stabilized after looming (in typical cases), HDPE twine is extruded permanently black and with the stabilizers right from the start.  So where does that place the PolyPro?  Well, the HTPP nets are an option that look and feel just like nylon, but are extruded from the start with permanent coloring and 4 units of UV stabilization!  And with lots of convenient dimensions and options to select from, these netting panel options may be exactly what you are seeking for your general netting requirements.

Take a look at the images below that demonstrate the #36 X 1-3/4" PolyPro netting as installed on a tensioned-cable with aluminum snap-hooks.  You can see how the serged-edge functions very well as an attachment point, how the netting looks fantastic, and how it can be slid all the way over to one end when needed (condensing down very easily, just like nylon).  The HTPP nets also install very well with the Home Barrier Poles.

-Josh Grzyb @

November 11, 2009

Netting Installation Pole Sizes

The Home Barrier Netting Poles are a very popular and practical way to suspend barrier netting panels, and Home Batting Cage Nets.  They feature a semi-permanent ground anchor that augers into your soil, and then the 2" steel poles slide into the ground sleeve.  Netting is clipped to the welded attachment hook at the top of the pole with the included snap-hooks.  The home barrier poles are not a substitute to a tensioned-cable permanent installation (like at a driving range, stadium, or similar installation), however they are an excellent alternative for installations that:
  • are not permanently installed into property with concrete footings
  • are to be removed or installed seasonally
  • need to be completely removed or moved easily
  • are to be set-up only when needed and stored when not
  • are for most residential barrier solutions
These poles/anchors are not used with a tensioned-cable type of design, so they are typically spaced every 10'-12' in distance to allow for as 'sag-free' of and installation as possible regarding the hanging netting.  These poles are used all of the time for a huge variety of applications, ranging from scholastic/field barricade nets, to backyard basketball/soccer/multisport barrier needs, golf range barrier, and a host of unique uses in-between.

There have been some requests over the years for specific sizes of the pole-sections used for each of the available finished pole lengths.  So below are diagrams that demonstrate the number of sections used, and the length of each section used, for all four heights available.  The home-barrier poles are supplied in sizes of:  8', 10', 12', and 14'For netting installations that require heights that are greater than 14', you'll need to utilize a more permanent installation system (concrete footings & permanent poles) or a tensioned-cable installation.

-Josh Grzyb @

November 9, 2009

Custom Netting Application

Nylon netting is a very durable and dependable solution for a huge variety of unique applications.  Aside from common athletic or stadium netting installations, Gourock supplies customized netting panels for barrier and protective/safety purposes like:  landfills, aviary and bird netting use, pond and leaf barrier netting, warehouse needs, animal control, marine/boating needs, and most every other application that you can imagine!  If you think that your particular idea can be enhanced with netting features, chances are that they probably can!

The DuPont® type 66-728 twisted-knotted nylon netting is an excellent construction choice for custom barrier uses, whether they be commercial or residential.  It has a very high tensile strength and abrasion resistance, is completely prepared for long-term exposure, and is available from in a wide variety of mesh sizes and twine thicknesses.  And of course, you are free to order or be quoted on any dimensions that you need, and often in any customized shapes/tapers that you require.  For instance, here is a great photo of some 1" tarred nylon netting that was designed and supply by Gourock for a custom playground barrier installation to protect from incoming golf balls and errant shots.  As you can see, this particular example shows not just the tapered and custom-built netting panels, but also another great example of clipping/hanging the Dacron® rope borders to tensioned cables.  Choosing the #18 X 1" tarred knotted nylon is optimal for these sorts of outdoor protection installations due to its additional tar-coating that maximizes UV resistance.

-Josh Grzyb @

November 6, 2009

Residential Golf Barrier Netting

If your property is located on a golf course fairway, by a driving range, or if you have any reason to require a barrier net to block golf balls from entering your yard - going for a golf barrier netting installation will save you lots of money in property damage and potential injuries.  The 1" mesh size DuPont® type 66-728 twisted-knotted nylon netting with tar coating is your best choice for long-term durability and dependability.  The #12 twine comes with a 7 year UV warranty, while the thicker #18 twine has a 10 year UV warranty.  The 1" mesh size is optimal for barrier netting applications because it performs very well with wind, blocks errant balls/shots, and has a minimal visual consideration.

Some people ask about sourcing a white, clear, or green netting color - with the intentions of going for a netting installation that is "invisible".  However, something to keep in mind is that the black color is actually the least visually obtrusive color to use for barrier netting installations, as it 'blends' in very well with the surrounding background and doesn't "stand out" at all (unlike a white coloring, which will be quite visible).  And also, black is the most dependable material with regards to UV exposure.

Check out these great photos sent over to us from a customer who had us supply some custom golf barrier nets that feature a tapered-shape.  As you can see, the golf netting looks fantastic and the installation is really nice.  Most barrier installations use a series of poles and tensioned cables, which you can detail here - and you can also check out the hardware materials here.

-Josh Grzyb @

November 5, 2009

Indoor Batting Cages

Many indoor commercial sports facilities, particularly for baseball and softball, opt to hang their netting and batting cages right from their ceiling structure.  This works very well for many netting installations by periodically clipping the top nets of the enclosures to the rafters with a 'vertical hanger'.  As you can see from these images sent by MVP Baseball in Illinois, they chose to suspend their Gourock-supplied baseball nets in this manner, resulting in a great and unique training area that utilizes lots of netting within their building. 

The best way to approach the 'vertical hanger' method is to use the following materials:
Since everyone will have a different overall distance between the ceiling height of their building and the overall installation height of the netting panels or enclosures, sourcing the materials in "bulk" is the best approach.  What you want to do is cut a length of the twine/rope that is about 1' longer than the actual distance that you need for the the hanger.  For instance, if your building has a 25' ceiling height, and the nets are to be hung at 15', then the length of your hanger should come out to 11' (10' for the actual distance + 1' of extra length).  You'll need to make a loop to connect the snap-hook to on each side of the twine/rope, so the extra foot of length provides enough material far a 6" loop on each side.  Then clip a snap-hook on each end, and you're all set to hang the nets!  Consider using a vertical hanger every 5'-10' in order to maximize the support and function of the netting.

Using the materials noted above allows for a very strong hanger, a very functional method of hanging your nets, and a fantastic ease-of-use while being soft on the hands (there's no reason to use steel cable for vertical hanging).  Also - it is a great value regarding overall cost!

-Josh Grzyb @

Sports Facility Netting

All American Sports Academy is a great (and big!) training area in Maryland that has some great - and unique applications of Gourock supplied netting panels.  Utilizing the 1-3/4" DuPont® type 66-728 twisted-knotted nylon for their custom enclosures and divider nets, AA Sports is a great example of using a cable-suspension method of netting installation.

The baseball netting divider nets are clipped with snap-hooks to horizontally-installed cables, making them able to slide back-and-forth (curtain-style).  With this sort of installation you have the benefits of:
  • opening-up your overall area if preferred
  • using individual areas for larger or smaller-use purposes
  • having a durable and 'clean' netting appearance
  • lowest amount of 'wear and tear' on the nets
  • minimal installation cost, with minimal amount of materials
The custom baseball nets, softball nets, and batting cage nets are a specialty of Gourock's.  In addition - you can always also source a large variety of installation hardware and accessories as well.  Having lots of options for your consideration provides a training facility with lots of opportunities for your athletes!

-Josh Grzyb @

Commercial Baseball Facility Netting

Supplying customized netting panels and enclosures for baseball facilities, training centers, and commercial sports establishments is a specialty of ours.  There are quite a few examples of recent custom netting designs and netting cages (enclosures) on the site, and below are some photos from Matt Guiliano's Baseball/"Play Like a Pro".

Typically used is the 1-3/4" mesh twisted-knotted DuPont® type 66-728 nylon netting, which is fantastic for baseball and softball netting and batting cage applications.  Any sort of dimensions and all types of shapes can be quoted out for you - and you can certainly forward over diagrams or specs by using the contact form on our site.  Whether you're building an "at home" training area, or a very large complex - Gourock can supply the netting solutions you require....feel free to get a hold of us at your convenience!

-Josh Grzyb @

November 4, 2009

FREE Soccer Ball Promo

With soccer season moving along through the autumn, and lots of indoor training to come for the winter - having some training goals available for your school, team, organization, or home is a huge benefit.  We suggest checking out the Mini Soccer Goals that are offered for both youth use, as well as regular training/drills for all ages and levels.  The soccer goals measure 5' wide x 3'7" tall x 2'10" deep, and feature an excellent design with durable soccer netting.
And now, they are packaged with a FREE 32 Panel Soccer Ball as well!

Complete assembly instructions can be examined online as well:  here, and here.

You can have the soccer goal nets shipped out either in pairs, or individually.  They are very popular for team/training purposes, and also for home use as well.  Keep these in mind for the upcoming holiday season - they make a great and unique gift, while promoting fun and fitness!

-Josh Grzyb @

November 3, 2009

Cruise Ship Golf Cage Nets

Here's a great product example to check out:
A couple of customized golf cage nets were recently supplied by for use on the "Caribbean Princess" cruise ship, and you can check out the photos below.  These custom-made golf impact cage nets feature the commercial-thickness #21 X 3/4" DuPont® Type 66-728 Twisted-Knotted Nylon Netting, and were installed for passenger use while cruising along the oceans!
Soon after the installation of these two nets, there was a secondary application of about 140' of additional netting for barrier/containment usage as well.
Whether your netting application is commercial, residential, or highly unique - we can summarize up some netting options for your golf netting needs!

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November 2, 2009

Netting Ad in Coaching Management Magazine

Thanks to all of our collegiate, commercial, scholastic, and municipal inquiries and customers from this year's Baseball Postseason Edition of "Coaching Management"!  We've been advertising with "Coaching Management" for nearly 3 years - and greatly appreciate all of your business and correspondence!

Gourock has designed/supplied a huge variety of customized nets, custom netting enclosures, and all sorts of batting cage, golf netting, and multipurpose sports netting solutions for many universities, training facilities, stadiums, and municipalities.  Whether researching online, or finding Gourock through ads/profiles in magazines like "Coaching Management", we always look forward to quoting you out on projects and supplying netting samples for inspection.
Always feel free to keep in touch with photos and feedback of your completed installation - we always appreciate communicating with you about your netting applications and usage!

-Josh Grzyb @

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