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September 6, 2017

Custom Golf Netting Enclosure for Training Facility specializes in the supply of custom netting that is used for a wide variety of applications and customers, and over the years there have been hundreds of customized golf nets produced and shipped out.  Whether your project calls for a private use net at your home, a large commercial-style net for your business or organization, or most any type of usage in-between, has supplied it.  The ability to have customized netting productions built to your own preferred sizing and dimensions is a huge benefit when it comes down to planning around unique spaces, rooms and buildings, and for intended areas both very large and very small.

3/4" mesh size DuPont® type 66-728 twisted-knotted nylon netting is the high-quality netting material that we specialize in, and it is a netting selection that is 100% Made in the USA and prepared per-invoice for your particular order and size/design requirements.  Nylon is a very strong and durable material that features a high abrasion resistance and high tensile rating, while remaining relatively light in actual physical weight.  These characteristics make it a premium choice for golf impact netting applications, including golf hitting nets, golf cage enclosure nets, and customized golf ball containment nets.  Generally speaking, has two different twine thicknesses available to select for your golf netting project, which are a thicker #21 (2.0mm) twine and a lighter/thinner #15 (1.8mm) twine.  The #21 is most recommended for primary golf ball impact areas and areas of high abrasion and usage/friction, whereas the #15 does block and contain directly driven shots but is more typical for general containment nets to keep errant shots from leaving a particular area.

At the Gourock site we offer an Online Custom Netting Calculator that allows you to have golf cage nets built to your own preferred custom dimensions.  Simply determine what height, width, and depth that you prefer to work with and install - and we can produce that finished netting product for you and ship it to your location.  Both the #15 and #21 twine thickness knotted nylon netting options are available to select from, and then you can also choose to have a secondary layer of impact netting included as well (separately) that is used to "double-layer" the entire back end panel of the netting enclosure.  The secondary impact netting layers are always built from the thicker #21 twine thickness nylon netting, and the golf cage enclosure nets are built with the sides, the top/ceiling, and the back end nets all seamed together with rope bordering (the front end is "open" to be hitting/driving from).

Custom golf cage nets are a very popular netting construction supplied by Gourock for all types of unique clients.  Many people have particular areas of their homes or properties that require more customized netting builds, and also there are many pro-shops and country clubs that have the same needs for their businesses and players.  Major universities, industrial and commercial clients, and schools/municipalities/organizations also have their custom golf cage nets produced and supplied by Gourock.  The materials that we use are very well prepared for both outdoor and indoor installations - so there are lots of instances where the netting spends part of the year outdoors and then part of the year indoors (for the winter).

The 3/4" mesh twisted-knotted nylon netting that we supply for customized golf cage installations is really functional and user-friendly, so that it hangs very well within framing structures or tensioned cabling setups.  
Here is an example of a custom golf cage net that was custom-built and shipped out to a commercial training facility customer of ours.  The material is completely #21 X 3/4" knotted nylon netting, and there was a bit of 'extra' customization requested for the manufacturing design which is an additional rope ceiling line located on the top of the enclosure net.  This net is hanging from a series of hooks and clips that extend down from their ceiling (their own design).  Overall netting sizing on this one was 12'-8" high X 15'-11" wide X 25' long.  The secondary impact panel net was also ordered and supplied.

-Josh Grzyb @

August 11, 2017

Driveway Basketball Barrier Netting - Customer Photos

Many people have basketball hoops and shooting areas on their residential driveways, and for many different reasons they need to barricade and contain the balls within the surrounding space.  Not only does chasing missed shots and rolling balls waste a lot of time and energy, it also become pretty tedious as well!  Especially considering a lot of the driveway basketball practice areas are close to hills, woods, ravines, other buildings and structures, streams and ponds, and of course roads and traffic.

A great solution to alleviate the inconveniences of chasing arrant basketballs is to use a barrier netting setup around the playing area. supplies netting that works perfectly for this use, and there are numerous different options to consider hanging up.  Most typical for larger object containment (basketball, volleyball, soccer, etc.) is the 4" mesh knotted nylon netting.  For people that want to block larger objects as well some smaller balls as well (tennis, baseball, street hockey, softball, etc.) there is the 1-3/4" mesh knotted nylon netting that is fantastic to go with.  The nylon netting available from is 100% made in the USA, prepared per-order according to your own preferred custom dimensions, and is a very high-quality durable netting option for longterm installations.  You can take a look at these nets at this page of the Gourock website - and free netting samples are also available to mail out if requested.

Below are 4 photos that were forwarded to us from a recent customer that hung the nylon barrier netting around 3 sides of his backyard court area using the In-Ground Steel Poles that we also have available.  The netting he selected was the multipurpose #21 X 1-3/4" DuPont® twisted-knotted nylon netting, square mesh pattern with a rope bordering, in the dimensions of 10' X 70'.  He then used a series of the In-Ground Steel Poles and Sleeves spaced around the perimeter area to hang the netting from, and used Gourock Bungee Ball Straps to adjust the fit and tension of the netting to match his preferences.

As you can see, the black nylon netting and the black poles do a fantastic job of blending-into the background environment, which keeps the overall installation as minimally visible as possible.  And of course, the nylon netting and poles are designed to be durable and dependable for many years of consistent use and exposure.

This is a great-looking installation and court Bryan!  Thank you again very much - we appreciate it!

-Josh Grzyb @

August 10, 2017

Basketball Barrier Net with Poles - Customer Photos supplies many different nets for customers that seek solutions to barricade and block basketballs within their practice area.  Using a basketball barrier netting setup at your location has many advantages over time, since you won't waste much time or energy chasing missed shots and errant balls.  In addition, there are a lot of general safety enhancements as well, considering that rolling basketballs may potentially enter a high traffic area, or wooded areas that may have situations with poison ivy, ticks, or other similar avoidances.

We have many options available to consider for the barrier netting used for basketball applications, both for private residential properties as well as for commercial, municipal, and organizational purposes.  One recent customer of ours sent over a couple photos of his basketball netting setup that he installed at his house.  His hoop and court area had a corner and a back-end that he needed to block errant balls from passing through, since there was a neighbor's fence on one side to avoid damaging, and then a small hill that caused the balls to roll an unnecessary distance from the court.  His preference was a netting solution that would be dependably durable over time, but also be as minimally visible as possible.  The best product match for his use was the #15 X 4" DuPont® type 66-728 twisted-knotted nylon netting, black color, square mesh with a rope bordering around the perimeter edges.

The #15 X 4" nylon netting is the best selection because it has a larger mesh size of 4" square, making it great for large objects like basketballs, soccer balls, and volleyballs.  Also, it has a thin twine thickness of 1.8mm.  So combining those 2 characteristics means that you have the largest mesh size option possible, made from the thinnest twine thickness available, which very much minimizes the overall amount of netting material within the entire area.  That makes it as "invisible" as can expected, but at the same time it retains a high durability due to the high tensile strength characteristic of nylon material.  The #15 is only 1.8mm thick, but has a tensile rating (breaking strength) of 144 lb./twine.  Very strong, very lightweight, and very dependable for basketball barrier nets.  100% Made in USA.

Our customer also utilized the In-Ground Steel Poles that we have available at to purchase.  He used a series of our poles, in conjunction with some of our Bungee Ball Straps, to get a very even and taught netting appearance throughout the entire area.  These are also great to moderate the amount of netting displacement, movement, and reaction to wind.

Here are a couple of photos submitted to us demonstrating the finished product and installation.

It looks really great John!!  Thanks again very much, we appreciate your business and feedback!!

-Josh Grzyb @

April 28, 2017

Drone Netting Installation at 2017 CES Tradeshow supplies netting for many different types of drone and U.A.V. applications, and we have 4 particularly popular and recommended netting options available on the site for your consideration:

Drone netting that is supplied by Gourock is available to be ordered to most any specific widths and lengths that you require for your installation - and you can order it as "bulk mesh" material (netting-only, without any sort of finishing border), or as a finished netting panel that features a 5/16" braided polyester rope sewn-in around the perimeter edges.  The 4 netting recommendations on the site for drone nets and U.A.V. nets feature 2 mesh sizes:  1-3/4" and a larger 4" mesh.  And then each mesh size also has a thinner and thicker twine option available to consider.  So what this means is that depending on your particular drone application you have the option to go with something that is lightweight and as 'invisible' as possible, or for material that has extra thickness for increase expectations of abrasion and exposure to the elements.  No matter which netting type is selected, you can expect very high durability and dependability with a great ease-of-use. specializes in supplying drone nets that are fabricated with high-end DuPont® type 66-728 twisted-knotted nylon.  This netting material has exceedingly strong tensile ratings, is UV stabilized and latex/urethane bonded against the elements, and is available to be built to most any custom sizing that is required for your application and installation project.  Drone nets are used for a pretty diverse range of users, including:

  • university and laboratory research
  • commercial drone-racing
  • airports and bases
  • government and military
  • trade shows and conventions
This past December we had posted an article regarding some very customized drone netting panels that were used for a vendor installation at the 2017 CES trade show in Las Vegas.  For some information on the netting type and design, you can refer to that previous article here:

Here are some photos from the actual installation at the show, which provide great context into how that overall netting supply ended up - and you can use the netting supplied by Gourock for your own drone and U.A.V. barrier netting requirements.  The online shopping cart allows for very efficient and simple ordering of any 2-dimensional (square/rectangular) netting sizes and shapes that you need, as you type-in your sizes right into the Custom Netting Calculator.  But in addition to that, we also supply very specialized tapered shapes and designs as well - which are built to your particular needs.  For example, the nets used for this CES installation for instance.  In that case, simply drop a line through Gourock's contact page and you can request a quotation from us (and you have the opportunity to upload files as well).

Vuzix CES Trade Show Drone Netting:
-Josh Grzyb @

October 4, 2016

Video Guideline: Diamond Mesh vs. Square Mesh Netting, and Rope Bordering on Nets supplies custom netting in both diamond mesh and square mesh patterns.  This video provides general context on these two different mesh options, as well as the effects of weaving rope bordering around the perimeter edges of bulk netting sections.

When ordering bulk (unbordered) netting sections, it is recommended to use square mesh pattern.  This video demonstrates why square mesh is much more functional to work with in the case of bulk netting supply.  
Also demonstrated is how a rope bordering around the perimeter of diamond mesh pattern netting will hold the meshes proportionally and to correct size/area.  With a rope bordering on the edges, either diamond mesh or square mesh pattern is great.  Rope bordering also adds more material around the edges of the netting, increasing overall strength and durability around the perimeter.
You can have a rope bordering installed and sewn-in by when you order (laced through, and then sewn into place), or alternatively you can use your own length of rope/cord and weave it around the edges of bulk netting on your own. has many different custom netting options available, and you are able to use the online netting calculators to source any dimensions/sizes that you require for your project.  The examples shown in this comparison video aim to help you determine which netting construction options you should consider selecting, and what to expect from them.

-Josh Grzyb @

September 13, 2016

10' X 10' Golf Barrier Netting - Gourock Customer Review

At we really enjoy receiving photos and installation examples of the netting products that we supply and ship.  Here is a recent example of a golf barrier netting and poles that were supplied to a residential customer, with his notes on customization preferences he made while completing his project.  The netting featured is the #12 X 1" DuPont® knotted nylon netting, with 5/16" polyester rope bordering.  The vertical poles are Gourock 10' Steel Poles with Ground Anchors.

Thank you very much for your business and your feedback Mr. Humpton - we appreciate it very much and your report on your experience is very helpful for us, as well as other people doing research into barrier netting options!

10' x 10' panel system for golf ball protection

I just wanted you to know I love my 10 x 10 netting system.
Everything is awesome except I am a linear type of person :(
So, since the support poles have play in them and where leaning in up
to 8 inches I had to fix the problem.
I went out and bought a top rail for a black chain link fence and the
mounting harware. It was a little too big for your poles but worked
out great with some modification. This might be something you think
about offering for customers like myself that dont want that leaning
in look.
I have attached some photos.

J. Humpton
Very happy customer !!!

October 28, 2015

Indoor Netting for Commercial Sports Training Facilities

During the autumn and winter seasons, many parts of the country rely on indoor training facilities for their sports practices and workouts.  Some popular indoor facilities that supplies with netting concentrate on multisport training opportunities including golf, soccer, volleyball, baseball, softball, lacrosse, floor hockey, football, and basketball.

Generally speaking, using barrier netting throughout the indoor area is pretty important for a successful and safe commercial sports training environment.  Netting protects athletes and spectators from moving balls and equipment, and the netting also is used to protect structural elements of the building itself including lighting, entrances/windows, ventilation infrastructure, and finished walls or construction.  Depending on the sizes of the objects that need to be contained or blocked, the netting that gets installed within these areas can be fabricated from a few different mesh sizes - and in a few different ways of being prepared.

For instance, say a baseball and softball training facility wants to use barrier netting to protect their lights, and also around the turf area of their practice field.  In that case, a 1-3/4" knotted nylon netting is the way to go.  If that same facility says that they will also be doing soccer drills, well the netting should stay at the same mesh size because it will still need to block the baseballs - but will naturally work great for larger objects like soccer balls.
However - if that facility is also planning on offering training areas for golf, well then the mesh size needs to get down to a 3/4" so that the golf balls are properly contained.  And then, since that 3/4" mesh works great for the golf balls it will naturally function well for the larger baseballs, softballs, and soccer balls.  The best tip regarding mesh size is to determine what the smallest object is that needs to be contained - and then utilize that mesh for the area.  Many indoor facilities actually use a combination of different mesh sizes for various areas of their overall space - since its possible that the golf is only being done in one particular section, whereas the soccer and baseball/softball are concentrated in other areas.  The takeaway is that every facility is different and has its own unique set of parameters and owner preferences, but the netting itself can certainly be prepared to size and per order by and then shipped right out.

Aside from determining which netting twine thickness and mesh size will be best suited for the job, there is also the design of the netting itself.  In this context the design is referring to how the mesh is created and prepared - and the choices are typically between a series of individual 2-dimensional netting panels or an overall larger 3-dimensional enclosure that covers a large area.  We at are unable to specifically advise which approach to go with, since it really is determined by the building, the installer/contractor, and the intended design of the space.  Many times the most optimal approach selected is a series of individual nets, which is a great way to go and is very intuitive.  Gourock produces the nets to whatever particular 2 dimensions needed, and you can view dozens of examples of these nets through this blog and on the site.  For many other facilities the more preferred approach is to have a customized enclosure net produced that will cover the whole area with netting, including all 4 sides and the top ceiling.

For these 2 recent examples of commercial training facility nets that were manufactured and shipped out over the last few weeks show a couple general examples of each approach.  Through Gourock you can have nets made from 100% USA Made Nylon Netting and the finest hand-craftsmanship, shipped direct to your location.  Once you have a relative idea of the netting that you're after, certainly feel free to send over a message with your request or information right through our online contact page and we can get working on the netting solution for you.

Example 1
netting details: #15 X 3/4" twisted-knotted nylon + #21 X 3/4" twisted-knotted nylon
custom features: enclosure design with expanded sizing/volume, center-ceiling lines installed, rope bordering, secondary layer of impact/reinforcement netting
intended use: golf training facility

Example 2
netting details: #36 X 1-3/4" twisted-knotted nylon
custom features: enclosure design with custom entrance doors, ceiling netting panel with center-ceiling lines installed, perimeter netting with rope bordering
intended use: baseball/softball and multisport training facility (soccer, lacrosse, volleyball)

-Josh Grzyb @

September 22, 2015

Customized Nylon Golf Cage Nets & Netting

There are many golfers that love to train and practice their swing within their own hitting environment, and a perfect solution for this is to use some appropriate netting to properly contain driven golf balls.  There are quite a few different techniques and approaches that work well for golf impact and hitting areas, but one of the most recommend is a netting enclosure.

Often called Golf Cage Nets, these netting enclosures are 3-dimensional netting productions that include side walls, ceiling netting, and end panel(s) that are all seamed-together with rope bordering.  So right out of the box you are all set to hang/suspend/clip the netting right up to the framing or installation structure that you're using for the project.  Overall, the most commonly considered "standard" golf cage netting is 10' high X 10' wide X 10' deep, and the front end (10' X 10') is "open" so that you have the area to be driving and hitting from.  At we have a very popular standard-issue poly/knotless golf cage net that is a fantastic solution for many people - and it is available so also be supplied with an optional steel framing as well.  Here is the part of the Gourock site that you can take a look at this golf cage netting option.

Alternatively - we also provide golf cage nets produced from the 100% American-Made DuPont® type 66-728 twisted-knotted nylon netting.  The nice aspect of this option is that we provide an online pricing and ordering calculator that allows you to have the nylon golf cage nets made to any dimensions that you require for your project.  These nets don't have a framing option (we don't do custom framing structures), but most any custom net like this is being needed as a component of an existing structure, or as part of a project that is incorporating the installation structure on it's own.  Also - the nylon nets have a couple of different twine thicknesses available to select from (currently the #15 X 3/4" nylon and the #21 X 3/4" nylon) as well as optional impact panels nets, and divider net options depending on the width of the cage.  So if you are seeking a golf cage net that is produced to your own specific sizing preferences, and is ready within a business week (on avg.), here is the part of the Gourock site that brings you to the Custom Golf Cage Net Calculator.

And then, one of the other options that we have available at are golf nets that are quite customized, and produced to very unique sizes/shapes and with different features that are specifically requested by our customers for the job.  We have many examples of customized golf cage nets and netting enclosures noted throughout this company blog as well as on the Gourock site, and we have nets like these prepared for all kinds of customers ranging from private/residential users all the way up to commercial and collegiate training installations.

These highly-personalized netting productions are also built from the 3/4" twisted-knotted nylon netting, and the best way to start-off getting your requested examined is to use the upload option on our contact page to send over a drawing/diagram (with dimensions) of what you're ultimately aiming for.  At that point we can take a look, and in most cases reply back with the initial pricing quote for the production.  Or, of course, we'll followup first with any clarifying questions about your request and get those answers squared-away first.
Here are a couple of examples of some customized golf cage nets from the last few weeks that incorporate some pretty specific sizes, construction details, and features.  These were requested by our customers, examined and quoted/drawn-up for approval, and then produced and shipped direct to their final locations.

Example 1
netting details:  #15 X 3/4" twisted-knotted nylon
custom features:  expanded sizing/volume, completely enclosed (no "open" end), center-ceiling line
intended use:  training facility, training ball containment

Example 2
netting details:  #21 X 3/4" twisted-knotted nylon
custom features:  tapered shape, specific dimensions, secondary layer impact netting
intended use:  private use indoor installation (to match-up with available room size)

-Josh Grzyb @

September 11, 2015

Custom Nylon Batting Cage Nets specializes in the supply of customized netting productions featuring DuPont® Type 66-728 Twisted-Knotted Nylon.  This is a nylon netting that is 100% American Made, and our customized netting productions are also hand-made in the USA as well.  Over the years we have supplied thousands of custom-built netting products, including a very wide variety of unique batting cage enclosure designs.

Generally speaking, custom batting cage nets are constructed per-order according to whatever particular Height' X Width' X Length' that you need for the overall project.  There are various different twine thicknesses of the nylon netting available, as well as different bottom-edge bordering options available to select from.  At the homepage we provide a very convenient "Custom Batting Cage Calculator" where you can get pricing and product details.
We also mail out free netting samples of the twisted-knotted nylon netting, so as you are doing your research into your batting cage project feel free to drop us an email and we'll mail the samples out your way.

As seen throughout this blog and on the site, custom batting cage nets often feature many different personalizations such as additional ceiling lines, entrance doors, notched shapes, tapered shapes, and other one-off characteristics.  The best way to get a price on something more highly specialized for the batting cage construction is to contact us and forward the details, and we can reply back with a quotation for the job.

Here is an example of some custom batting cage nets that have been produced and shipped in the last couple weeks.  These were built from the #36 X 1-3/4" (381 lb.) DuPont® type 66-728 twisted-knotted nylon, and were fully rope bordered on all edges with 5/16" braided polyester ropes.  There were a couple of specifically-requested entrance doors and locations that were needed, and these nets were delivered to a commercial batting cage and baseball training facility.

-Josh Grzyb @

March 19, 2014

Netting & Nets With Tapers & Angles

There are many different types of netting and mesh materials available to source through, and lots of them can be manufactured with some customized features and shapes.  Due to the very wide spectrum of applications that netting is used for, there is generally a very functional solution for most any particular need.  Gourock offers very small mesh size materials (for instance, the industrial fabrics) and proceeds with a product line that spans numerous different twine thicknesses and mesh sizes all the way up to something quite thick and heavy (like the #72 X 1-3/4" knotted nylon netting).  So for a large variety of uses, there is a robust selection of materials and sizes to consider.

Another aspect of custom netting supply is when our customers and clients require customized shapes for their job.  For instance - once customer may need to barricade a slanted or angled area of their roofline, while another customer is matching a netting panel with an installed set of connection wires or cables.  There are many, many instances where a rectangular or square-shaped netting panel will not suffice to complete the job with the intended end result.  So, that's where Gourock's capability to supply specialized shapes really becomes a benefit for our customers.  Should you wish to pursue some of the opportunities available for customized netting panels that feature tapers or angles, certainly feel free to contact us with some of your general details and context and we can take a look at it for you.  Forwarded drawings and diagrams (with general dimensions) always help as well.

Here are some recent examples of some netting and mesh productions that were produced and shipped out to different customers of ours that all required customized and particular shapes.  Ranging from private-use residential customers, to industrial facilities and commercial establishments, each of these nets were designed and built to fulfill a specific need and space.

Custom Netting Shape Example 1:
Details:  #21 X 1-3/4” (241 lb./twine) DuPont® Type 66-728 Twisted-Knotted Nylon, black, diamond mesh, 5/16" Dacron® Rope Bordered

Custom Netting Shape Example 2:
Details:  1/4" Elongated Honeycomb Hexagon Mesh Debris Netting, Polyester, black, 3/16" Twisted-Nylon Rope Border Installed

Custom Netting Shape Example 3:
#21 X 1-3/4” (241 lb./twine) DuPont® Type 66-728 Twisted-Knotted Nylon, black, diamond mesh, 5/16" Dacron® Rope Bordered

Custom Netting Shape Example 4:
#18 X 1” (191 lb./twine) DuPont® Type 66-728 Twisted-Knotted Nylon, black, diamond mesh, 5/16" Dacron® Rope Bordered

Custom Netting Shape Example 5:
#21 X 1-3/4” (241 lb./twine) DuPont® Type 66-728 Twisted-Knotted Nylon, black, diamond mesh, 5/16" Dacron® Rope Bordered
Custom Netting Shape Example 6:
#21 X 1-3/4” (241 lb./twine) DuPont® Type 66-728 Twisted-Knotted Nylon, black, diamond mesh, 5/16" Dacron® Rope Bordered
Custom Netting Shape Example 7:
Shade Cloth (50%), 1/8" Debris Netting, HDPE Monofilament, black, diamond mesh, 3/16" Twisted-Nylon Rope Border Installed
-Josh Grzyb @

July 31, 2012

New Color Options for Nylon Netting

Until recently, all of the nylon netting selections supplied by were available exclusively black in coloring.  But we have added a selection of products to the nylon netting line that do feature some color choices, which allows you to have a bit of flexibility regarding the aesthetic you're aiming for while completing a netting installation job for your area.

The colored nets are fabricated from a standard Type-6 nylon, which is a very strong and durable material with a high abrasion resistance and high tensile strength.  The mesh construction for these nets is a braided-knotless configuration in a square mesh pattern.  There is a smaller mesh size of 1" square, and then a couple of twine thickness selections available in a 2" square mesh as well.  Each of these new selections can be ordered by the square footage according to most any dimensions you require, and they also have the available option of having a 1/4" twisted-nylon rope bordering machine-sewn in to the edges, or a 1-1/2" nylon webbing border sewn-in (with brass grommets every 12").  We have listed these colored nylon nets by the square footage on this page of the Gourock site, and have also arranged them into some general/common dimensions for convenient ordering as well on this page.  Here are some of the details of these new colored nylon netting products for your consideration, and feel free to contact us if you have any specific questions!

210D Type-6 UV Treated/Bonded Knotless Nylon Netting
100% American-Made

Braided-Knotless netting. Available in Square Mesh; as "bulk" material or with perimeter mesh bordering option of:
1/4" Twisted-Nylon Rope Border Installed (machine-sewn with nylon twine)

1-1/2" Nylon Webbing Border Installed (stitched-in, with #2 grommets)
Mesh sizes include: 1", and 2"

**Variety of Colors are Available Where Noted**

210D/80 X 1" Square Mesh Knotless Nylon Netting  

Typical uses for 1" Square Mesh netting are: Golf Barrier (not impact), Lacrosse Impact/Barrier, Hockey Impact/Barrier, Fairway Protection, Pond/Leaf Barrier, Aviary, Trash/Debris Containment, and General Multi-Purpose Applications.


knotless nylon nettingknotless nylon netting
(click for larger detail - Grey color is shown; other colors available)

210D/80 X 2" Square Mesh Knotless Nylon Netting 

Typical uses for 2" Square Mesh netting are: Soccer Barrier, Basketball Barrier, Football Impact/Barrier, Volleyball Containment, and General Multi-Purpose Applications. Note: 2" is too large for baseball/tennis impact (but OK for long distance barrier).

knotless nylon nettingknotless nylon netting
(click for larger detail - Green color is shown; other colors available)

210D/120 X 2" Square Mesh Knotless Nylon Netting

Typical uses for 2" Square Mesh netting are: Soccer Barrier, Basketball Barrier, Football Impact/Barrier, Volleyball Containment, and General Multi-Purpose Applications. Note: 2" is too large for baseball/tennis impact (but OK for long distance barrier).


knotless nylon nettingknotless nylon netting
(click for larger detail - Black color is shown; other colors available)

-Joshua Grzyb @

June 15, 2012

Nylon Nets Featuring Tapered Edges supplies a really wide range of nylon netting options, and many different unique netting productions have been highlighted throughout this blog over the last few years.  Some of the customized features that are often required for the final product fabrication are specific shapes and/or tapers.  Many times these sorts of tapers are meant to closely follow the sloping roof-line of a building, or to line up with a particular set of angles that are created by the cables/wires that the netting will be clipped to.  Of course, there are also many other types of unique situations that call for specialized angles/tapers to be considered for a customer's netting production - and from Gourock you have the opportunity to get as close as possible to a precisely manufactured nylon netting solution.

The DuPont® twisted-knotted nylon netting is a very high-end and durable product choice for most all netting productions, and is the material that is utilized for the the customized tapered nets that we supply our customers with.  Due to the nature of the production requirements for tapered shapes, a diamond mesh pattern and a rope bordering installation (Dacron® rope) are the 2 requirements for proper fabrication.  There are a wide variety of mesh sizes and twine thicknesses available for your consideration, which you can take a look at here on the Gourock site.  And if you want to forward over a diagram (with dimensions) of your specially-shaped netting needs, certainly feel free to do so using the upload options on our contact page.  The following selected examples of tapered netting productions were all facilitated by Gourock beginning with correspondence and uploaded requests through the contact form, and we'd like to share with you some of the recent productions that have been shipped out in the past few weeks.  This particular highlight of completed orders includes nets for professional baseball fields, parks & rec departments, indoor sports facilities, and municipal sports associations:

(click images for larger details)

materials:  DuPont® type 66-728 twisted-knotted nylon netting, 5/16" Dacron® rope borders
netting twine/mesh size:  #36 X 1-3/4" diamond mesh (2.5mm, 381 lb./twine)
unique features:  custom tapered edges, trapezoidal shapes, customer-specified dimensions

materials:  DuPont® type 66-728 twisted-knotted nylon netting, 5/16" Dacron® rope borders
netting twine/mesh size:  #21 X 1-3/4" diamond mesh (2.0mm, 241 lb./twine)
unique features:  custom tapered edges, 2 vertical rope riblines, customer-specified dimensions

materials:  DuPont® type 66-728 twisted-knotted nylon netting, 5/16" Dacron® rope borders
netting twine/mesh size:  #18 X 1" diamond mesh (1.9mm, 191 lb./twine)
unique features:  custom tapered edge, customer-specified dimensions

materials:  DuPont® type 66-728 twisted-knotted nylon netting, 5/16" Dacron® rope borders
netting twine/mesh size:  #21 X 1-3/4" diamond mesh (2.0mm, 241 lb./twine)
unique features:  custom tapered edges, 6 vertical rope riblines, customer-specified dimensions

materials:  DuPont® type 66-728 twisted-knotted nylon netting, 5/16" Dacron® rope borders
netting twine/mesh size:  #36 X 1-3/4" diamond mesh (2.5mm, 381 lb./twine)
unique features:  custom tapered edge, customer-specified dimensions

materials:  DuPont® type 66-728 twisted-knotted nylon netting, 5/16" Dacron® rope borders
netting twine/mesh size:  #21 X 1-3/4" diamond mesh (2.0mm, 241 lb./twine)
unique features:  custom tapered edges, 2 rope riblines, customer-specified dimensions and shape

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May 11, 2012

Baseball Backstop Netting Installation

Supplying custom-sized nylon nets for baseball and softball backstops is usually a weekly occurrence here at  We have provided netting panel fabrications to a huge variety of customers and with a very wide range of dimensions needed for the job.  It seems that most backstop installations are constructed with chain-link fencing materials, and those types of structures are really great to hang netting within.  The most recommended material to consider for a backstop netting installation is the #36 X 1-3/4" (381 lb./twine) DuPont® Type 66-728 Twisted-Knotted Nylon Netting.  This black-colored mesh can be produced in either a diamond or square mesh pattern, and is 100% Made in the USA.  It is also recommended to have the entire perimeter of the nets rope bordered for maximum expectation of strength and durability over the years.

This spring we supplied dozens of custom backstop nets, and one of our fairly recent customers had emailed over some photos of their completed netting job.  This backstop net was ordered and produced/shipped as 3 panels measuring 10' X 20', and the 2 more panels that were 8' X 20'.  All were constructed from the above noted netting and rope materials.  Their goal was to extend the existing chain-link fence with nylon netting, which you can see from the photos below was accomplished with nice success.  This installation is at the Hutsonville, IL Park District, and we appreciate their great feedback and photos!

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April 6, 2012

Netting at NCAA Final Four - Bracket Town

The NCAA Final Four just wrapped up, and during that week's festivities for the tournament, Coca-Cola Zero® presented a large event facility called "Bracket Town®" in New Orleans. had been the supplier for one of the event coordinators, Turner Broadcasting Systems®, with 14,400 square feet of nylon netting for use in various different areas of the arena for a variety of containment and barrier applications.

Manufactured and shipped in 30' X 30' dimensions, the #21 X 1-3/4" knotted DuPont® nylon netting was a perfect match for their multipurpose needs.  This netting selection is a very wise choice for multipurpose applications (for objects 2" and larger) because:
  • it is very strong (241 lb./twine tensile)
  • lightweight (0.025 lbs./sq. ft.)
  • very user-friendly
  • minimally visually obstructive
  • and the high abrasion resistance makes it very durable
At Gourock we really enjoy working with customers from all sides of the consumer spectrum - ranging from commercial/professional applications to general-use residential needs.  So feel free to contact us with questions about particular netting applications and we'll see what the best match for your needs are.
Below is a background article about Bracket Town® published in the Tulane University paper, as well as some shots of this year's event:

NCAA’s Bracket Town supplies fun for everyone

March 26, 2012
Nick Marinello
With more than 300,000 square feet devoted to athletic activities, events and entertainment, Bracket Town, the NCAA’s Final Four fan festival, provides an affordable opportunity for locals and out-of-towners to take part in the championship tournament.

NCAA Final Four Bracket Town
Bracket Town at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in downtown New Orleans will have games and activities for fans of all ages. (Photo by Oscar Ozco)

Staged across three halls of the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in downtown New Orleans, Bracket Town comprises four days of scheduled and ongoing activities.
“It’s a neat, family friendly event in that there is so much do for fans of all ages,” says Joe Dunn, NCAA associate director of championships and alliances. “It is an opportunity for us to provide an affordable experience to the local community.”
Among the activities to participate in at Bracket Town are free daily youth clinics, autograph sessions with coaches and former players, a 3-on-3 basketball competition, a home run derby, fencing matches, a slam dunk court (with goals set at various heights), and a variety of high-tech, interactive games.
“There’s a nice mix throughout the entire footprint of not only March Madness and NCAA basketball, but a sampling of our other 23 sports,” says Dunn.
Formerly known as “Hoop City,” the event was rebranded as “Bracket Town refreshed by Coca-Cola Zero” in 2010. “We made a serious investment in 2010 to improve the look and feel of the event,” says Dunn.

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