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February 13, 2018

Custom Enclosure Nets for Professional Sports Installations

Many professional and commercial sports facilities require customized netting enclosures for their establishments, and specializes in the supply of custom nylon netting productions for such installations.  A netting enclosure is a 3-dimensional product design featuring side, end, and ceiling nets that are all seamed together.  Contextually, a box/shell design in which balls and objects that are flying around the enclosed area are well-contained and do not leave the netted-in space.  Some commonly known applications for enclosed netting designs are baseball batting cage nets, and golf cage nets.  However, at we have supplied enclosures for many different sports and industrial purposes such as cricket, lacrosse, birds and aviary uses, drones and UAV containment, soccer, dodgeball, basketball, and specialty training needs. can supply custom netting enclosures built to most any particular dimensions needed for the job, and you can specify the overall Height X Width X Length that is needed to be installed for your space.  For professional uses, we see nets of all sizes - since each application is unique and different.  Sometimes the netting is meant to encapsulate the entire area of a large warehouse or field-house facility.  Other times the netting is meant for a smaller space, such as a retail or office location - such as golf pro shops, administrative locations, or dedicated spaces meant for more individual practice needs.  And then in many other instances there are large outdoor areas that have permanent telephone/power-line poles installed that will be supporting very large outdoor containment nets such as golf driving ranges, drone racing facilities, and zoo/aviary/falconry establishments. has quite a few netting mesh size and twine thickness options available to consider, so for the various different uses that require netting, we generally have a netting construction that will fit-the-bill well for your project.

Built from 100% Made-in-USA materials and hand-craftsmanship, the custom netting enclosure from feature DuPont® Type 66-728 Twisted-Knotted Nylon materials.  This is a very high-quality material that is known for very high tensile ratings and abrasion resistance, which makes it the preferred choice for commercial and professional establishments - for both outdoor and indoor uses.  And because the custom netting productions available from Gourock are made for your particular and specific job, there are usually other specific features that are often needed to be incorporated into the overall design such as entrance doors, divider nets, secondary impact panel nets, weighted bottom edges, additional ceiling attachment/connection lines, tapers or angles, and unique shape considerations.

We invite you to contact to inquire about quotations, netting samples, or general questions that you may have about sourcing a custom net for your establishment.  We work with customers of all types - ranging from very high-level professional clients, to university and municipality customers, to private individuals and small businesses.  Over the last couple months Gourock has facilitated the quoting, designing, production, and shipment of many unique netting enclosure jobs - and here are three examples of some of the professional and commercial nets that have more recently been manufactured and shipped to some of our appreciated customers:

Example 1
Netting Type:  #72 X 1-3/4" knotted nylon netting, black, diamond mesh
Custom Features:  specialized dimensions, entrance door, weighted rope bottom, secondary impact panel net
Usage:  professional baseball club, corporate headquarters installation (Oakland, CA)

Example 2
Netting Type:  #36 X 1-3/4" knotted nylon netting, black, diamond mesh
Custom Features:  specialized dimensions (extra wide design), 4 entrance doors, extra ceiling line ropes, 7 secondary divider panel nets
Usage:  baseball training facility, commercial installation (Deer Park, TX)

Example 3
Netting Type:  #21 X 3/4" knotted nylon netting, black, diamond mesh
Custom Features:  specialized dimensions (extra large volume design), secondary divider panel nets with weighted bottom edges, production of 2 of each
Usage:  US Marine Corps, golf driving range installation (San Diego, CA)

-Josh Grzyb @

September 13, 2016

10' X 10' Golf Barrier Netting - Gourock Customer Review

At we really enjoy receiving photos and installation examples of the netting products that we supply and ship.  Here is a recent example of a golf barrier netting and poles that were supplied to a residential customer, with his notes on customization preferences he made while completing his project.  The netting featured is the #12 X 1" DuPont® knotted nylon netting, with 5/16" polyester rope bordering.  The vertical poles are Gourock 10' Steel Poles with Ground Anchors.

Thank you very much for your business and your feedback Mr. Humpton - we appreciate it very much and your report on your experience is very helpful for us, as well as other people doing research into barrier netting options!

10' x 10' panel system for golf ball protection

I just wanted you to know I love my 10 x 10 netting system.
Everything is awesome except I am a linear type of person :(
So, since the support poles have play in them and where leaning in up
to 8 inches I had to fix the problem.
I went out and bought a top rail for a black chain link fence and the
mounting harware. It was a little too big for your poles but worked
out great with some modification. This might be something you think
about offering for customers like myself that dont want that leaning
in look.
I have attached some photos.

J. Humpton
Very happy customer !!!

September 23, 2015

Golf Barrier Netting and Nylon Nets Custom Built

For any property owner or manager that has a location near a golf course, driving range, fairway, or hitting/practice area - there will certainly be situations where a protective barrier is necessary to protect infrastructure and people from incoming golf balls.  Whether it be errant shots, proximity issues, or changes in the local course fairway, there are many instances where incoming golf balls destroy windows and siding or actually cause physical injury to a person on the property.  With the many advancements in golf club and ball technology, golfers are hitting further distances than ever - putting a lot of property at risk that typically didn't have any issues with flying golf balls in the past.  At we hear dozens of stories from customers that tell of multiple broken windows, solar panels, siding panels, car windshields, roof shingles, and even impacts to people's heads and torsos from driven golf balls coming from the course or range.

This is obviously a major concern for property owners that wish to feel secure at their own location and avoid all from all of these potential situations.  Luckily, can very much contribute to a solution by being your source for Golf Barrier Netting.  Golf barrier nets are nets that have a small enough mesh size to property block and contain golf balls that are coming-in from a typical hitting distance, without the mesh size being unnecessarily small (which will only increase netting weight, diminish visibility, and add product cost).  Also, the twine thickness of golf barrier netting really does need to be relatively thin so that there aren't a lot of issues with wind shear/drag, or having too much netting weight (which can affect the installation poles and hardware, as well as adding cost for no real benefit).  And thirdly, golf barrier nets are the type of product that generally get hung/installed with the intention of staying up all the time - so they need to be fabricated from a material that allows for continuous outdoor exposure for the long haul.

So a netting option that is strong, thin, light, dependable, with a low wind-shear.  How about having it produced to most any customized dimensions that is needed for the job, and 100% Made in the USA?
Well at we have a perfect option for your consideration, which is the 1" mesh DuPont® Type 66-728 Twisted-Knotted Nylon Netting.  We supply this netting in a couple of different twine thicknesses:

  • #18 (1.8mm, 191 lb./tensile)
  • #12 (1.7mm, 116 lb./tensile)
Both of these twine options feature an additional Tar-Coating - which is an extra protective coating applied to the netting to maximize resilience to UV exposure and moisture.  Both options are produced with a 5/16" rope bordering sewn-in the the perimeter edges and are available to price out and order online through our custom golf barrier netting calculator, which is located on this part of the Gourock site.

The #12 X 1" nylon netting is the thinner of the two options, and is the most popular selection for most residential installations or for customers that want to truly minimize the visual effect of the barrier netting when it is up.  It is a very long-lasting tarred material that will still have at least 50% of it's original new tensile strength after 7 years of outdoor usage and exposure.

The #18 X 1" nylon netting is the selection for most commercial or industrial installations - as its extra twine thickness and tensile strength allows for the material to retain at least 50% of its original tensile strength after 10 years of outdoor usage and exposure.  This netting is the most recommended for driving ranges, commercial course fairways, municipalities, and other non-residential netting installations.  That said - many, many people use the #18 at home and some commercial clients prefer to use the #12 at their facility.  There is always personal preference involved based on expectations and pricing, so we do have both options readily available at for your convenience!

Now the majority of golf barrier nets are fairly straightforward rectangular or square-shaped panels that are produced according to the height and width that our customers need for their area.  However, there are many times that the netting itself needs to be produced with even more customization in mind so that the material closely lines-up with existing structures, poles, or cabling supports that may already be in-place.  We see this for both residential customers that are putting up a barrier netting that is going to hang form a roofline or gutter, and also of large golf driving ranges that have different height poles along their total length.  Tapered and angled netting panels for both situations are facilitated and shipped by Gourock all the time, no problem at all!  If you are in the position where you think that a more customized shape to the barrier netting is worth a consideration, certainly feel free to use the upload option on our contact page to forward over the labelled sketch/drawing of the netting panel that you are seeking and we can take a look and reply back with a quote for you (or - clarifying questions if required).  Also, we do supply free samples of the 1" DuPont® nylon golf barrier netting as well - so as you're doing your research feel free to also send us a mailing address and we'll get the sample swatches in the mail for you.

Below are three recent examples of golf barrier netting jobs that were specified by our customers, and then produced and shipped out to their job sites in order to best fit their installation areas.  Each of these were made from the 1" tarred twisted-knotted nylon netting with 5/16" rope bordering installed.  The first drawing are some commercial range nets that were made from the #18 twine thickness, the second was a private residence that was built from the #12 twine thickness, and the third example drawing was a private residence that opted for the thicker #18 twine for increase resilience to their local environment (very high UV and wind).
Each one of these has dramatically different sizing characteristics, but all also reflect a taper to the shape - allowing you to get a bit more context into some of the custom nylon netting options available to you from

-Josh Grzyb @

April 8, 2010

Tee Box Protective Barrier Netting

One of the more common applications that golf courses and golfing facilities have for golf barrier netting is for protection around tee boxes, ranges, and parking lots.  There are quite a few ways that a barrier netting installation can be accomplished, and sometimes the nets require customized tapers or angles to fit the customer's requirements.

Below you can see the images of the preexisting framing that required replacement netting.  The nets that had been up there were no longer functional, and the framing needed to be outfitted with new nets.  The purpose of the netting was to aid in the blocking of errant shots to protect people within the tee box range area, the parking lot, and the golf cart pickup zone.  Some of the characteristics required were:
  • resilience to long-term UV and weather exposure
  • ability to block glancing shots
  • minimal visual appearance
  • ease-of-use for lacing to the existing framing
  • ability to custom shape to match the unique dimensions
A perfect match to satisfy all of these requirements was the #12 X 1" (116 lb./twine) DuPont type 66-728 tarred nylon netting.  It features a tar coating that completely covers the twisted-knotted mesh construction, ensuring maximum protection from exposure to UV and the outdoor elements.  This particular tarred 1" nylon netting from Gourock carries a 7 year UV Warranty (prorated).  A great benefit of nylon netting is that it inherently has very strong tensile strength without bulking-up a lot of physical material on the twines.  So a relatively thin twine like the #12 (1.7mm) still provides a dependable 116 lb./twine tensile strength.  That characteristic, combined with the black color and 1" mesh size, results in fantastic golf barrier protection with minimum visual properties.  And since can provide custom dimensions and tapers, the unique dimensions and tapers/angles were no problem at all.

This golf course facility required 26 of the custom nets to match their existing frames.  All nets were facilitated and out the door quickly, and ready for installation and years of dependability.  Below you can view the diagram of the nets provided, followed by customer images of the frames that required the new nets.

-Josh Grzyb @

November 6, 2009

Residential Golf Barrier Netting

If your property is located on a golf course fairway, by a driving range, or if you have any reason to require a barrier net to block golf balls from entering your yard - going for a golf barrier netting installation will save you lots of money in property damage and potential injuries.  The 1" mesh size DuPont® type 66-728 twisted-knotted nylon netting with tar coating is your best choice for long-term durability and dependability.  The #12 twine comes with a 7 year UV warranty, while the thicker #18 twine has a 10 year UV warranty.  The 1" mesh size is optimal for barrier netting applications because it performs very well with wind, blocks errant balls/shots, and has a minimal visual consideration.

Some people ask about sourcing a white, clear, or green netting color - with the intentions of going for a netting installation that is "invisible".  However, something to keep in mind is that the black color is actually the least visually obtrusive color to use for barrier netting installations, as it 'blends' in very well with the surrounding background and doesn't "stand out" at all (unlike a white coloring, which will be quite visible).  And also, black is the most dependable material with regards to UV exposure.

Check out these great photos sent over to us from a customer who had us supply some custom golf barrier nets that feature a tapered-shape.  As you can see, the golf netting looks fantastic and the installation is really nice.  Most barrier installations use a series of poles and tensioned cables, which you can detail here - and you can also check out the hardware materials here.

-Josh Grzyb @

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