September 27, 2017

Commercial Professional Batting Cage Nets, Custom Sizes and Features

For many years Gourock has been the professional and commercial source for high-end custom batting cage netting enclosures, for both full-time outdoor and indoor training facilities and organizations.  Built from very high quality DuPont® type 66-728 twisted-knotted nylon netting, 100% fabricated in the USA, can supply your professional and commercial establishment with customized batting cage nets and netting enclosures that are fabricated to your own preferred sizing and with additional custom features or additions that you may need.  The nylon batting cage nets that we produce are installed at baseball and softball training facilities, university and scholastic baseball and softball facilities, professional baseball stadiums, commercial sports training and batting cage installations, and many other high-abrasion and high-traffic sports facilities that require netting.

For commercial baseball and softball batting cage netting and impact netting installations, the recommended twine and mesh selections are the #36 X 1-3/4" knotted nylon, and the thicker #72 X 1-3/4" knotted nylon.  Both are the DuPont® material, black in coloring, and have high tensile strength ratings and abrasion resistance.  The #36 nylon is a 2.5mm twine thickness with a 381 lb. tensile rating (breaking strength per twine).  The heavier option is the #72 with the 3.5mm twine thickness and 740 lb. tensile rating.  At you have the option to have batting cage netting enclosures produced to any dimensions that you need - and the Online Netting Calculator allows you to enter the height, width, and length preferred:

Many sports training facilities also have more customized requirements as well, in addition to needing specific dimensions and sizes.  For instance, many batting cage nets that are being installed for team training or commercial uses need to incorporate entrance doors located at particular areas of the netting.  Other times, the netting design is built with angles, tapers, or notches in-order to correctly fit specific spaces, rooflines, walls, or framing design details.  Other popular custom design features include additional ceiling line ropes and additions of separate divider panel nets.

Gourock supplies custom nylon netting productions that are built per-order, from 100% Made in the USA materials and craftsmanship.  Feel free to contact with requests on netting production availability and we can take a look at your request and quote some custom netting options for you.

Here are a couple of examples of commercial batting cage nets that were produced and shipped out in the last few weeks that incorporate many customized netting designs and requested custom features.  

This custom batting cage net was built for a commercial baseball batting and training facility in South Plainfield, New Jersey.  It is an indoor installation that has a high-traffic consideration, so the material used for the job was the #72 X 1-3/4" knotted nylon netting.  This netting production has many customized design features, including:

  • tapered shape and sizing needs
  • notched end-panel construction to line-up with a fence/wall
  • extra ceiling line ropes
  • secondary double-layers of reinforcement netting built-in to both side wall
  • secondary double-layer of reinforcement netting built into the ceiling
This production was designed, quoted, fabricated, and shipped in 3 business weeks.  Here is the production drawing of this custom batting cage netting production that will help show the different construction and design features incorporated in this net:

This custom batting cage net was built for an baseball organization in Chicago, Illinois.  This enclosure netting is being used as a batting cage hitting and training area for team and league practice purposes, and features the #36 X 1-3/4" knotted nylon netting.  This net also incorporates some more highly-customized characteristics, including:
  • extra wide width requirements
  • secondary double-layer of reinforcement netting built into the ceiling
This production was designed, quoted, fabricated, and shipped in 2.5 business weeks.  Here is the production drawing of this custom batting cage netting production that will help show the different construction and design features incorporated in this net:

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September 6, 2017

Custom Golf Netting Enclosure for Training Facility specializes in the supply of custom netting that is used for a wide variety of applications and customers, and over the years there have been hundreds of customized golf nets produced and shipped out.  Whether your project calls for a private use net at your home, a large commercial-style net for your business or organization, or most any type of usage in-between, has supplied it.  The ability to have customized netting productions built to your own preferred sizing and dimensions is a huge benefit when it comes down to planning around unique spaces, rooms and buildings, and for intended areas both very large and very small.

3/4" mesh size DuPont® type 66-728 twisted-knotted nylon netting is the high-quality netting material that we specialize in, and it is a netting selection that is 100% Made in the USA and prepared per-invoice for your particular order and size/design requirements.  Nylon is a very strong and durable material that features a high abrasion resistance and high tensile rating, while remaining relatively light in actual physical weight.  These characteristics make it a premium choice for golf impact netting applications, including golf hitting nets, golf cage enclosure nets, and customized golf ball containment nets.  Generally speaking, has two different twine thicknesses available to select for your golf netting project, which are a thicker #21 (2.0mm) twine and a lighter/thinner #15 (1.8mm) twine.  The #21 is most recommended for primary golf ball impact areas and areas of high abrasion and usage/friction, whereas the #15 does block and contain directly driven shots but is more typical for general containment nets to keep errant shots from leaving a particular area.

At the Gourock site we offer an Online Custom Netting Calculator that allows you to have golf cage nets built to your own preferred custom dimensions.  Simply determine what height, width, and depth that you prefer to work with and install - and we can produce that finished netting product for you and ship it to your location.  Both the #15 and #21 twine thickness knotted nylon netting options are available to select from, and then you can also choose to have a secondary layer of impact netting included as well (separately) that is used to "double-layer" the entire back end panel of the netting enclosure.  The secondary impact netting layers are always built from the thicker #21 twine thickness nylon netting, and the golf cage enclosure nets are built with the sides, the top/ceiling, and the back end nets all seamed together with rope bordering (the front end is "open" to be hitting/driving from).

Custom golf cage nets are a very popular netting construction supplied by Gourock for all types of unique clients.  Many people have particular areas of their homes or properties that require more customized netting builds, and also there are many pro-shops and country clubs that have the same needs for their businesses and players.  Major universities, industrial and commercial clients, and schools/municipalities/organizations also have their custom golf cage nets produced and supplied by Gourock.  The materials that we use are very well prepared for both outdoor and indoor installations - so there are lots of instances where the netting spends part of the year outdoors and then part of the year indoors (for the winter).

The 3/4" mesh twisted-knotted nylon netting that we supply for customized golf cage installations is really functional and user-friendly, so that it hangs very well within framing structures or tensioned cabling setups.  
Here is an example of a custom golf cage net that was custom-built and shipped out to a commercial training facility customer of ours.  The material is completely #21 X 3/4" knotted nylon netting, and there was a bit of 'extra' customization requested for the manufacturing design which is an additional rope ceiling line located on the top of the enclosure net.  This net is hanging from a series of hooks and clips that extend down from their ceiling (their own design).  Overall netting sizing on this one was 12'-8" high X 15'-11" wide X 25' long.  The secondary impact panel net was also ordered and supplied.

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