December 10, 2014

Custom Netting Enclosures for Indoor Training Facilities

The winter season is always a very busy time of year for Gourock, since there are so many indoor netting installations that require materials and custom productions that head out the door.  One of the great features of the nylon netting products that we have available is the customization of sizing and dimensions that can be provided.  A lot of indoor installations have very unique sizing requirements due to the shape or overall space constraints of the building, room, or training area.  This is a common consideration for both commercial clients as well as for private residential users, and fortunately by using as a netting source you can most effectively plan around the custom needs of the overall installation.

Over the years we have developed many great relationships with lots of commercial training facilities and businesses - and it's always interesting to see some of the new netting designs that are being setup at various locations.  Indoor sports facilities often have accommodations for multiple sports, so may need a variety of different mesh sizes or twine thicknesses depending on the usage.  Some examples are indoor baseball and softball hitting and pitching/fielding locations, indoor soccer and futsal establishments, indoor volleyball and basketball courts, as well as hockey and lacrosse locations.

In most instances a variety of individual netting panels do a great job to effectively block and contain different objects.  Netting panels can be hung or suspended within the building where they are particularly needed to divide and separate different training zones, or to act as a general barrier for the overall space.  But another very effective approach is to go with a larger enclosure netting design that incorporates the sides, ends, and ceiling netting all sewn-together into a seamless 3-dimensional product.  This is a very popular approach for batting cage nets and golf cage nets, and is also a great method for fully-enclosing an entire indoor space as well.  Often times the overall larger enclosure netting is also supplemented with a variety of separate divider panel nets as well, which allows for different areas of the enclosure to be blocked/separated into several smaller training areas as well.

With Gourock you can take any, or all of these different approaches for an indoor facility.  Featuring very strong and high-end DuPont® type 66-728 knotted nylon netting, 100% USA materials and construction, and expert craftsmanship - you're free to highly customize your netting installation and also have full confidence in the product performance and quality. 
Here are 3 examples from the last 4 weeks of some unique netting enclosure designs that have been produced and shipped out to some indoor training facilities, and feel free to keep in touch if you have something in mind that you may need to have supplied:

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