April 11, 2014

Recent Installation of Home Batting Cage Net and Poles

Here is a recent testimonial and correspondence with an appreciated Gourock.com customer that has a new 12' X 12' X 55' Home-Style Batting Cage installation up at his house, utilizing the 2" steel poles and anchors for the hanging structure (see photos below):

"The installation went perfectly... you have a great product - very pleased with my purchase.  I think we'll get many years of enjoyment out of the cage.  My friends and family were all impressed - even though it's designed for home use it looks very professional. 
I've attached a couple photos.... not quite finished yet - I still have to do something with the ground.  I'll probably use a screened red clay for the pitcher & batting area and seed the rest.
Thanks again for excellent customer service!"

Thanks again Steve!  It looks awesome - and the setup is fantastic!

-Josh Grzyb @ www.gourock.com

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