January 8, 2014

NEW PRODUCT AVAILABLE: #42 X 1-1/2" Netting Panels

We'd like to introduce a new addition to the Gourock.com line of netting products - and they are the #42 X 1-1/2" HDPE nets.  These are really appealing nets for all types of barrier, impact, and protective installations for a variety of different sports and multipurpose applications.  You can view and order these nets directly through the Gourock.com online store right here.
Some of the pertinent product details, for your consideration:

Material:  HDPE (high density polyethylene), UV Stabilized
Netting Construction:  Twisted-Knotted Square Mesh
Twine Thickness:  #42 (2.62mm)
Tensile Strength:  220 lb./twine
Mesh Size:  1-1/2" Square
Border:  5/16" HDPE Overlock-Sewn Rope
Color:  Black
Potential Applications: Baseball/Softball Containment, Basketball/Volleyball Barrier, Lacrosse/Hockey Impact/Barrier, Warehouse/Rack Barrier, Debris Netting, Soccer Barrier, and General Multi-Purpose Applications

The #42 HDPE netting panels are a product offering that are an in-stock and ready to ship selection, so you can rely on very fast facilitation of your order and the quickest possible delivery.  There are 3 heights available, with a few different lengths:

12' high nets, widths of:  14', 20', 30', 50'
14' high nets, widths of:  20', 30', 50'
20' high nets, widths of:  20', 30', 50'

-Josh Grzyb @ www.gourock.com

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