December 9, 2011

More Custom Nylon Safety Screens

Last month we published an article pertaining to some of the customized "pillowcase-style" safety screen nets that had recently produced, and you can refer to that particular post by clicking here.  There is some helpful information in there regarding types of designs, materials, and general features that are available when seeking out custom-sized protective netting screens for pitching and training purposes.
Since that last post there have been a variety of additional custom nylon safety-screen nets produced and shipped out to customers that were all fabricated to specifically requested dimensions and shapes/characteristics.
Here are some production drawings for these latest rounds of production, and they'll assist in providing your with some additional context on the custom nylon netting possibilities that you can source through Gourock.  All of these custom nylon safety screens were manufactured for commercial and scholastic/organizational applications.

-Josh Grzyb @

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