March 24, 2011

Golf Containment Net, Custom Build

At, we generally assist a very wide variety of customers and clients with a diverse range of netting solutions.  Many people require customized nylon nets, while many people opt for netting materials and products that are more standardized.

Often, when an installation that called-for a custom netting fabrication goes quite well, a very similar production can be used for a repeat job.  This is a great situation for both our appreciated clients and also for our firm, since the materials and specifications can be efficiently coordinated and produced/shipped due to the repetitive nature of the invoice.
Fairly recently there was a blog post published that outlined a few choice examples of custom nylon netting enclosures that had been designed, facilitated, and supplied to various locations and installation jobs.  You can take a look at the entire previous post by clicking here.  One of those enclosures was just re-ordered for a repeat performance at a new location.  It was "example 5" on the previous post, and was created again for our customer (with a couple dimensional changes for the new installation area):
(click on images for larger view)

Custom Golf Impact Netting Enclosure + Impact Net:
twine/mesh:  #15 X 3/4" Knotted Nylon Netting
overall dimensions:  9' high X 10' wide X 8' long
custom features:  leadline bottom edge, #21 X 3/4" secondary impact netting
application: small area golf containment net, residential use

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