October 22, 2010

Custom Commerical Golf Impact Netting

One of the intriguing aspects of handling custom netting supply for our appreciated customers is hearing about all of the unique and interesting netting installations that they are facilitating.  Whether its a large-scale commercial facility, a university/college-level application, or a residential setup - there are usually some particular specifics that need to be considered for the netting designs.  Fortunately, Gourock.com has years of experience handling the customized netting projects for installations both immense in size, or relatively small and individual in nature.  And of course, everywhere in between as well!  The point being, we never really know who we'll be assisting next, or what the challenges may be with the netting applications - but those aspects of the market keep things dynamic and compelling!

As noted several times through this blog, as well as on the Gourock.com site, commercial golf netting installations are very common for training facilities, schools, and municipalities.  We typically work with the end-users, as well as the contractors that are handling the construction and installation job.  One recent job was for a golf training installation at a major university that was being constructed by one of our longtime commercial contracting customers.  The end-user required golf ball containment netting enclosures, with additional reinforcements for the high-abrasion areas (to help counter the abusive nature of golf ball impacts over time).  A recommended approach for this type of situation is to use the two different twine thicknesses available in the 3/4" mesh size knotted nylon netting.

Taking a look at the general schematic for the nets and enclosures that were produced and shipped, you can see the custom sizing, designs, and solutions for this customer's particular needs and available space.  The general containment netting features the #15 X 3/4" (144 lb./twine) DuPont® Type 66-728 Twisted-Knotted Nylon netting, as this is a great material for general golf impact/barrier to barricade errant golf ball shots and to keep all objects within a designated area.  For the areas of the facility that are expected to withstand heavy-abrasion and more consistent wear-and-tear, the heavier weight #21 X 3/4" (241 lb./twine) DuPont® Type 66-728 Twisted-Knotted Nylon netting is the way to go.  For most sport/training purposes, especially golf, the areas of the highest abrasion are the back end-panels of the enclosure nets.  Therefore, it is always highly recommended to reinforce the ends with a secondary layer of direct impact netting to maintain as much integrity and durability as possible.  People will often also utilize a training target of sorts (not available through Gourock, and usually made from a canvas or vinyl material) to add even more function and protection to their training area.

Additional unique features to this custom netting design include:  5/16" Braided Dacron® Rope Bordering (sewn-in), and Leadline (pellet-injected heavy rope) Bottom Edges.

As with most indoor golf netting installations of this size and general design, the Cable Suspension technique was used for the hanging of the netting.  We also supplied all of the cabling and installation hardware for the job.  As noted many times in this company blog, as well as on the Gourock.com site, using a cable suspension method of installation provides lots of useful features as well as supreme functionality and convenience.

You can also take a look at some other previous custom netting examples for specific applications on the Gourock.com website, most particularly for custom cages and custom netting panels.

-Joshua Grzyb @ www.gourock.com

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