May 28, 2010

Updated L-Screen Frame Guideline

The 7' X 7' L-Screen available from is a very popular and dependable safety screen for pitchers and general batting practice protection.  Great background on the safety screens was posted on our company blog in an article from last winter, so for some additional product information you can get a lot of context about the nets and frames from that previous write-up.

Recently the framing design of the L-Screen was improved to utilize a more efficient and rigid structure, and the guidelines to get the unit correctly assembled had been updated to reflect the changes.  We just wanted to put up a quick reference to the new and updated framing information, and to be informed of the most current product specifications for the 7' X 7' L-Screen Frame & Net:

L-Screen Net & Complete Frame (LS77KIT)
7' tall X 7' wide

  • Pitching Area of 40" high X 32" wide 
  • #60 Twisted-Knotted HDPE "Pillowcase-Style" Net
  • Rope Bordered on all edges (except the slip-over bottom)
  • 1-5/8" "Hammer-Finish" Steel Frame (snap-lock)
  • available here

-Josh Grzyb @

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