January 8, 2010

Golf and Multi-Purpose Netting Cage & Frame

There are lots of different customers that require a general netting enclosure/cage for multi-sport applications, including golf impact hitting and training.  Gourock.com has lots of netting options for a huge variety of sports installations, and a very popular product for golf and general sports use is the 10' X 10' X 10' Complete Golf & Multi-Purpose Cage.

To add to a previous article noting the assembly guidelines for various Gourock products, we would like to make notice that the general assembly and installation guideline for this golf/sport cage (GCKL10KIT) are now also available to view online by clicking here.

Most popular for residential and general golf impact purposes, this product is also very popular for:
  • Golf Driving Practice
  • General Multi-Sport Impact Use
  • Golf Containment & Barrier Applications
  • Rope Bordered + Corner Attachment Hooks
  • Spacious, Free-Standing Frame With All Components (if that option is selected)
  • Outdoor & Indoor Usage/Installation
  • Convenient "Snap-Lock" Framing Assembly (1" Steel - if that option is selected)
  • Heavy-Duty Impact Panel "Doubles-Up" The Hitting Zone
  • 100% PolyPro Nets Feature 4 Units of UV Stabilizer & Appearance/Texture Similarities to Nylon
  • High-Tenacity PolyPro Netting Will NOT Fade, Shrink, or Mildew!
  • Baseball/Softball Soft-toss & Tee Work
  • Trade  Show Product Demonstration Booths
  • Hockey/Lacrosse Shooting Practice
  • Indoor & Outdoor Installations
The full/complete package that includes all of the components and framing is a really great value at only $259 (click here for details).

Some people opt to source the netting enclosure on its own, for installation within a framing or support structure that they already have (including off of a ceiling), and that option is only $169 (click here for details).

So for anyone performing research on sourcing a really durable and functional multi-purpose sports and golf hitting net and frame, definitely take this product into account.  It features really nice materials with a functional framing design, and is available at a great value price right through the Gourock.com site!

-Josh Grzyb @ www.gourock.com

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