December 31, 2009

Safety Screen Assembly Guidelines

The baseball and softball safety and training screens supplied by are a strong, dependable, and easily transportable option for pitching protection and fielding/hitting practice.  They are quite spacious in sizing, measuring 7' tall and 7' wide.  The nets themselves are built from thick 3.0mm (#60) twisted-knotted HDPE netting, and constructed "pillowcase-style" - allowing them to slide over the top of the framing and resulting in a double-wall of protective netting.  There are options for L-Screens, Softball-Screens, Fielder Safety-Screens, and Sock Net-Screens.  For each selection you have the option of sourcing a complete package with framing, or the replacement nets individually.

Now, a very unique and attractive feature of these particular screens is the design of the framing.  The frames are produced in a high-quality "Hammer-Coat Finish" from 1-5/8" diameter 18G steel.  They also feature a sectional assembly with snap-lock pins, meaning that you can easily disassemble the frame for easy transportation to different practice locations, or for compact storage if needed.  The estimated time to assemble the steel framing and fitting the netting is only 10 minutes!  And each screen design has a weight about around 37 lbs. or so, making them durable and dependable, yet manageable to transport.  Popular for many applications including team-use, residential practice, scholastic applications, and general protection - these screens are a really nice option for traveling to different locations with and for both indoor and outdoor use.

The framing assembly guidelines for the L-Screen Frame are available to view online right here, and the similar guideline for the Square-Screen Frame are viewable online here.  On the main product page in the site you can also detail some great images of the different features and prices.

To help assist you with the dimensional specifics of each safety screen, here is a rundown of the sizes and locations for each different protection screen option:

L-Screen Net (LS77NET)
7' tall X 7' wide
  • Pitching Area of 40" high X 32" wide  
Softball Screen Net (SPS77NET)
7' tall X 7' wide
  • Portal Size of 30" high X 24" wide
Portal Location:
  • 20" up from the bottom, and 25" down from the top
  • 16" in from one edge, and 45" in from the opposite edge
Sock Screen Net (SN77NET)
7' tall X 7' wide
  • Sock Size of 47" high X 39" wide
Sock Portal Location:
  • 22" up from the bottom, and 21" down from the top
  • 19" in from both edges
Square Screen Net (SS77NET)
7' tall X 7' wide

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