November 11, 2009

Netting Installation Pole Sizes

The Home Barrier Netting Poles are a very popular and practical way to suspend barrier netting panels, and Home Batting Cage Nets.  They feature a semi-permanent ground anchor that augers into your soil, and then the 2" steel poles slide into the ground sleeve.  Netting is clipped to the welded attachment hook at the top of the pole with the included snap-hooks.  The home barrier poles are not a substitute to a tensioned-cable permanent installation (like at a driving range, stadium, or similar installation), however they are an excellent alternative for installations that:
  • are not permanently installed into property with concrete footings
  • are to be removed or installed seasonally
  • need to be completely removed or moved easily
  • are to be set-up only when needed and stored when not
  • are for most residential barrier solutions
These poles/anchors are not used with a tensioned-cable type of design, so they are typically spaced every 10'-12' in distance to allow for as 'sag-free' of and installation as possible regarding the hanging netting.  These poles are used all of the time for a huge variety of applications, ranging from scholastic/field barricade nets, to backyard basketball/soccer/multisport barrier needs, golf range barrier, and a host of unique uses in-between.

There have been some requests over the years for specific sizes of the pole-sections used for each of the available finished pole lengths.  So below are diagrams that demonstrate the number of sections used, and the length of each section used, for all four heights available.  The home-barrier poles are supplied in sizes of:  8', 10', 12', and 14'For netting installations that require heights that are greater than 14', you'll need to utilize a more permanent installation system (concrete footings & permanent poles) or a tensioned-cable installation.

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