November 20, 2009

Assembly Guidelines for Various Products

Most of the assembly instructions and guidelines for the various netting products, goals, frames, etc. that are available from are directly-linked online for easy reference.  There is a "summary" page being developed for the site that will serve as an index to more efficiently reference the complete list of guideline and instruction sheets, but in the meantime here is a general collection that you can remit to:

Hockey Goal (HG643):  here
Lacrosse Goal (LGOAL5.0):  here
Zone Master™ (ZMASTER):  here
Barrier-Poles (NPS-8/10/12/14):  here
Mini Ultimate Soccer Goal (SG533SB):  here (1), here (2)
Pro Rebounder (RPRO):  here
Complete Home-Style Batting Cages Pole-Placements:
  • 10' X 10' X 40' (BCH40F):  here
  • 10' X 10' X 60' (BCH60F):  here
  • 12' X 12' X 55' (BCH55F):  here
  • 12' X 12' X 70' (BCH70F):  here
General "Permanent" Netting Installation Advise:  here

As products become added, and manuals/guidelines become developed, they will be made electronically available as soon as possible.  Should you have some additional questions, certainly feel free to contact Gourock for assistance.

-Joshua Grzyb @

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