July 16, 2019

Custom Netting for Garden and Agricultural Installations

At Gourock.com we specialize in the supply of custom netting products that can be used for a very wide array of intended applications.  Many of the well known uses for a lot of netting include athletic purposes, industrial needs, stadiums and parks/ranges, bird barrier, and property protection.  However, netting is a really functional solution for more unique and niche purposes as well - and one of these popular uses is for gardening and agriculture.

Our company supplies custom netting to all types of end-users, including commercial, government, professional, scholastic, and private residential customers.  For gardening purposes and agricultural applications, Gourock.com has been a preferred netting source for very large industrial farming operations, as well as a substantial volume of private residential farms and gardens of all sizes.  With Gourock.com you have very convenient custom sizing options directly through our site, allowing you to get nets that are fabricated according to most any particular dimensions that you prefer to use for your project.  The following example demonstrates how one of our recent customers planned and developed a very nice netting installation at their home garden site.

Our customer in Utah has a stout and solid roof framing covering a trellis area in his garden.  The issue that he wanted to alleviate was birds picking from the vines on the trellis, and also to provide a bit more of a shaded area to help block some of the direct overhead sunlight during the middle part of the day - as well as being a blockade against potential hail situations.  His primary concern was to exclude smaller-sized birds from getting into the area, so the mesh size of the netting would need to be pretty small in order to perform as expected.  In addition, he wanted to integrate a material that would have the ability to easily roll-up around the pulley/spool design he constructed (allowing him to efficiently pull the vertical barrier netting up-and-down as needed).  He planned on having both longer sides be "roll-up" nets, with the two ends being fixed in-place.  The upper roof area was to remain as a stationary net, spanning the arching horizontal area full-time.

At Gourock.com we prepared and supplied the perfect netting choices and materials for this particular garden project, and they were easily fabricated to the custom dimensions that best-fit our customer's needs for this design.  For the netting that was to cover the 2 longer sides, and to be spooled/rolled around his pulley retraction system, the best material to use was the DuPont® Type 66-728 Twisted-Knotted Nylon Netting100% Made in USA,  this knotted nylon netting available from Gourock features very high tensile strengths and abrasion durability, along with being a "fabric-like" netting that easily spools and condenses - making it have a high level of usability and function.

The best match mesh size for his needs was the 3/4" square mesh netting, which is a really great exclusion net product for small birds.  The twine thickness in this case was the #15 twine, which is a 1.8mm diameter with a 144 lb. tensile strength rating.  Black in color, and fully prepared for outdoor UV and moisture exposure, the #15 X 3/4" knotted nylon netting is a fantastic and long-lasting option for bird barrier installations in gardens.  There were 4 nets that he custom-ordered from this netting, each one specifically sized to meet his needs for the actual installation structure.  The 2 nets for the longer sides (roll-up sides) were each built to 9' X 15'.  For the 2 nets needed on the ends (stationary), those were both prepared to the sizing of 9' X 6'-6".

The #15 X 3/4" knotted nylon netting does not provide much shading or light-blocking however, so a different material was recommended and supplied for the upper roof netting.  The material needed to still function as a bird deterrent, but also was to incorporate a degree of light-blocking and protection against occasional hail circumstances.  His horizontal roof area features an arching design, so the netting was expected to easily install over the top of the arching tubing, and lay evenly across the space.  The best material for this part of the project was the HDPE 50% Shade Cloth that we have available.  This shade cloth blocks 50% of light, allowing for a decent amount of shading - and is often used for debris containment applications, making it optimal for hail barrier as well.  The netting size ordered and prepared was 8' X 18'.

Gourock.com allows you to order all of our nylon netting and shade screen materials according to your own specific customized dimensions, directly online through our Custom Netting Calculator.

Take a look at the 3 photos below to get a good conceptual look at this custom garden netting installation, and how it all turned out in the end.  We think it looks really great - and the report back to us is that everything is performing just as planned.

Thank you again Clabe!  It was very nice working with you, and we appreciate your business very much!

-Josh Grzyb @ www.gourock.com

May 24, 2019

Netting and Net Productions With Customized Unique Features

Here at Gourock.com we specialize in supplying very high quality netting products produced to customized shape and sizing features.  The custom nets and netting productions that we have available are fabricated per-order, and based on most any particular sizing and dimension needs.  We offer the highest end DuPont® type 66-728 twisted-knotted nylon netting, which is 100% Made in USA and prepared with professional hand-craftsmanship to meet your specific job requirements.

Knotted nylon netting is a fantastic solution for a wide array of applications, within a huge number of different industries and users.  Throughout the Gourock.com site and company blog you can reference many of the unique netting solutions available for athletics, industrial uses, property protection, stadiums and municipal infrastructure, schools and university applications, drone containment, warehouses and conveyor belts, bird barrier, pond and debris barrier, agriculture, residential installations, and dozens of additional commercial and private multipurpose applications.  Custom nets are readily available to order directly through our Online Custom Netting Calculator on the Gourock.com site, as we have been at the forefront of netting supply commerce for over 20 years.

In addition to the convenient online research and ordering opportunities available with Gourock.com, we also work one-on-one with hundreds of customers that need to incorporate very unique and specific features to their nets.  We make it very efficient for you to utilize our Contact Us page to forward over any diagrams, drawings, or specifications that you'd like us to take a look at and get working on netting quotations for your project.  We draw from many, many years of custom netting supply and design in order to get you the highest quality netting production that is built specifically to your own preferred specifications and considerations.

All of the nylon nets that we ship out are constructed per-order to whatever sizing needs are ordered.  However, in addition to custom sizing, many of the nets that are constructed also incorporate very personalized features and construction requirements.  We invite you to take a look through the different product categories and examples on the Gourock.com site, as well as the many examples we've written about in the past through our company blog.  Here are 3 recent examples of some netting jobs that each take into account very unique construction aspects that were required by each individual client.  These types of netting productions all utilize the 100% American Made DuPont® Nylon, which means that not only do these nets function in the way that each customer needs - but also does so with the highest level of durability and ease-of-use.  The following 3 custom netting examples were prepared for completely different intended uses and clients, which helps demonstrate the fantastic multipurpose benefits of Gourock custom nets and netting.

EXAMPLE 1 (see production drawing below):
Netting Type: #21 X 3/4" twisted-knotted nylon, diamond mesh pattern
Intended Netting Usage:  golf impact and driving installation, residential use
Custom Netting Design Features:  custom dimensions, integrated double-layer of reinforcement mesh located at a specific location, #72 nylon twine tails installed around entire perimeter, 5/16" polyester rope bordered edges

EXAMPLE 2 (see production drawing below):
Netting Type: #36 X 1-3/4" twisted-knotted nylon, square mesh pattern
Intended Netting Usage:  commercial basketball installation, gymnasium location
Custom Netting Design Features:  custom dimensions, integrated overlapping entrance areas specifically located (rope bordered pass-through), webbing/grommet borders on all edges

EXAMPLE 3 (see production drawing below):
Netting Type: #21 X 1-3/4" twisted-knotted nylon, diamond mesh pattern
Intended Netting Usage:  sports stadium installation, municipal location
Custom Netting Design Features:  custom dimensions, cutout/notch locations, integrated vertical rope support lines (riblines), 5/16" polyester rope bordered edges

-Josh Grzyb @ www.gourock.com

May 22, 2019

Sports Training Facility Netting - Custom Net Design, Production, and Supply

At Gourock.com we specialize in the supply of customized netting and net designs, that are utilized for a very wide spectrum of uses and applications.  Custom netting is an excellent solution for containment and protection uses, especially for installations such as athletic facilities, industrial and commercial locations, schools and municipal installations, and unique multipurpose areas.  We've been specializing in the custom netting realm of sports and athletics facilities for the last 20 years, and have a great deal of experience with very customized netting designs and productions.  Many of the athletic facilities that Gourock supplies netting to are operated by schools, universities, and municipalities.  And many of them are operated as commercial entities for a very wide ranging selection of athletes and clientele, such as professional stadiums, baseball and softball training facilities, field houses and gymnasiums, physical fitness and rehabilitation clinics, and an extensive list of multi-sport practice and training businesses in both indoor and outdoor locations.

Gourock.com features 100% Made in USA netting materials and production processes to deliver highly customized netting products direct to our customers.  Constructed from the highest quality DuPont® type 66-728 nylon, we offer a selection netting configurations in various twine thicknesses and mesh sizes - all utilizing highly durable twisted-knotted netting construction.  Many of the commercial sports training facility nets that we have shipped out incorporate different shape and sizing features such as:

  • unique dimensions for height, width, and length
  • tapered and notched shapes
  • angled sides and sizing slopes
  • entrance locations and pass-through zones
  • edge bordering and support-line additions
  • specifically located double-layer netting areas
  • open ends, loose corners, and divider nets
  • secondary impact panels and mesh combinations
Some of the reasons why many commercial sports and training installations require pretty customized netting designs is so that they can most completely utilize the overall amount of area that they have available.  For indoor locations this may mean that there are walls, doors, hallways, or lighting considerations to consider.  In cases like this, the overall netting design can take into account the sizing and shape requirements to be functionally installed within the available space.  For outdoor locations there are often factors that need to be accounted for with tolerances between existing cables or supports for the netting, or for planning around/within structural elements like fences, dugouts, walkways/roads, or other similar on-site aspects.  At Gourock.com we have a lot of experience supplying custom-built netting constructions that account for all of these factors and more - so you can always reach out and contact us online at our Gourock.com site or through this company blog and we can get a correspondence underway regarding your own particular netting needs!  There are also dozens of examples of custom sports facility, stadium, gymnasium, and training nets available to research through our company blog and our site as well.

Over the last few weeks there have been a series of highly custom netting enclosures facilitated, manufactured, and shipped out to commercial clients.  Every one of them is unique and built to-order, and here are 2 examples from the last few weeks that clearly demonstrate some of the customized sports netting options that we have available to provide.

EXAMPLE 1 (see images):
Netting: #36 X 1-3/4" DuPont® 66-728 Twisted-Knotted Nylon
Custom Features:  3-Dimensional Enclosure Design, Varying Dimensions, Notched Corners, Entrance Doors, Ceiling Line Ropes, Separate Divider Panels
Intended Use/Installation:  Commercial baseball and softball training facility, being retrofitted into an existing commercial building

EXAMPLE 2 (see images):
Netting: #36 X 1-3/4" DuPont® 66-728 Twisted-Knotted Nylon
Custom Features:  3-Dimensional Enclosure Design, Varying Dimensions, Vertical Support Riblines, Entrance Doors, Ceiling Line Ropes
Intended Use/Installation:  Commercial multi-sport training facility, outdoor installation within an existing structure and pad location

-Josh Grzyb @ www.gourock.com

April 26, 2019

Custom Netting Design, "Clamshell" Backstop Net

At Gourock.com we facilitate the manufacture and supply of many different types of custom netting designs and projects, and every invoice has their own set of unique sizes, features, or considerations.  Over the years we have encountered nets that incorporate very customized characteristics, ranging from tapered and angled shapes to personalized enclosure designs.  With Gourock you have the opportunity to source netting that is built per-invoice, allowing the opportunity to get the mesh that you need created to the actual sizing and configurations that you require.

Since the nylon nets available from Gourock are all 100% Made in the USA, and personally prepared per-order, you have access to the highest quality DuPont netting material that is constructed with fast turnaround timing and professional craftsmanship.  Netting is a durable and dependable solution for a wide variety of applications - including athletics, logistics and infrastructure, property protection, municipal/scholastic/collegiate, and many others.  In the last few weeks we had an interesting order come through that helps show some of the unique and custom netting uses that we can facilitate.

This particular commercial customer in California had a job that called for a layer of containment netting that needed to cover an arch-shaped backstop structure located at a playing field.  As you can see from the photos below, the backstop design is a sloping arch that also incorporates a curved containment area.  There are also some extension posts the run along the upper edge of the framing as well.  The goal for our customer was to cover the entire shape with a small mesh netting that has a lot of strength and overall durability.  They also wanted the upper extension posts to have netting layer over them, but not the far left and far right extensions.

So there were quite a few custom considerations needed for this production and supply in order for our customer to achieve their intended end result.  The approach to get the netting shape created and quoted/produced correctly was to use the dimensions provided to us from our customer, in which they measured the lineal distanced between the posts and supports, and draft them in CAD to see how the overall shape began to flush-out.  The end result from a couple of rounds of drawing and editing/verifying sizes was a rounded clamshell-like shape that expands around the customized rounded-arch design of the backstop framing.  We were able to simulate this by printing out a copy of the CAD drawing, cutting it out of the printed paper, and curving it upwards as if it was going to be layered over the expected framing.

The netting that this production was built from was the #21 X 3/4" DuPont® Type 66-728 Twisted-Knotted Nylon.  This is a 241 lb. tensile rating twine thickness, which a small 3/4" mesh opening.  The is a 100% Made in the USA nylon product that is black in coloring, diamond mesh pattern, UV stabilized, and bonded against moisture.  The netting production also featured a 5/16" braided polyester rope bordered sewn-in around the entire perimeter of the netting shape.  This nylon netting is a high-strength material with high abrasion resistance, and is a great selection for projects that require a very durable mesh that will most likely experience a decent amount of wear-and-tear over the years.

Take a look at the below diagrams and images that help demonstrate the context of this custom netting job.  It took about a week on final drawing/quoting/correspondence with our customer to start from scratch and get the production planned out correctly, and then the netting manufacturing itself took about 7 days to be finished and shipped out.  Gourock.com is your destination for custom netting solutions and nylon net products, so if you have particular or unique needs that would be best solved with specifically constructed netting you can certainly contact us and let us know what you're aiming for!

-Josh Grzyb @ www.gourock.com

April 11, 2019

New Mobile-Friendly Website for Gourock.com

Since the early 2000's Gourock.com has been an e-commerce staple for custom netting supply and nylon netting products, and throughout that time period there have been many progressions and updates to the site and shopping cart.  Our current and most powerful online store features many online ordering tools for custom nets and netting orders, a convenient and intuitive navigation experience, loads of product information, and convenient interaction opportunities with the company when planning out netting projects both large and small.

We're very happy to announce that we have now supplemented the Gourock.com desktop browser website to convert to a very pleasing mobile-friendly layout and design for phone and tablet users!  We wanted to make sure that in this day of powerful mobile internet browsing technologies and savvy mobile audiences that Gourock.com integrates seamlessly into the smaller browser windows of modern smartphones and tablets.  We very much value our customers and all potential clients of netting products and custom netting supply, and work hard to ensure a professional, pleasing, and confident web experience with Gourock - regardless of device or screen size.

Every aspect of the normal desktop Gourock.com site and shopping cart is fully integrated into the mobile browser display, incorporating a contemporary design that is instantly identifiable and familiar with mobile e-commerce shoppers and users.  Our featured Online Netting Calculators are instantly accessible, and all product information, images, and supply details are readily viewed as needed.  Everything that one finds on the full desktop site has been included on the mobile site, within a very efficient layout and functional menu options.  With so much web traffic and shopping being performed from smaller screen phone and tablet devices, we at Gourock.com are committed to offering the highest quality custom netting to you with the highest quality website experience.

See below for some example screenshots from the new mobile-specific site layout to get a decent feel for the look and general context, and certainly take a browse through with your mobile device to experience the functionality yourself at www.gourock.com - and always feel free to contact us with your inquiries into high-quality custom nylon netting products Made in the USA!

-Josh Grzyb @ www.gourock.com

March 1, 2019

Baseball Field Protective Netting, Custom Overhead Barrier Nets

Earlier this month at Gourock.com we finalized and shipped out some very custom nets for a new baseball field training facility being constructed in Oregon.  Commercial training facility and stadium netting is readily available from Gourock, and is a valuable protective and containment asset for the property - both for the participants and general spectators.  This custom netting production features netting that incorporates quite a few very unique features that are specific for the installation area and needs, including:
  • tapered and angled shapes
  • large area dimensions
  • notches and sloping edges
On this particular job, the netting that our customer required was to be used for 5 specific areas that require baseball barrier netting to prevent errant baseballs and foul balls from entering the central spectator/concession area that is located between 2 separate baseball fields.  For context, as you can see from the general blueprint copy included below, this baseball facility installation incorporates a pair of fields that include a walkway and concession stand area in-between them.  Many baseball and softball field installations utilize a pretty similar design - in which the backstops and foul-lines of different playing fields are built next to each other, allowing for the space between them to function as a functional spectator viewing area or a concession stand zone, and also as a convenient pathway from field-to-field.

For this installation as well as other similar baseball field projects, the designers and owners need to provide protective barrier netting to prevent balls from the adjacent fields from falling into the spectator/concession/pathway zone.  This is to avoid preventable injuries and increase the general safety of the overall facility area.

Gourock.com offers custom nets that are constructed to specific sizes, shapes, and feature requirements.  On this Oregon job, the netting for the overhead area was produced in 3 uniquely shaped and tapered nets meant to line-up with the perimeter of the installation area.  There are a series of tensioned wires that span from pole-to-pole in which the netting is clipped to, thus suspending it horizontally and covering the area below.  Also needed for the overall protective netting is a pair of vertically installed nets that cover the dugouts and foul-ball line fencing.  These 2 nets also have very custom sizing and shape features in order to properly fill-in those areas, which prevent errant baseballs and foul balls from leaving the playing area as well.

For full-time outdoor commercial barrier netting applications like this one, the recommended netting to use is the #36 X 1-3/4" DuPont type 66-728 twisted-knotted nylon.  This netting selection features the highest quality nylon material, a 2.5mm twine thickness, a 381 lb./tensile rating, and is both UV stabilized and urethane bonded against moisture.  All edges of the netting are rope bordered with a sewn-in 5/16" braided Dacron rope.  These nets are hand-built, and are 100% Made in USA.

At Gourock.com we supply netting for all types of sports barrier applications, and have a variety of nylon netting twine thicknesses and mesh sizes available for consideration.  We offer a convenient Online Custom Netting Calculator for pricing and ordering nets right through our site, and if you have other more customized aspects of the netting requirements you can certainly contact us with your details and we can take a look and quote you on the nets.

-Josh Grzyb @ www.gourock.com

February 22, 2019

Custom Nylon Golf Cage Nets and Nylon Golf Netting

For years, Gourock.com has been supplying commercial facilities, colleges/universities, city municipalities & schools, recreation departments, and residential installations with highly customized and one-of-a-kind netting projects. Custom netting enclosures and projects feature the highest quality nylon sport netting, DuPont® Type 66-728 Twisted-Knotted Nylon, as well as premium construction materials like Dacron® Ropes and nylon tying twine. Hand-built and 100% USA Made, your custom project can be produced with expert netting knowledge and craftsmanship. 
Custom Golf Cage Nets can be quoted using the Custom Golf Cage Calculator online or you can Contact Us to submit your dimensions, netting type request, and forward over drawings/diagrams for more complex jobs. 
Below are drawing examples of various custom projects facilitated by Gourock, Inc. (designed/drafted by Gourock based on customer-provided information, then put into production and delivery).  See also our company blog for additional custom golf cage netting examples.
Gourock Custom Golf Cage Nets are 100% Made in USA from the highest quality nylon netting material, DuPont® Type 66-728 Twisted-Knotted Nylon Nylon Golf Cage Nets are constructed with an enclosed netting design incorporating the top/ceiling, side walls, and back end-panel all seamed together and ready to hang/install as a complete 3-dimensional netting product.  The front is the “open end” to hit and drive golf balls from, so is not covered in netting.  Featuring 3/4” mesh golf impact netting, diamond mesh pattern, and black coloring with UV stabilization and protective bonding - these custom golf cage nets are well suited for all outdoor and indoor installations.
There are 2 nylon netting twine thicknesses available to select from:
  • #15 (1.8mm, 144 lb./tensile)
  • #21 (2.0mm, 241 lb./tensile)
Nylon golf cage nets are rope-bordered on the entire top and bottom perimeter edges and both front corner edges, with 1/4” steel snap-hook clips in all 4 corners of the cage netting.  Nets are hand-prepared and bordered with 5/16” Braided Dacron® Rope (3000+ lb./break).
**Consider having the net constructed 6”-12” taller in height compared to where you expect to hang it from, allowing for some netting to pool at ground level (helpful for keeping all balls contained).**
For all custom golf cage nets, you are offered the option to add a secondary impact panel net to the order.  These nets are constructed to the same height and width as the enclosure netting, and are included separately.  A secondary impact net allows you to cover the entire back end of the cage with a layer of reinforcement mesh.  Over time with ball hits and abrasion, the impact panel net absorbs the majority of wear-and-tear, and also allows you to adjust how much netting displaces outward upon impact.  The heavy-duty golf impact nets built from the highest quality #21 X 3/4” DuPont type 66-728 twisted-knotted nylon netting, these 100% Made-in-USA nets are produced to your own custom netting size. The basic construction features diamond mesh golf netting with a top-rope installed (with 3’ rope tails), and the full-finished version features rope bordering on the top and sides, with a heavy-rope (leadline) bottom edge.
HELPFUL NOTE: When using netting as a Golf Impact/Driving/Hitting panel, consider also utilizing a secondary reinforcement mesh or target for the primary impact zone. Over time there is disproportional wear from impacting the “central” area.
There are many custom features that you can also have built by Gourock.  We have supplied hundreds of custom golf cage nets that include custom aspects such as 3’ overlapping entrance doors, loose/open end-panels, additional ropes or connection points, tapers and angles, notches and irregular shapes, custom dimensions, double-ends, full-enclosures, and many other unique requirements.  Feel free to Contact Us and submit a quote request for something more customized and we’ll get it done for you.
**Custom nylon golf cage nets are fabricated per-invoice and have varying production lead-times to be ready to ship out.  Most are finished and ready to depart within 3-10 bus. days, with some extra-large sizes or multiple quantity orders taking a bit longer (within 2-3 week avg.)**
-Josh Grzyb @ www.gourock.com

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